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Watch Xvid AVI Movies on Your iPad

The iPad may work wonders as a mobile video player, but it’s rather hamstrung by the limited number of video file formats it supports.  Indeed, unless you convert all your videos to MP4 format with 3rd-party iPad video converter (a lengthy and sometimes fruitless process) or stream them via an app like Air Video (not an option when you’re offline), you’re sorta outta luck.

Now good news, NXP Software has released CineXPlayer, a new app that allows users to watch Xvid AVI movies on the iPad, a format not directly supported by the built-in video codecs on iOS devices. Using CinexPlayer, users can transfer movies in the Xvid format directly onto their iPad without the requirement to convert them an iPad-specific video format. Movies are transferred to the application over USB via iTunes’ File Sharing options . Once the movies are transferred to the app’s private space on your device, you can enjoy them in full quality on the go.

The app also supports resume function and allows you to swipe to delete movies and reclaim storage space on your device. The controls are a little less elegant than the iPad’s own Videos app, but you can play, pause, adjust the volume, switch to fullscreen mode, and scrub through a video with ease.

Unfortunately, at this time, not all Xvid AVI files play back equally right now, CineXPlayer only supports standard Xvid format movies and does not yet have the ability to handle additional codecs such as MKV and AC3 audio. For other video formats, you can get our top-rated iPad video converter to get them into iPad compatible formats.

CineXPlayer is available from the App Store as a free download.Once more, don’t miss CineXPlayer as it plugs the serious omission in the iPad’s design. Now, too, you can watch Xvid AVI movies like your friends with non-Apple tablets.