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What’s the Best iPad Mini Projector?

There are many people who use their iPad Mini to download and watch movies, short clips and videos which they have recorded. Some are even looking for ways to share their movies, games and clips on a much larger screen. How about an iPad Mini projector? Here is a brief list of three of the best and most popular iPad Mini projectors available.

3M Mobile Projector

3M has a simple solution in the MP220 mobile projector, a powerful and inexpensive projector that was made to work with iOS devices.The Mobile Projector can easily connect with iPads or iPhones to share a slideshow inside a minute,watch a movie in a backyard tent, project a presentation to a boardroom, or play a game for all to see. The small projector is roughly six inches long, two and one-half inches wide, an inch tall, and weighs a little more than half a pound, making it very portable. The 3M Mobile Projector MP220 (retail price: £399) is available to buy from Amazon and Personal Projector.

MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Mini Projector

We think this little pico projector from MicroVision is one of the best iPad projectors available on the market at the moment. It’s built for purpose with it’s PicoP display engine and it comes with all the accessories you need straight away including Apple cables. It stretches up to 100 inches in a dark room and remains in focus, clear and sharp on any wall texture or surface. Because it uses laser technology, colors are amplified and vibrant. This iPad projector costs around $350-400 and can be purchased at Amazon.

MiLi Pro Video Projector

This is a cool video projector and speaker system not only for your iPhone but you can dock your iPad on it as well! This projector has an optimal 40 inch screen size with a maximum resolution of 640×480. This device has built-in speakers, swappable batteries and folds up to a compact form. The Pico Projector II is built with the MiLi Power Pack and a LCOS LED micro video projector(with hands-free stand) so you can do anything from watch your favorite digital playable movie to giving a state of the art presentation to you colleagues.This iPad projector costs around $399 and can be purchased at Amazon.

Remember, to hook up your iPad to your new projector, you’ll need the Apple VGA Adapter. Check to see if the cable is packaged with the projector; if it’s not, you can buy it from Apple for $29. The cord will allow you to mirror whatever is on your iPad screen—including select apps (Keynote, Videos, YouTube, Photos, and Safari), presentations, and websites—to one of the above projectors in up to 1080p HD.