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YouTube for iPad Adds Live Streaming Support

When Google’s YouTube app finally returned to the iPad, many users were too busy downloading and cheering to notice the one major omission in its second coming – the app did not support live streaming. Now, Google’s finally gotten around to tying up that nettlesome loose end.

In the latest version 1.3 of its official YouTube app for iOS, Google adds the ability to watch live streams on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Now users can finally watch YouTube Live streams from the app, which is great for big events like debates, Google presentations and concerts like Coachella. With the new update users should get the chance to watch high quality live streams of the second weekend of the music festival on their iOS device.

The update also adds a new “my subscriptions” view which lets users view a stream of videos from the channels they subscribe to. The feature is great for those who like to keep track of the latest videos from content creators they follow in one location.

Furthermore, the update also lets users queue up videos to watch on the TV with through the “Send To TV” feature. The feature lets users view YouTube videos on select devices, and now they can queue up several videos to play in quick succession. Additionally, channels that use the “One Channel” branding on YouTube will now have a specialized header for their feed in the iPhone and iPad app.

If you haven’t given Google’s YouTube app a home on your iPad, you can do so by downloading it from the App Store.