Best iPad File Transfer Software Review

Got a new iPad, but you don’t have any data on it? Looking to transfer your data over from your old device to a new one? Struggling with the data transfer process? Well, whatever the case, we are here to help you out.

Data transfer apps basically help you sync two devices by transferring all the data and information from one device to another. There are a lot of data transfer apps that can help you with the job. However, are they trustworthy, and do they perform as expected?

Today we’ll be looking for the best iPad data transfer (desktop software) and then give you a fair, unbiased review of the apps so that you can have a fast and easy time transferring data from your old iPad to a new one.

iMazing – Top Pick

The top pick of the day. iMazing performed brilliantly in our tests and was the best data transfer app that we have come across. It has a speedy transfer process and an easy-to-use UI making it the perfect choice for a lot of people, from beginners to pro users alike.

iMazing, as the name suggests, is an “amazing” and user-friendly iOS transfer and device manager app made for Windows and Mac users. It exceeds iTunes by giving users the ability to back up and restore data from iPhones and iPads. It also helps save media and other files on your computer and transfer data between devices to sync up. The iMazing app also comes with an iTunes manager and iCloud support for maximum compatibility.

iMazing has a lot of tools and features that you can use, and they are:

  • Back up
  • Quick Transfer
  • Restore
  • Transfer to another device
  • Manage apps

It also allows you specific control over the data you want to transfer, and here are some of the best features that you can use:

The best feature that we saw on iMazing was the Quick Transfer tool. It allowed us to transfer files over to the iPad and even checks for compatibility across all the apps. Hence, it makes transferring files easy and seamless.

iMazing also has a “Book Transfer” tool that helps you import or export ebooks to and from your iPad. This helps manage all your books right from a single source and can help you back up and transfer the books to another device.

You can also use the Reinstall iOS tool to help you overcome any issues with your iPad or iPhone. So, if you are facing issues with your device and want to have a clean start, then the “Reinstall iOS” tool will surely come in handy.

Pricing and Compatibility

iMazing is available on both Windows and macOS and comes at $50 for three devices with lifetime validity. You can also get it for unlimited devices at $50, but it will only be limited to a yearly subscription.


  • Easy to use
  • Works with the latest iPhones and iPads
  • Allows you to customize your backups and data transfers
  • Wirelessly Manage iOS Content
  • AES-256 secure encrypted backups


  • It has an expensive pro version

AnyTrans – Runner Up

AnyTrans is another great tool that can help you transfer data from your iPad to your desktop. It has a lot of features that can help you backup your iPad’s data and restore it or simply transfer files over to your computer or another device. If you don’t want to use iMazing due to its high prices, then AnyTrans is the way to go.

Here’s a complete list of all the features that AnyTrans has:

  • Device Manager
  • Phone Switcher
  • iCloud Manager
  • iTunes Library Support
  • Backup Manager
  • Social Messages Manager
  • Media Downloader
  • Ringtones Maker
  • App Downloader
  • Screen Mirroring Tool

With a single login on the app, you can access and manage all your iCloud files and iTunes library. AnyTrans can also help manage your files with one click, and you don’t have to worry about issues such as data loss.

Some of its notable features that we loved using were the Phone Switcher that can help you transfer all your data from one device to another.

The Social Messages Manager is also a great tool that makes a complete backup of your social media applications such as Whatsapp and transfers it over to another device. It also has some extra features such as File sharing and one-click backup that are great to use and perfect if you want data security.

You can also use AnyTrans to transfer songs or music videos. This is essential if you want to get your music library off your PC and your portable iPad or iPhone.

Sure, you can just use iTunes, but downloading all the music over again can take time, and hence, transferring them over is the best solution to transferring your songs.

Finally, the last feature is how you can use AnyTrans to backup and transfer your contacts, calendar, and notes data to your desktop. Using this tool, you can keep your data secure at another location and transfer it to another device for quick syncing.

Pricing and Compatibility

AnyTrans is available to download on Windows and Macs. It also has a free version that is limited to some features and can be upgraded to the premium version with the following plans: 1-year plan ($39.99 for a single PC license) or Lifetime plan ($59.99 for a single PC license) or a Family plan ($79.99 for 5-lifetime licenses)


  • Simple to Use
  • Cover all iPhones and iPads
  • The performance is fantastic


  • If you need all the tools, then you would have to get the premium version

EaseUS MobiMover

If you need a simple and easy-to-use tool with decent features, then EaseUS MobiMover is the pick. While all it does is manage your device and backup and restore files, it works smoothly and effectively without issues.

To manage your iPad data or transfer files between devices, you will need to connect your iPad with a USB cable. Unfortunately, there is no wireless connection method, and once your device is connected, you’ll see it on the top panel for easier access.

Just select your device, and then you’ll be able to access all your data, as shown above in the screenshot. You can also access the tools on the left panel and then transfer or backup your data on your iPad with ease.

The app also comes with a Video Downloader tool that can help you download and convert videos from the internet and transfer them to your iPad or iPhone for easier viewing. Overall, its simple UI and excellent compatibility with iPhones and iPads make it one of the best options to go for on the list.

Pricing and Compatibility

EaseUS MobiMover is available to download on Windows and macOS. It comes in three different packages with support for three devices on any of the plans: 1-month plan ($23.95), 1-year plan($29.95), and Lifetime plan ($69.95)


  • Simple UI with easy access buttons for data
  • Compatible with all iPhones and iPads
  • Has an excellent video downloader


  • Not very feature-rich as the other options on the list

Wondershare Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is another popular tool that helps you transfer and manage your iPad’s data. It has a lot of features that you can use to recover data or make a backup. However, all this comes at a high cost and various toolkits that need to be downloaded.

