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YouTube for iPad? Here are Alternative Solutions for iOS 6

It’s been a few days since Apple started to make iOS 6 available to the general public, and the absence of any kind of YouTube app has caught many iPad users by surprise. Sure, Google launched its very own YouTube app for iOS almost two weeks ago – but that app is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch, and simply doesn’t look right on an iPad display. And yes, you can also access YouTube’s mobile site – but to be honest, the experience isn’t quite the same. So what should a iPad owner do? Until Google releases a YouTube app optimized for the iPad, we would encourage you to try the following alternative solutions.

Jasmine (iOS app, free)

Jasmine is a free YouTube app for the iPad made by the same independent developer.
With this app, you can search by keyword, browse categories and popular videos to access to featured and trending videos as well as YouTube’s topical channels, access to your favorites, playlists and subscriptions and share videos via Twitter, email and through your iPad’s clipboard. The app has day and night themes you can toggle whenever you want, gives you access to YouTube comments (if you want) so you can post and read responses, and the app even filters spam. If you enjoy listening to music via YouTube, Jasmine also supports background play, so you can browse videos or leave the app while a music video plays in the background.

YouPlayer (iOS app, free)

If you are looking for a simple yet effective YouTube player for the iPad, YouPlayer is it.It’s recently sitting at the top of the charts (on Oct.11th, it’s currently No. 5 on the free apps chart).YouPlayer is a full universal app with support for the iPhone 5 and iPad. You can play any videos available for embedding, including most music videos. You can also change the background colour of the panel added your lockscreen to fit nicely with whatever wallpaper you use.

YouTube to iPad Converter(Desktop App, $25-$30)

If you’re looking to watch YouTube videos offline at anytime, then the answer is quite simple: YouTube to iPad converter(comes a mix of Windows and Mac solutions). The YouTube to iPad Converters helps you easily download your favorite videos from YouTube website and convert them to iPad with super quick speed. You can also convert the downloaded videos or exisiting FLV/MP4/WebM videos to other video formats or to use with other popular mobile devices, not just the iPad.

What is your current arrangement for watching YouTube clips on your iPad? Please share in the comments below.