Best iPad Holders and Headrest Mounts for Your Car

Cars are one of the most convenient ways of traveling for you and your family, and it becomes even more comfortable and entertaining if you can watch your favorite shows while resting your head on the car seat.

And the best way to experience this in a car is through the rear seat entertainment system, or more simply, a screen on the rear seat. Though most cars aren’t equipped with this, we enjoy the time using our devices, mostly iPads.

And to convert your iPad into a rear seat entertainment system, you need something that holds on to your device, and yes, an iPad holder and headrest mount come in handy. Read on to learn more about how this help and which are the best ones available.

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Why do you need a holder and headrest mount

You already know how important iPads are in our life — from entertainment to office work, handling your child, and whatnot. Most of use travel in cars almost on a regular basis.

During which you might some entertainment or do some office work too. However, you can’t always keep your iPad in your hand, preventing you from completing the job.

Besides, there are times, it would be your child watching something on the iPad, and letting them handle devices in a moving car is the worst mistake. The jerks and bumps would result in the device falling off and might also hurt anyone in the car.

And hence, you do need iPad Holders and Headrest Mounts to avoid these situations. Besides, why ignore the added comfort of not holding the iPad?

What to look for in an iPad holder and headrest mount

It might seem relatively easy to find the best product for such a category, and it is. However, you need to remember some basic points that most people forget. The holder must have an adjustable size to hold an iPad of any dimension. In addition, the back case must be soft to prevent any scratcher.

Not to mention, the holding clips must be tight but not too tight so that the front doesn’t break during rough roads; if it has a soft coating, it is even better. Points rise exponentially if the tool supports a wide range of car seats without damaging or scratching the seat. So, let’s take the dive you have been waiting for and see which products hit this list.

5 best iPad holders and headrest mounts for your car

1. Lamicall Car Back Seat Tablet Stand Cradle

Pricing: $21.99

The Lamicall Car Back Seat Tablet Stand Cradle might not be of look, but it is great for holding your iPad, and not just that; it can hold any device measuring from 4.7″ – 12.9″, including Fire HD and Kindle. It is available only in Black color. The installation process is easy and quick; you can install it in 5 to 10 seconds. The rubber hook attached to the seat has a max diameter of 0.51 inches to fit in any car.

The face is 360 degrees rotative for settings with the best viewing orientation. Additionally, you can set the best viewing angle by tilting the face either towards or away from you.

All the cornered holding parts are lined with rubber to prevent any scraping at any ends. At the same time, the universal telescoping arms protect the device from vibrations by evenly managing it. This version can be adapted to headrest rods ranging from 2.8″ – 5.9″ and is suitable for all SUVs, Pickup Trucks, and sedans.

2. Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder

Pricing: $29.99

The Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder is the most expensive on this list. It can hold devices ranging from 4.5″ – 10″, including Apple iPad Pro, Air, Mini, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphones. It is available in two colors, Black and Silver; the price remains the same. The installation is easy and requires no special toolkit. Just twist the knobs to attach or detach from the rod quickly. And the knobs suit most headrest rods’ widths ranging from 2″ to 7.5″.

The attractive feature is the expandable shaft that lets you shift the position of the entire device between one seat and the middle of the two seats. The shaft uses Aluminium to keep the iPad stable and prevent bounces. In addition, the ball head allows 360-degree rotation for the best view angles. Also, the device is easily removable by simply clicking the Quick Release Button.

3. INNOMAX Car iPad Headrest

Pricing: $23.99

The INNOMAX Car iPad Headrest is designed to firmly hold Apple iPad Pro/Air/Mini, Samsung tablets, Fire tablets, and all other devices ranging from 5″ to 13″. It has the maximum size capability with long adjustable arms stand. The installation is easy, with the strongest part in the between to hold more tightly, and the arms are made using Aluminium alloy and Engineering Plastic design. This adds more durability to the product.

The adjustments are much better than all the others. The three arms allow you to set your viewing angle, distance from the eyes, and device orientation, a commendable feature. The watching distance can be between 5″-14″ and the viewing angle from 0-360 degrees.

The rubber protection cushion prevents any damage from sudden jumps. Though all the joints are tight, a free internal Hexagonal Wrench is provided with the package to adjust the mount joints in case they become loose.

4. WANPOOL Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder

Pricing: $26.05

The WANPOOL Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder supports devices ranging from 6″-12.9″, the size of most iPads and Samsung Tablets. The holder has vertical elastic straps to tighten to the headrest. The design is for people who like their headrest rods down since it works with both positions. The holding clamps have soft pads underneath them to protect the iPad from vibrations.

The clamps are angle adjustable, with which you can adjust the viewing angle, but you won’t be able to adjust the orientations or the distance between the device and your eyes. It is made using long-wearing and stain-resistant nylon, which is the reason behind its long-lasting durability.

5. Macally Universal Tablet Holder

Pricing: $19.99

Macally Universal Tablet Holder is the most affordable product on this list. The name universal is from the wide range, with screen size support ranging from 5″-11″ to 8.75″ wide.

The installation is straightforward but longer than the others since it uses vertical straps to be tied to the headrest rather than the rods. It’s for people who like their headrests rods’ down; the holding design suits old iPads and tablets with a wider front body.

The holding clips are not soft; therefore, it is better to use the iPad with its cover case to prevent scratches. However, the clips are tight, won’t let the device fall, and are very suitable for rough roads.

Since it uses straps, there is no option to set the viewing angle or orientation. That is, once it’s set, it will remain like that, and you won’t be able to adjust it accordingly. However, it’s a great choice if your seats are tilted more towards the rear end.


Are iPad holders and headrest hounts safe?

Yes, iPad Holders and Mounts are designed to keep your iPad safe and adjust accordingly in case of jerks and bumps on the road. So, unless you deliberately take your iPad out, there is not much reason to worry. Also, they are made using soft materials to prevent scratches or dents from the material itself.

What more can I add to improve my experience?

It depends on how you like your views. And it’s just normal ideas, like pairing the iPad with the car speaker if you are the song manager for the trip or using earbuds if you need to focus on watching a series or maybe some educational videos. Notably, adding a Sunshade is an excellent idea to add a much better feel and avoid those heating distractions.

Can I use iPad holders and headrest mounts with tablets too?

Yes, most such tools are designed for both iPad and tablets, not specifically dedicated to iPads. You just need to check the dimensions, if your tablet fits perfectly; otherwise, there lies the issue of it falling from the clips.

Final verdict

We have reached the last section of this article, and now you know the best choices for you. We made sure to add items for everyone; some might not be suitable for you, depending on how you like your seat headrest.

But which one will be the best for you? The Lamicall Car Back Seat Tablet Stand Cradle is the safest, with tight clips and rubber protection. It is suited for a wide range of devices, including iPad, Fire HD, and Kindle. Also, it can be installed on a wide range of cars, like SUVs, Sedans, and Pickup Trucks.

The Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder also supports many devices but not as much as the first one. It works great while setting the best viewing positions; thanks to the extendable shaft, made of aluminum, the device remains protected from bumps.

The INNOMAX Car iPad Headrest combines the above, supporting a wide range of devices and extensive position customizations. The three-arm set allows you to change the viewing angle, bring the device closer, or set it far away. And to keep it safe from all the motion, durable aluminum alloy is used.

You might find products cheaper than the ones mentioned, but we didn’t find the quality and feel up to the mark. Besides, all the products are budget-friendly so that anyone can have them. Let’s end this here and meet again with something new, productive, and fun.

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