How to Backup iPad to Computer Without iTunes

iPad is a great device; with the latest M1 processor, the device is on another level. It is significantly better and functional than previous generations. iPad is bigger and better than iPhone; it has many great features and an exceptional Apple camera setup.

It is a productive device and allows the user to do a lot of office work and graphic designing. Moreover, Apple devices have the best mobile phone camera. It is a cheap point-and-shoot option for many photographers.

Office data, pictures, and videos are pretty important. The essential office documents and sheets are crucial, and backing them up on your computer is the best way to preserve them. Moreover, computers have better software to edit pictures and videos.

You can transfer some photos and documents through email, but it is not a feasible option for a large amount of data.

Commonly iTunes is used to back up the data on PC and Mac. It can backup most local data, but Touch ID and Apple Pay information are not backed up. Moreover, you cannot preview the items before and after backing up due to some strict Apple rules and regulations. iTunes also lacks some essential features, and you can only backup the iPad in Apple way, not in your way.

So, there are better 3rd party software and cloud services that can easily backup the iPad to a computer without iTunes.

How to backup iPad to computer (Mac/PC) without iTunes?

There are a lot of ways you can use to backup your iPad to a computer without using iTunes. Some require you to connect your iPad to the computer with a cable, and others do it wirelessly. Here are the methods you can use to backup your iPad without iTunes:

Backup using iCloud – You can use the backup function on your iPad to backup the data and then log in with your iCloud account on your computer to download the backup files.

Backup using iMazing – Using a third-party app can be the perfect alternative to iTunes. One such app is iMazing, and it is perfect for backup all your iPad’s data within minutes. Scroll below to learn more about how to use iMazing to backup your iPad.

A stylish way: back-up to computer with 3rd-party iPad manager like iMazing

There are many third-party options to easily backup your iPad data to a computer. You can use iPad managers like AnyTrans, Easeus, iMazing, etc. The apps are available on both Windows and Mac. They are an easy-to-use and handy alternative to transfer data to your computer.

iMazing is an excellent application. It has tons of options and can transfer a huge amount of data with just a few clicks. It can share files, documents, photos, videos, contacts, App settings, Safari data, ringtones, eBooks, calendars, notes, voice memos, and much more. The possibilities are endless, but you have to pay a small fee to get this impressive and quick data transfer, and they also offer a free trial.

Moreover, the process is quite simple. Here is how you can use iMazing.

  • Download and install the iMazing app on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Launch the app
  • Assuming you are using it for the first time. Then you will have to connect the iPad physically. Use the USB cable and plug it into your computer.
  • On the right, you will see the “Transfer to another Device option”. Tap it.
  • Clicking it will take you to the backup options page, where you can configure a lot of things like automatic backup encryption, backup location, backup archiving, and some other options, and click Next.
  • Now a dialogue box will appear; specify the folder where you want to keep the data and click Choose.

The click will start the transfer, and you will have all the iPad’s data on your computer in no time.

A classic way: back up to iCloud

iCloud is an excellent option for iPad users. It is effortless to use, and you can back up everything on the iCloud, from photos to documents to iOS settings. Moreover, if your Mac is logged in with a similar iCloud account, you can view and download the data on your computer.

How to automatically back up iPad with iCloud?

It is a straightforward process; you can follow these steps to initiate the automatic backup.

  • Open the setting of your iPad.
  • Click on your name or picture at the top of the settings menu. 
  • You will see a bunch of different options; Open the iCloud one.
  • Then tap on iCloud Back up.
  • Click on the toggle button parallel to the iCloud Backup.

Clicking will enable the automatic backup, and the device will intelligently upload the selected data to the iCloud.

How to manually back up iPad with iCloud?

If the iPad is not connected to the Wi-Fi or you are not leaving the device for a longer period. Then it will not back itself automatically. In this case, you have to back up the device manually.

The steps are the same as the automatic method, except you will click the Back Up Now option instead of clicking on the toggle button.

After backing up the data, you can access it on the iCloud website or desktop application. Simply log in with your iCloud account, and you will start seeing all the backed-up data. If you are a Mac user, make sure that you are logged in with the same account to view your iPad data easily.

Final words

Data is a vital part of a device. If you are looking to buy a new iPad, it is better to get everything backed up. This will save a huge amount of time, and you can easily access and restore all the necessary things. New devices have a great Quick Start Migration feature that is pretty handy and makes shifting to a new device breeze.

But the options are quite less for old devices. If iTunes is not the option to back up the iPad on the computer for you. Then iCloud is the way to go. But it has limited capacity, and you might have to buy extra storage to back up the data.

We also have the third-party option, iMazing. It is an exceptional software; affordable, efficient, and available on both Mac and Windows. It has many excellent features like editing saved backup files on the computer and only selecting the desired files and photos.

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