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Transfer Video from iPhone to iPad for Use in iMovie

User Nixie sent us a question:

I just bought the awesome iMovie for my iPad 2. Now I want to be able to import videos that I captured on my iPhone 4 into iMovie on the iPad and edit them there. How can I do this? Love, thank you.

Well,  if you’re anything like him that you’ve got iMovie on your iPad and you’re keen to start editing your iPhone videos on it, you may be thinking about which are the best ways to get videos shot on your iPhone over to its big brother, the iPad. If so, I’ve got a couple suggestions on the best ways to do this. Here are some ways to accomplish this, in order of how easy and quick they are:


Just email the video to yourself. Open the email in the ipad so that it showing as a file. Click on the curved arrow in the top right section and click save movie.Voila! Open iMovie on iPad 2 and the video is there for edit.

iTunes Sync

Plug your iPhone into the Mac, Go to applications > Image Capture > Select iPhone on the left, Select Movie you want to import, and click import ( As Default it will go to the pictures folder ). Drag that movie into iTunes, Sync your iPad , Movie will be on iPad, then iMovie (which i presume your using should pick this up) If it cant select movies from the movie app, which is where it will go, in iTunes with the iPad plugged in go to iPad and then apps at the top, scroll down to sharing and see if iMovie is there if it is select iMovie and drag the movie into the space on the right and sync.

The Camera Connection Kit

Apple’s Camera Connection Kit for the iPad is your best friend for this task. You can get one for $29 via Apple’s online store, or at a local Apple retail store. The kit consists of two small  connectors, the one you need for this process is the Camera Connector. When you attach your iPhone to the Camera Connector the Photos app will automatically launch on the iPad.

The Photos app will show you the entire contents of the Camera Roll on your iPhone. You can then choose to Import All or Import Selected photos and videos from the iPhone. If you’re in a hurry to get working with your video or videos, you’re going to want to go with the Import Selected option of course, and just transfer over the ones you want to work with.

Other Options

Our next option – other than iTunes sync – would be to utilize a cloud-based file sync service. Our favorite is Dropbox, which allows up to 2GB free storage, offers very reasonable rates for higher storage levels if needed, and has a good universal iOS app. There are plenty of other good services of this type of course.

That’s our quick suggestions on how to transfer iPhone videos to the iPad for use in iMovie. What are your thoughts on this? Please let me know about better ways that you have come across.