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Watch Live Concerts on Your iPad with NPR Music App

If you like music, you probably know the NPR is a pretty solid source for the good tunes. NPR Music has long served as a nice little app for the iPhone, but now they’ve expanded on the idea and released its own iPad app, making a little more unique to watch live concerts on iPad.

The free NPR Music app — now available for download via the Apple App Store — gives iPad users access to curated content, radio-style listening, handpicked streams, exclusive audio and video performances, and NPR Music commentary and reporting. It also features a visual playlist that can be saved for offline listening, as well as advanced album listens. With a sleek interface and filtering tools that allow for easy navigation, the app runs while you access other programs on the iPad. Audio from the app can also be sent via Wi-Fi to a home stereo system.

There’s a lot of other stuff in here too — articles, reviews and other videos. But honestly, the music is enough: the app offers a great, curated experience of hours and hours of great free content and tunes.

NPR’s Music app is one of the best music apps to watch live converts on iPad. If you’re a fan of new music, especially indie or alternative, definitely give it a download.