Apple Unveils Best Apps And Games 2023 For Your iPad, iPhone and Mac

In a grand celebration of innovation and creativity, Apple has recently announced the winners of its prestigious App Store Awards for 2023. Among the 1.8 million apps available on the iOS/iPadOS App Store, 14 outstanding applications and games have been recognized for their exceptional contributions, empowering users to unleash their creativity, embark on new adventures, and enjoy moments of fun with family and friends.

This year’s winners hail from diverse corners of the world, a testament to the global impact of the app development community. Chosen by the App Store’s Editorial team, these apps and games stood out for providing users with meaningful experiences and inspiring cultural change. The selection process emphasized technical innovation, user experience, and design, resulting in a remarkable showcase of digital excellence.

Highlighting noteworthy winners

iPad app of the year: Prêt-à-Makeup

For the ultimate award-winning app on the iPad platform, “Prêt-à-Makeup,” enthusiasts who closely follow the dynamics of the App Store can instantly recognize it. This app, along with another creation from the same developer, “Prêt-à-Template,” has long dominated the recommended charts in the “Graphics and Design” category on the App Store. It allows users to experience different makeup effects on iPad and iPhone through simple strokes and drawing.

“Prêt-à-Makeup” makes full use of the pressure and tilt features of the Apple Pencil on the iPad, providing users with a smoother digital facial recording experience. Using “Prêt-à-Makeup” feels like playing a small mobile game, combining the joy of trying on makeup with an immersive experience. Thanks to Apple’s robust development technology and support, “Prêt-à-Makeup” offers a more realistic makeup experience, currently featuring over a thousand cosmetic products. The textures drawn within the app simulate light and device movement on the iPad, creating lifelike reactions as if the colors are about to overflow the screen.

iPad game of the year: Lost in Play

The best iPad game of the year turned out to be Lost in Play, developed by Happy Juice Games. This captivating game unfolds the tale of a brother and sister navigating an adventurous journey to find their way home, encountering challenges like an enchanted forest, a horned beast, and a goblin village. Players can assist the siblings by solving unique puzzles and engaging in entertaining mini-games. With its hand-crafted cartoon style reminiscent of beloved childhood animated shows, Lost in Play caters to all ages, evoking nostalgia for adults and providing delightful entertainment for children.

Annual iPad app nominees

Among the annual iPad App nominees, “Concepts” can be considered one of the oldest drawing applications on the iPad, with multiple introductions on specialized platforms. This app takes full advantage of the Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and tilt angle sensing, providing a sufficiently smooth drawing experience. According to the development team, major enterprises including Apple, PlayStation, Disney, and Google use their app for creative purposes.

Another nominated work for the annual iPad App, “DaVinci Resolve,” not winning the award, was somewhat surprising. When it comes to video editing tools on Mac, the name “DaVinci” is familiar to many. As a newly unveiled iPad version of this app, it has garnered attention and expectations since its debut at last year’s Apple event.

Cultural impact winner: Proloquo

Proloquo, designed for non-speaking individuals, provides a simple interface allowing devices like the iPad to speak on behalf of users. With an inviting and effective design, the app features simple blocks with words or images and drop-down choices, enhancing communication for those facing challenges in expressing themselves verbally.

iPhone app of the year: AllTrails

AllTrails takes the spotlight with its community-focused approach, offering comprehensive trail guides and promoting outdoor exploration for everyone. The app’s inviting presentation caters to both hardcore hikers and newcomers, fostering a sense of community among outdoor enthusiasts.

macOS app of the year: Photomator

Developed by UAB Pixelmator Team, Photomator for Mac revolutionizes photo editing with fluid navigation between albums, cutting-edge color adjustments, powerful batch editing features, AI-driven precise selections, and tools like Clone and Repair for quick photo touch-ups.

The complete list of all of Apple’s award-winning apps can be found on the Apple Newsroom.

Trend of the year: generative AI integration

Reflecting the cultural zeitgeist of 2023, generative AI emerged as the Trend of the Year. Apps began integrating AI in various ways, offering users a firsthand look at the technology’s evolution, benefits, and risks. While many features are still in their infancy, these AI-infused applications showcased the potential of generative AI to shape the future of app development.

As we bid farewell to 2023, the App Store’s celebration of excellence sets the stage for continued advancements and breakthroughs in the world of mobile applications.

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