The Definitive Guide: How to Back Up Your iPad Device

Data is the most crucial part of our life. It is a special collection of us and everything we do. From our social accounts to contacts, emails, media collection, and much more, it hosts most of what our life...

2022 iPad Air 5 (M1) Reviews Roundup

The launch of the iPad Air 5 (2022) brings a fresh round of excitement with its updated M1 chip. Up until iPad Air 4, the designated processor was the Apple A14 Bionic. Now, we’re looking at a highly...

Best USB-C Chargers, Hubs, and Cables for the New iPad Mini 6

Even a global pandemic could not derain Apple’s paln to release the iPhone, as it has been doing for more than a decade every September. Apart from the showstopper iPhone 13, the Cupertino company also...

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