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What does the iPad provide for media creation?

The Apple iPad is primarily a device for consuming, not creating, media. Right? No, the iPad is a Media creation device. With announced apps and current iPhone apps that can be used on the iPad, it already has massive capabilities for creating content. Also, with the ability to connect to the internet, you can also create websites and other content that may not immediately be available via iPad apps. Well, below you will find a brief explanation about what iPad will provide to create content, not just consume it.

Create Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Apple’s iWork will be available on the iPad for $10 per application (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations) for a total of $30.  There are bound to be other apps available as well which will allow users to create documents.

Create Music

There are literally hundreds of music apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch which can be installed on the iPad.  Here is a sample of some of the better ones available:  MowCowMusic (including Pianist, Band, and Guitarist), BeatMaker by Intua, Ocarina, Bloom, and ZoozBeat.  If these are any indication of how the iPad will be able to be used as a musical instrument, then there will be tremendous power for creating music on the iPad as well.

Edit Photos

Even though it looks as though the first generation iPad will lack a camera, photo editing could be a large part of the appeal for using the iPad with it’s large touch screen.  Two of the most powerful and successful iPhone apps for photo editing are Photogene and PhotoForge.  Both of these can be installed on the iPad and will invariably have iPad versions released in the future.  Other photo editing apps are bound to arise as well.

App and Game Development (maybe eventually)

This is just wishful thinking, but I have a strong feeling that given the size of the iPad’s screen and it’s computing power, that eventually there will be apps developed that will allow you to create your own apps and games for the iPad on the iPad.  I don’t know how this would fit into Apple’s game plan and their controls on the iTunes Store, but this could greatly enhance the number of people trying to make their own apps and games.  There could be ones designed for hardcore programmers and some designed for the less astute.  There are already 3rd party programs for the Mac that make it easier to create iPhone apps.  Take a look at Game Salad, Corona, and Unity 3d.  Unity 3d is also available for the PC, but this version lacks the ability to export to the iPhone or iPod Touch.  For PC users, check out Dragon Fire SDK.

Create Art

If art is your forte, then check out these iPhone and iPod Touch apps which allow users to create fantastic art.  These apps can easily be installed on the iPad, but in the near future you should begin seeing these and other apps being optimized for the iPad.  Check out Brushes, FlipBook, SculptMaster3d, and Pottery Wheel.  Brushes allows the user to make beautiful paintings.  FlipBook allows the user to make simple animations similar to the paper flipbooks many children make.  ScultMaster3d and Pottery Wheel allow for the creation of 3d objects.


Apple has put together a tutorial and/or list of various tips and tools for the iPhone and iPod Touch which allows content to be created and shared easily.  Some of it is geared specifically to creating content, though a lot of it is more related to consuming already-made content.  Check it out here.

Final Thoughts

The iPad does and will allow for you to create content that can quickly and easily be shared with others.  The above apps and concepts should show what the iPad will provide for media creation and alsp it will have tremendous creation capabilities.