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Watching YouTube Videos on iPad Soon Available Offline

If you’ve ever wished you could get your YouTube fix even when your iPad isn’t connected to the Internet, you’re in luck. YouTube has announced that starting in November, users will be able to watch videos on their mobile device to watch offline without an Internet connection.

Today a few details found by Gizmodo courtesy of the YouTube Support Page, you will be able to save YouTube videos to your mobile device using the YouTube app for up to 48 hours. The new details here being that once disconnected from the internet, you’ll have two days to enjoy the content. Otherwise the user will have to reconnect to the web, and Google’s YouTube servers, which will reset the 48 hour clock for offline viewing. This will allow viewing to pre-cache videos to watch while on a long flight, or even while out camping with family and friends in the sticks with no data services.
The YouTube team’s press release on the matter reads in part:

We’re always exploring ways to bring more viewers to your content. As part of this effort, later this year we’ll launch a new feature on YouTube’s mobile apps that will help you reach fans — even when they’re not connected to the internet.

YouTube also notes that this feature will not apply to the TV shows and movies it has available for rental. Also worth noting is that YouTube does not make any mention of music videos being supported.

All in all, this has the makings of a great feature for users while simultaneously providing yet another ad-based revenue stream for Google. Of course, if you want to watch YouTube video with no ads distraction and enjoy YouTube video offline with no time limitation, you can rely on third-party YouTube to iPad converters to totally download YouTube videos and convert them to iPad compatible formats to watch later.