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You Can Now Re-Download Universal Studios Movies in Apple iCloud

As part of the new iPad launch, Apple announced that it had opened its iCloud platform to allow customers to sync movie and TV show purchases between Apple devices. However, it was unable to reach an initial deal with Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox due to HBO’s restrictions, meaning some studio content could not be synced between Apple devices.

But now Apple has taken a major step forward with its iCloud service, by adding content from Universal Studios to the list of movies and videos which users of the “iTunes in the cloud” service can re-download after purchase.

You can now purchase any movie from Universal Studios and then re-download it through iCloud on your iPad or Apple TV. However, 20th Century Fox is still giving the old warning message stating that “When purchased, this movie will not be available from iTunes in the Cloud”. Hopefully Fox will be able to close a deal with Apple soon.