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YouTube App For iOS Updated With Video Overlay Suggestions

Simultaneous with Instagram’s video-focused update, Google’s YouTube video service has updated its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch application with a couple of neat new features.

For those interested in receiving suggestions for which video to watch next, the YouTube iOS app can now provide in-video overlaid suggestions about what to watch next. The feature brings the iOS app closer to par with the desktop website. The banner ads are super-imposed over the video you’re watching. The suggestion can be dismissed by tapping an “X” that appears next to the text. Google calls this InVideo Programming, and it is pretty easy for content creators to access.


Similarly the app now supports closed captioning for live streams, not just fixed-length clips. Other changes are minimal, only fixing stability glitches which sometimes caused the app to crash.

The new version of YouTube is now available over at the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, it is a free download, and runs on devices supporting iOS 6 or later. If not all of you already have the official app installed on your device, you can grab it via the direct links provided here.