Amazon Prime Day 2021: Best Deals on iPad and iPad Accessories

* Save on M1 iPad Pro: $150 off at Amazon *

Here’s every iPad and iPad accessory to keep your eyes peeled for during this year’s sale on Amazon.

Amazon celebrates its anniversary each year with the biggest online sale on the biggest online shopping platform. The Amazon Prime Day was first announced in 2015, to celebrate 20 years of the company’s existence, and has since become a global event for shoppers across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, China, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and several other countries.

Each year, thousands of products are put on sale for millions of customers to grab off the shelves before they run out. From the ocean of personal products, electronics, clothing apparels, and several other products put on sale, shoppers always have an eye out for Apple devices, especially since they are otherwise only available at a premium price.

With the Amazon Prime Day 2021 quickly approaching on June 21 and June 22, we are here to showcase some of the best Apple iPad and iPad accessories you can pick up for super-low prices!

Best Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals on Apple iPad

Apple iPad 10.2-inch 8th Generation ($129 OFF)

The first device we’ve on our list is the 2020 variant of the iPad 10.2-inch model. Popularly known to be a budget-friendly iPad, this year’s Amazon Prime Day brings an opportunity to grab this device for even less. In fact, $129 less.

This iPad features an amazing retina-ready display with 2160 x 1620 pixels resolution producing detailed picture quality with next-level clarity. The 2020 iPad 10.2-inch runs on the A12 Bionic Chip Processor with a 64-bit architecture to meet performance needs pretty conveniently, along with the basic 32GB storage option. To add to that, the 8827mAh battery makes sure you carry out activities for a good period.

Apple iPad Air 10.9-inch 4th Generation ($50 OFF)

Next up we’ve one for the iPad Air lovers. The 4th generation iPad Air will be available for $50 less this Amazon Prime Day.

Home to an elegant, thin, and lightweight design, the 10.9-inch is absolutely a handy tablet to own. Thanks to the device’s premium display quality screen, get ready to experience a bright and sharp display with the capability of producing rich color. Besides design and display, the integrated super-fast A14 Bionic processor makes sure the device serves justice to the performance sector as well. In simple words, the iPad Air 10.9-inch is loaded with features that almost everyone will appreciate.

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation ($50 OFF)

Having talked about iPad Air and also the 10.9-inch, it is time to talk about the Pro variants. Yes, you read that correctly. This Amazon Prime Day will not disappoint the ones who are looking to own an iPad Pro in 2021.

This year you’ve got the opportunity to bag an 11-inch iPro (2nd Gen) for $50 less. The tablet brings a 2388 x 1688-pixel panel for producing, detail-oriented sharp and vivid pictures. With a seamless viewing experience, get ready to have your high-end activities processed smoothly as well. The A12X Bionic chip and M12 co-processor will make sure editing videos and playing games are no big deal anymore.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd Generation ($75 OFF)

In case you’re looking for something big, we need your serious attention here. The reason is, this year’s Amazon Prime Day sale lists the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd Generation) with a price cut of $75.

Whether we consider the retina display with 2732-by-2048 resolution or the M10 co-processed A10X Fusion chip based on 64bit architecture, almost everything about this 12.9-inch iPad Pro is engineered to speak quality. When we speak of quality elements, the battery life of this device doesn’t disappoint either. Home to a 41‐watt‐hour rechargeable lithiumpolymer battery, you can expect a long session of work after a single session of charging.

Apple iPad Mini 5th Generation ($30 OFF)

Concluding the list of iPads, we’ve got the 5th Gen iPad Mini for $30 less. In case you are looking for a power-packed iPad with smaller dimensions, the 5th Gen iPad Mini, definitely needs to catch your eyes at least once. This mini version of the iPad delivers high-end picture quality thanks to its  2048-by-1536 resolution display optimized at 326 pixels per inch.  To effectively serve multiple tasks, this device has the neural engine powered A12 Bionic chip.

From convenience to performance, the iPad Mini (5th Gen) is a perfect way to describe that every device doesn’t need to be huge for bringing next-level utility.

Best Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals on Apple iPad Accessories

Apple AirPods Max ($50 OFF)

Shifting our attention to the iPad accessories, the first one we’ve is the Apple AirPods Max.  With active noise cancellation, these headphones are undoubtedly one of the best pairs to own.  The AirPods Max brings in an impressive design and excellent built quality. Besides built and design, these Apple official headphones are capable of producing top-notch sound quality. The best thing, however, you can get these quality headphones for $50 less this Amazon Prime Day.

Apple Pencil 1st Generation ($5 OFF)

From accuracy to reliability, this Apple Pencil is one of the most precise and promising tablet stylus available to date.  Thanks to almost each of its elements, the device adds a great tool for both artists and note-takers.

Apple AirPods Pro ($52 OFF)

In case you prefer the AirPods Pro over AirPods Max, the Amazon Prime Day sale is here with these Apple earbuds for $52 less.

Talking about the AirPods, almost everyone is well aware of the quality they are known for. Not only exceptionally comfortable, but also a promising solution for a balanced, and quality hearing experience. Also, the earbuds bring a strong noise-canceling feature to make sure you never miss out on details even being around a crowded neighborhood.

Apple Smart Folio iPad Air 10.9-inch 4th Generation ($6 OFF)

Are you looking to enhance the productivity of your iPad Air without harming its portability? Well, then you need to look at the Apple Smart Folio.  This keyboard besides acting as a cover offers two viewing angles to comfortably work with. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about charging for it separately.  Overall, the Apple Smart Folio is an innovative way of adding some charm to your iPad Air visually and enhance efficiency at the same time.

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS, 40mm ($70 OFF)

Finally, a wearable hits up the list of accessories under sale. The Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40 mm is home to Apple’s latest S6 processor powerful enough to drive top-notch performance. The watch can help measure the level of blood oxygen level in your body, thanks to its next-gen sensors. Also the feature ready watchOS 7 efficiently tracks sleep and other activities. What’s amazing though, this Amazon Prime Day, you’ll have the opportunity to grab this Apple Watch for $70 less.

Final Words

With the Amazon Prime Day quickly approaching, you can expect a lot more than just Apple products to go out on sale at crazy low prices. While Apple is among the select few premium brands which has sliced its prices even before the Prime Day sales begin, you can expect several other names in the business, including iPad accessories brands to join the bandwagon and give out some noteworthy accessories at discounted prices.

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