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Watch the 2012 Olympics on iPad for Free

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are just weeks away, and chance are you’ll watch the events and games on iPad for free, without a TV.

This year NBC will bring the Olympics to iOS and Android devices through the free NBC Olympics Live Extra apps. With those free apps users can watch every event in the Olympics for free. With the apps users don’t need to hope that NBC televises their favorite obscure sports like the trampoline and water polo, they simply need to download and launch the Olympics app.

Developed in conjunction with Adobe, the NBC Olympics Live Extra app is pretty straightforward and once you login with your cable TV account (yep, you have to have cable to use this just like every other TV app ugh ugh ugh), you’re presented with a selection of events that’s separated by sport, and presented with notifiers to let you know which events are going on live. Even better is the fact that you’re not limited to a single feed for broad sports such as gymnastics or track and field where many different events are going on at once.

During the Olympics, you can follow every event from London, including real-time results & schedules, medal counts and TV & Online listings. The app features the streaming of all 32 athletic competitions and the awarding of all 302 medals, while the NBC Olympics app provides content like interviews, news stories, highlight videos and live results, according to a joint press release from NBC and Adobe. (It may be confusing because the “Extra” app is actually the live streaming app, while the one with the extras is call the “NBC Olympics” app.)

Other features include Gold Zone which will show the currently live gold medal events, and DVR functions for most events. And you can follow your favorite sports, teams and athletes, and engage with other fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ — all from your iPad and other iOS devices.

The apps will be a nice addition to the Olympics’ other interactive experiences for this year’s event. You can download NBC Olympics from the App Store for free.