Manage iPad and iPhone from Mac/Windows with Revamped iMazing 3

For anyone looking to streamline the management of their Apple devices, iMazing 3 is here with a host of new features and improvements. This updated version from DigiDNA is designed to enhance your experience with iPads and iPhones, making it easier than ever to transfer files, back up data, and keep your devices running smoothly. Here’s a closer look at what iMazing 3 has to offer.

What’s new in iMazing 3?

iMazing 3 comes with a revamped user interface that’s both intuitive and visually appealing. The new “Discover” section highlights popular tools, allowing you to quickly find and utilize features like photo transfers, message downloads, music transfers, and backups. The updated interface makes managing your devices more accessible, even for beginners.

Additionally, iMazing 3 includes a “Device Overview” section that provides detailed information about your connected devices, such as serial numbers, model details, backup dates, and more. The “Data” section gives you easy access to saved media, messages, contacts, and other important content.

Other notable updates include a dedicated battery management section, support for the new Vision Pro, remote pairing capabilities, and a dark mode option. These enhancements ensure that iMazing 3 is not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution for device management.

Manage your iPad or iPhone like a pro

iMazing 3 is designed to offer unparalleled control over your iPadOS or iOS devices. Whether you need to transfer files, back up your data, or run diagnostics, iMazing 3 provides the tools you need. Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allows you to move files effortlessly between your devices and your computer. The app supports both wired and wireless connections, giving you flexibility in how you manage your data.

One of the standout features is the ability to create local device snapshots. These snapshots can be encrypted to ensure your data remains secure, and because everything is stored locally, you never have to worry about your information being sent to the cloud. This makes iMazing 3 a trusted choice for anyone who values privacy and data security.

One of the best iPad managers around

With eight years of development behind it, iMazing has become one of the most reliable and feature-rich iPad managers available. Built by DigiDNA, iMazing allows for selective transfer, backup, and restoration of data on your Apple devices. You can easily manage your media files, texts, and apps, giving you more control than Apple’s own tools typically allow.

The “Device Overview” section in iMazing 3 is particularly useful, offering detailed stats about your device, including model number, identifier and serial numbers, diagnostics, configurations, and battery health information. The “Data” section is equally impressive, providing easy access to all your saved content.

Pricing and availability

iMazing 3 is available for both Mac and Windows, and can be downloaded from the official iMazing website. The app offers a free trial, so you can explore all its features before making a purchase. Licenses start at $40, with discounts available for those upgrading from iMazing 2. If you purchased iMazing after October 20, 2020, you’re eligible for a free upgrade to iMazing 3.

For more information and to download iMazing 3, visit imazing.com.

With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, iMazing 3 is a must-have tool for anyone looking to manage their iPad or iPhone like a pro. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech enthusiast, iMazing 3 offers the functionality and peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure and easily accessible.

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