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Use iPhone 3GS as a Wireless iPad Camera

As we known, the iPad doesn’t have a built-in camera, but you can give it something better. By putting an app onto each an iPad and an iPhone, you can connect the two via bluetooth and have a wireless camera for your iPad.

Now a new app that lets you tether your iPhone’s camera to your iPad has been launched in the iPad app store in the US. The iPad app, titled Camera-A and the corresponding app Camera-B, will let you enjoy your iPhone’s camera on your iPad’s screen thanks to the wonders of a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection.

All you need to do is download the Camera A and Camera B apps onto your iPad and iPhone respectively—note that Camera A will set you back a buck while Camera B is free. Once you’ve got the apps on your devices, make sure bluetooth is switched on, and open the apps. Ta da! You’ll see everything your iPhone’s lens sees on your iPad.

To take a picture you’ll tap the camera icon at the bottom of your iPad’s screen. A pop up prompt will ask you if you really want to save the photo and that’s it, you’re done. Oh, and if you want photos to save to both your iPhone and your iPad each time, then you can flip the little toggle switch in the lower right of the screen