All the Most Useful iPad Accessories in 2022

Pairing up your iPad with accessories not only helps in enhancing the looks of your iPad, but also adds up to the productivity. Using various accessories also helps in easing up your daily works. Large number of such accessories are available that can prove to be useful. So, which one should you buy?

No need to worry. Today, we have covered the most useful accessories which you can buy from the internet and feel the difference in the user experience. So, without any further ado, let us quickly see the products.

1. Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case with Trackpad

If you are a person who is fond of using social media sites, writing reviews, and chatting with people, a physical keyboard will do you wonders. Typing using the on-screen keyboard is a bit stressful. So, in that case, you can use this keyboard.

It comes with very soft and clicky keys with a good travel distance so that you do not encounter any stress while typing. The keys are backlit so that you can type in low light easily. Plus, it also supports shortcuts from iPadOS.

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It also has a trackpad, which helps you to easily select or choose anything on the screen. Made up of military-grade certified material, which protects the keyboard and the iPad from any type of external shock.

I have been personally using this product for a while and let me tell you that the experience which this keyboard provides is top notch. The keys are too soft and the fingers don’t hurt even if you use it for a long time.

The backlit keyboard provides you flexibility of using it in any condition, plus it does not require any battery to opertate, so no tension of recharging again and again. Overall, this is one of the best keyboards and you can undoubtedly go for it.

According to a reviewer: “Very nice design. Keypad connects/disconnects with ease. The kick stand is a must have have for everyday use. It is a little heavy but it is worth the features it provides.”

Price: $145 Check current price on Amazon

2. Stylus Pen for iPad

This stylus has features that are just the same as the apple pencil. To be honest, you will not miss the Apple Pencil while using it. It has a polycarbonate body that gives a mechanical pencil feel.

It has a very firm grip and is very lightweight, which helps in stress-free writing. It comes with three extra tips which you can use when in need.

Plus, it’s rechargeable and takes about one hour to fully charge. A full charge gives a standby time of 365 days; you can use it for 8 hours straight after a full charge. It has a palm rejection feature that helps precise writing and ignores accidental touches.

It has a very high response rate with very low latency, providing an exceptionally smooth usage. So, when you are writing or drawing something on the iPad, you will feel like you are writing on paper. Plus, the tilting option allows you to use the stylus in any position you want.

If you are a student or a designer, it is a must-have for you as it is budget-friendly and does all the work you can perform using the apple pencil.

According to a reviewer: “Alright, so to put this out there, this product is a great alternative to the Apple Pencil. It will pair seamlessly, and it will auto reject your palm.”

Price: $19.13 Check current price on Amazon

3. iPad USB C Hub Adapter – 5 in One Dongle

One of the best picks in the whole article. This adapter helps you convert your iPad’s USB type C port into a five-port jack. It has a very slim and minimalistic design that allows you to carry it quickly, and you can even fit it in your pocket. The body has a glass covering, which makes it look very premium.

The ports include a headphone jack that can be used to listen to music or for attending a call, or anything else. Another port is the HDMI port that helps you to mirror your iPad screen to a TV or a monitor in a very high 4K@60hz resolution, which enhances the picture quality.

There are two USB 3.0 ports that can be used to connect any type of pen drive or OTG cables. These ports can transfer the files with a speed of 5 GBPS, which can help in the transfer of larger files with great ease and in seconds.

In addition to all these four ports, the fifth port is the USB type C port which can be used for data transfer or for charging purposes. Overall, this adaptor has a very vast use case, and you can consider buying it.

It is another accessory on the list which I have been using personally for a long time. It has made my life very resolved. I can connect my regular headphones easily, also the USB type A ports help in transferring data easily from my pen drive to the iPad. Overall, this has proved to be a very good deal for me.

According to a reviewer: “This piece makes it so easy to turn my iPad into so much more. I can use regular head phones without trying to find a certain plug port. And it doesn’t get in the way at all. I actually really like this”

Price: $37.99 Check current price on Amazon

4. USB TypeC to 3.5mm Female Headphone Jack Adapter

Another adapter on the list, but this one is different from the first one. It is a three-in-one headphone adapter with one lightning port. Normally, you can connect only one earphone, that too, type C, and the limitation is that you cannot charge your iPad while you are using the earphones.

This adapter solves your problem and allows you to use three wired earphones at once. Of the three ports, one is for type C earphones, and the other two are 3.5mm jacks for normal earphones. Another port is a charging port that you can use to charge your phone while listening to music or watching any movie.

ccording to a reviewer: “With this inverse net USB I no longer struggle or have a worry. This adaptor is high quality and super easy to use.”

Price: $20.99 Check current price on Amazon

5. Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder

It is a holder for an iPad with a broad base so you can place it on a desk. It is made up of aluminum metal and is very sturdy. The base is also made up of metal, and the lower portion has rubber pads that hold it in place.

The holder, too, has soft rubber pads, which guarantee that your iPad does not slip down from its place. The holder has two hinges that allow you to adjust the iPad to a level so that you can view the content easily and there is minimal stress on your eyes.

