How to Get YouTube to iPad Mini

How to Get YouTube to iPad Mini

The 7.9-inch screen of the iPad Mini is great for watching video, but sadly the iPad Mini with iOS 6 doesn’t include the YouTube app which shipped with every other iPad.

Thankfully, there are still ways to watch YouTube on the iPad Mini, and both methods are arguably better than the YouTube app that used to ship with iOS 5.

A New YouTube App from the App Store

Just because the original app was removed doesn’t mean that YouTube is blocked from iOS 6 and iOS devices(including the iPad Mini). Virtually as soon as Apple released iOS 6 without the old YouTube app, Google released its own free YouTube app. While YouTube may not be pre-installed on iOS 6, you can easily grab the app and get all the YouTube videos to iPad Mini you want.

YouTube on the Web

Besides the new YouTube app, there’s another direct way that you(iOS 6 users) can enjoy YouTube: on the web. That’s right, the original way to watch YouTube still works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch no matter what version of the iOS you’re running. Just fire up your iOS device’s web browser and go to m.youtube.com.  The website is a bit slower than the app, and not as intuitive, but the same videos will work on both.

YouTube to iPad Mini Converter

Both above ways may come the slow YouTube playback on iPad Mini trouble. You can actually get the YouTube video offline viewing with 3rd-party YouTube to iPad Converters. They help you easily download your favorite videos from YouTube website and convert them to iPad with super quick speed. You can also convert the downloaded videos or exisiting FLV/MP4/WebM videos to other video formats or to use with other popular mobile devices, not just the iPad Mini.

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