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Watch Shark Video on iPad with SeaHD

Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is upon us. Synonymous with summer, “Shark Week” has become a staple of many people’s summer vacation. In honor of the yearly tradition we have compiled our favorite shark videos. Well, here’s a great app to watch shark video on iPad – SeaHD for iPad.

SeaHD brings you on a journey through several oceans around the globe. View real dolphins, sharks, eels, clownfish & more. Watch tranquil footage on your desktop or HDTV for an entertaining experience. Learn facts about the marine environment. Construct your own video playlist to watch your favorite clips.

The app includes footage from over 20 unique locations and users can expand their dive point collection with 2 new in-app purchase packs of 10 sites each. And now you can export the underwater footage and utilize the video with iMove or other video editing apps.

Apple’s AirPlay feature is also integrated, which allows users to stream footage directly to their Apple TV. Customers with the iPad 2 can also connect with the iPad 2‘s HDMI output.

SeaHD is available on the iPad for $2.99. Features include:

  • AirPlay Enabled
  • Export Video Clips
  • SEAquence: Create Your Own Playlist
  • Music: Ambient Soundtracks or Select From iTunes
  • Multiple Locations: Dive Points Around the Globe
  • Fish Identification: Learn Facts About Species for Oceans Day
  • Stunning HD Footage From Expert Divers

Expect stunning footage of coral reefs exploding with marine animals and beautiful fauna. The Apple iPad application was developed by Air Sea Land and is available at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/seahd/id430605497?mt=8#