The UI is simple and easy to use. You can access all the tools right from the homepage, and it has a lot of functionality that might take a little getting used to. The key feature Dr.Fone has is that it can transfer all files and formats, including TV shows, podcasts, and even audiobooks. So, if that’s something you’re looking for and you don’t mind the extra downloads and the price tag, then get iTransfer.

Pricing and Compatibility

Dr.Fone is available on both Windows or macOS and comes in three different price points. You can get a 1-year license of 5 devices for $40 or a lifetime license of 5 devices for $50. However, if you want all the features, it would cost you $100 for the entire iOS toolkit.


  • Minimal UI with all tools right at the homepage
  • Compatible with all iPads and iPhones
  • Can transfer and convert all files and formats


  • Data recovery can be a little problematic
  • It needs to download toolkits and is expensive

Syncios Mobile Data Transfer

Syncios Mobile Data Transfer app allows you to quickly make backups and organize your data such as messages, contacts, notes, bookmarks, and Whatsapp messages. However, it won’t detect your iPad without a USB connection. It doesn’t have a wireless connection feature, and you need to have iTunes installed on your computer, which may be frustrating at times.

The app is compatible with Windows and macOS and can work with all iPads and iPhones. Other than managing your iPad data and transferring files from your iPad. Syncios also has a YouTube video downloader, iOS data recovery tool, Whatsapp Transfer, and a lot more.

Syncios comes in two versions: Free and Ultimate. As expected, the free version is only limited in features available to the user, and if you want to use all the tools of the application, you’ll need to pay $35 for a lifetime license of the app.

Pricing and Compatibility

Syncios Mobile Data Transfer has three different variants – Windows, macOS, and Android and it costs $29.95 for a single license on either platform. It also has a free trial version, but it is limited and doesn’t allow you to use all the premium features.


  • It has a decent free version
  • Phone transfer works fast and is secure
  • YouTube Video Downloader can download and convert files for your iPad


  • Needs to download the other tools
  • Premium only works on a single device


Developed by Macroplant, iExplorer transfers data between iPads or iPhones and computers. It runs on both Windows and Macs and is like a browser that helps you manage and organize the files on your iPad as if it was on an external storage device. iExplore can also help you transfer data directly to iTunes and export data such as messages, contacts, notes, call history, and voice memos to your computer.

It has a retro design and UI, which looks a little disappointing at times. The data process is slow and might freeze without doing anything. However, it worked flawlessly for most tasks, and iExplorer also has a free demo available to users. To get all features, you’ll need to purchase the premium licenses.

Pricing and Compatibility

iExplorer has three different packages: Basic (1 license for $40), Universal (2 licenses for $50), or Family (5 licenses for $70) and is available to download on both Windows and macOS. It also has a free trial version, but it is heavily limited.


  • Works with almost all iPads
  • It has a simple interface
  • Has a lot of tools to work with


  • The interface can feel a little dated
  • The tools can get a little getting used to
  • The app is expensive for what it delivers


Finally, we have reached the end of the list with the only official app that Apple has developed for their devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you must already be familiar with iTunes. It can help you do a tonne of stuff and is the best free app that you can use to transfer data or backup your devices.

It also has an excellent restore process and can also sync across iCloud with strong encryption to keep your data secure. It can also help check and update your devices and sync multiple devices, making it a perfect management app.

However, it doesn’t have any extra functionality and won’t have any of the features such as YouTube downloaders and other tools from the apps above. Other than that, the experience is lovely, and the app works wonders and is compatible with all iPads and iPhones.

Pricing and Compatibility

iTunes is entirely free to use with no paid subscription and can be installed on both Windows and macOS devices.


  • Developed by Apple and is completely free to use
  • Compatible with all iPads and iPhones
  • Works on Windows and Macs
  • Has a fast backup and restore process


  • Doesn’t have any extra feature and is stuck to the bare minimum of tools


What is the best way to transfer apps and data to a new iPad?

The best way to transfer apps and data to a new iPad is to use a clone or merge tool to help sync all your data from one iPad to the other. You can go through the list and use iMazing or AnyTrans for the job or simply use the built-in iTunes backup tool to backup and restore data to the new iPad.

Which app is best for data transfer?

There are a lot of apps that can be used to transfer data across iPads or to computers. However, we found the best ones were the solid first pick iMazing, AnyTrans, iTransfer, and iTunes. They all deliver a fast backup and restore experience and could quickly scan through your device and then transfer the data across.

How do I transfer files from Windows to iPad?

You can use a data transfer tool that will help transfer files from Windows to iPads. However, you need to use a decent tool with the best security and a lot of features. You would also need to convert some files before they can work with the iPad.

Final words

Transferring your data or making a backup is considered relatively easy. Apple has put in restrictions for the job, but it is easily bypassed. So, there are many tools available on the internet, but which should you use?

We have compiled a list of all the best apps perfect for the job and come at various price points for everyone. A trusty solution is the iMazing or AnyTrans app. However, the iTunes app is also perfect for anyone looking to get a free tool developed by Apple and is 100% guaranteed to work with all Apple devices.

With that said, we have reached the end of the comparison and hope that you have a seamless experience transferring files and making backups of your iPads data.

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