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Top Fun and Free iPad Apps for Kids

iPad and its wonderful apps for kids can be a great buddy. Looking for great fun and free iPad apps for your kids? Here are the top free iPad apps for your kids especially preschoolers. Some are educational, some musical and some just pure fun.


Squiggles! is a very fun interactive drawing iPad app for kids. Each drawing page asks the child to add squiggles to the picture to make cars drive, give nests to birds, create cotton candy, add water for fish to swim in, etc. When the child is done adding their squiggles and other additions to the picture, they press “GO” to watch it come to life. It’s very fun and actually amazing that this app is free.

Phone for Kids

Phone for Kids is No.1 educational app in most countries and has the largest collection of educational activities in a single app. There are 24 unique games and activities designed to interact, entertain and teach. Games and activities include- Balloon numbers, ABC, animal quiz, touch dial phone, sing and learn, shape master, kids guitar, days of the week and lots more.

Magic Piano

Magic Piano is a great music app for children and adults alike. It’s bound to provide entertainment to your child whether s/he is just a few months old or a teenager. The younger ones will love the musical response they get from touching the screen and the older ones will enjoy playing familiar songs. Everyone is a piano player with Magic Piano!

Disney Toy Story Read-Along

This interactive Toy Story app lets your kid tag along on an adventure of a lifetime with Woody and his friends. It is a complete package with games, movie clips, coloring pages, sing along tunes and surprises. The story can be read aloud, record your own narration or explore at your own pace. There are delightful surprises within each page of the story.

I hope you and your kids love these fun and free apps. If you have some apps that you think I should know about, please mention them in the comments below.