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You can place your iPad and your phone on this holder. It can also be folded to a size so small that carrying it becomes stress-free. Plus, its presence on your table or working desk also enhances the view of your tabletop.

According to a reviewer: “Very good quality. I like the matte color and clean look. In addition, I like material and the combination with the rubber that protects the device from being scratched.”

Price: $21.99 Check current price on Amazon

6. MoKo 12.9 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag Carrying Case

If you are searching for a carrying bag for your iPad, this is the one which you should opt for. It is the best one out of all the carrying bags which are available on the internet for your iPad. It is made up of high-quality polyester with a soft, sponge-padded internal part.

It has three compartments, one for the iPad and the other two for carrying extra items. In the bigger compartment, you can easily carry the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. You can carry anything you want in the other two compartments, such as the charger, apple pen, mouse, wallet, or anything else.

The bag is made of polyester, so it can save your iPad from getting wet during rains. The carrying strap is also adjustable, allowing you the flexibility to use it according to your comfortability. The zippers are too smooth and do not cause any issues while using.

Personally, this is my favourite and most frequently used accessory. This has made carrying the iPad so easy, the compartments are too big, and can also fit in the keyboard. Plus, I can also carry my apple pencil, the 5 in one dongle, charger and other items too in this case.

According to a reviewer: “This fits it perfectly. Slides in with the magic keyboard attached and with the pen attached and zips up for a snug fit. Nice soft padding inside. The pockets are great. Two zipper compartments and one of those has two divider pockets on the inside.”

Price: $27.99 Check current price on Amazon

7. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for iPad

This wireless mouse is the best budget mouse available for iPads. It comes in various attractive colors and is very slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It has a 450 mAh Li-ion battery lasting up to 500 hours after a full charge. Also, the battery is rechargeable, so there is no issue with changing batteries.

It is made up of good quality plastic and has an anti-skid scrolling wheel. Plus, the clicks of the mouse are silent, which allows you to carry out your work silently without disturbing your colleagues.

It has a DPI button that allows you to change the mouse’s sensitivity. It also has power saving mode, sleep mode, and many others that help save battery. You can use this mouse not only with iPad but also with Macs, Windows laptops, Android tablets, Chromebooks, and PCs too.

According to a reviewer: “When I receive this mouse, it is exactly the same as it has described. I love this mouse because it has a dual-mode: Bluetooth and USB. I connect the mouse’s Bluetooth with my laptop, pc/mac book, and even on iPad pro too. It is very easy to connect.”

Price: $12.91 Check current price on Amazon

8. iPad Drop Proof Case

This is one of the best protective cases for iPad. It will protect your iPad from all kinds of damage due to accidental falls or other reasons and provides all-around protection for your iPad. And is a must-have for your lovely iPad.

It comprises premium TPU and anti-skidding silicon, which provides a sturdy grip and protects from shocks. It also has a built-in screen protector that provides protection to the screen too. The overall in-hand feel of the case is very good and oes not cause any irritation while holding.

The back side has a soft strap with 360 degrees of movement that can be used to hold the iPad in hand. The rotating disc also has a kickstand that helps conveniently view the content. The back side also has a compartment for holding the stylus.

It also comes with a long carrying strap, which helps easy mobility while carrying the tablet. The strap is adjustable, so you can change its length according to your comfortability.

According to a reviewer: “Usually the problem with getting the newest electronics is that there are few choices in cases and covers, so I chose this one as the most likely to protect our investment.”

Price: $26.99 Check current price on Amazon

9. Paperfeel Screen Protector

This screen protector has a surface that is similar to that of a paper. Using the stylus on this screen protector makes you feel as if you are writing on any paper. The texture of this screen protector is very real and it comes with an anti glare coating too.  

It is scratch resistant, bubble proof, and fits beautifully, edge-to-edge on your iPad. Due to its right fit, it will not cause any issue if you want to use any type of case on your iPad. It comes with a 3H hardness, and thus protects your iPad screen from any kind of accidental damage.

It is a must have for students or graphic designers who use the stylus a lot. It will truly help in enhancing your writing and drawing experience on the iPad and will take it to a very next level for sure.

According to a reviewer: “After video review, wrote on the protector and it’s amazing! It’s like actually writing on paper versus writing on a slippery slope. Recommended for office use or drawing!”

Price: $10.97 Check current price on Amazon


Numerous accessories for iPad are available and owning from only the ones which are mentioned above may not be enough for you. Some of the other useful accessories are:

  • SanDisk iXpand Luxe Flash Drive – 128GB @ $44.99: It comes with a lightning port that can easily fit in your iPad and you can transfer all your photos and other documents in this flash drive and free up the space on your iPad.
  • Apple Magic Trackpad @ $129: This works the same as the normal trackpad, but provides you some extra space. All the iOS gestures are recognisable on this track pad, and can be connected via Bluetooth.
  • Gooseneck Tablet Holder @ $26.99: It is a very flexible iPad holder which can hold the iPad at any angle and position you want. It gives you the freedom to carry your work with ease.

Hopefully, you liked the accessories we added and are now planning to buy one or more of them. It was great helping you, thanks!!

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