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Why users prefer iPad over Amazon’s Kindle

With the announcement of the new iPad created by Apple, and their book reading application, the Amazon Kindle seems to be irrelevant in the e-book reading realm.

First and possibly most importantly, mostly everything the iPad can do, the Kindle can’t.  The iPad is a multifunctional tablet with capabilities that blow the Kindle out of the water.  On the iPad, a user can play games, watch movies, manage and edit documents, listen to music, read books and magazine, as well it supports tons of previous iPhone apps.  But with a Kindle, it reads books, and that’s it.

As well, the iPad supports a beautiful full color, multi touch screen capable screen.

And once again, Apple comes back with a kick-ass market place that will enable users to purchase and download applications and books directly to their iPads, in a way that the Kindle wasn’t able to capture.  And for only $10 more then the Kindle, you can purchase an iPad.

Overall, the iPad is a much smarter purchase in general for a consumer that’s looking for both an e-book reader and an overall great media device.