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YouTube Launches HTML 5 Mobile Site for iPad

Google has updated the mobile version of its popular online video sharing service YouTube to support HTML 5.

The site has been “HTML5-ed” in order to use standardized ways to deliver videos, and to avoid the use of Flash – as most of you know, Flash is not available on iOS devices (if you’d like to watch Flash SWF file on iPad, read the tip here about how to Convert a Flash SWF File to Play on Your iPad), and the amount of processing power it requires to deliver videos made it an unlikely candidate for Android devices.

The launch will mean iPad users users no longer need to download the separate YouTube iPad app in order to use the site. And the new mobile site offers many of the features of the desktop site, such as the ability to switch from low to high quality, the ability to search and browse videos on the fly, the ability to rate videos, etc…

According to Youtube representatives, the quality of the videos on the mobile website is now better than what is available through the native iPad YouTube app, as the site version leverages more recent codecs than the native app. While we like the native app for its polished look, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the videos available on the new mobile version of YouTube – and the site offers much better search options than the app.

The native YouTube app now appears to be lagging vs. its HTML counterpart, time for Apple to update it to take advantage of the changes made by YouTube.