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What eBook formats are supported on iPad?

One of the big selling features of the iPad is iBooks, the app and online store that turns the iPad into an ereader. But reading ebooks on the iPad doesn’t mean you have to buy from Apple’s iBooks Store. The iPad also supports other ebook file formats. These include:

  • iBooks – Apple’s iBooks app is your portal to reading and buying eBooks on the iPad—and it includes a section with a few free books. But don’t forget, just like iTunes and the iPod can import and play music downloaded elsewhere, the iTunes and the iPad can import and display books downloaded elsewhere. The books purchased through the iBooks Store are actually in ePub format, but include DRM to prevent unauthorized sharing or copying.
  • ePub – this open ebook format is used by many online stores. Your local library may be a great source for free ePub checkouts. Also, Project Gutenberg has 30,000 free ePub books you can download, all of which have fallen out of copyright. There’s lots of good stuff in this collection if you read classics, and the project even has an RSS list for new arrivals.You can also convert other formats to ePub and then sync them to the iPad via iTunes.
  • Kindle – Amazon’s Kindle isn’t just an ereader that competes with the iPad, it’s also an ebook format. Though you can’t read Kindle books through the iBooks apps, you can read them on the iPad using Amazon’s Kindle app.
  • Barnes & Noble – Just like with Amazon, Barnes & Noble has an app that lets you buy read books purchased from their online store on the iPad.