reMarkable 2 Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

On hearing the word “Tablet”, the first thing that comes to mind is an electronic device such as an iPad on which we can carry out all the work, ranging from making notes to watching movies.

But, the tablet reMarkable 2, about which we are talking here, does none of the work which you would expect from any other tablet. Yes, you read it right; it is constrained to what it can do as compared to a standard tablet.

Besides, the main motive behind using this tablet is to help you get away from any distractions and focus on what you need to do.

reMarkable 2 is a tablet-based on e-ink technology. It costs $299 and also has some add-ons, which are not included in the box, which means that you will have to pay extra to get your hands on them. So, let’s take a look at it and find out if it is the tablet that you need.

Image Credit: reMarkable

Let’s unbox and see what’s inside

The outer packaging of the reMarkable 2 is very minimalistic and neat, and the box is made up of recycled paper. On removing the outer package, what you will find is:

  • A notebook-style package containing the tablet.
  • You just need to open the notebook, and there you go, you have the reMarkable 2 tablet upfront.
  • The left leaf of the notebook contains a small pocket that has a welcome letter, warranty card, and a quick start guide.
  • The right leaf contains the tablet on the upper part and a good quality charging cable below it, packed in a box.

It does not come with a stylus or a cover to keep the tablet in it, and you will have to buy one if you need one, which you surely will.


Dimensions187 x 246 x 4.7 mm
Internal Storage8 GB
Screen Size10.3 inches
Screen Resolution 1872 x 1404 (226 DPI)
Display typeMonochrome digital paper display
Connectivity2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi
Battery 3000 mAh Li-ion, Rechargeable
Battery lifeApprox. 2 weeks
Operating SystemLinux based OS – Codex
Processor1.2GHz dual core ARM
Weight403.5 grams


  • Easy Conversion – You can convert your handwritten notes into text due to the handwriting recognition feature. It also supports 33 different languages, giving you the freedom to use any language of your choice.
  • Paper Feel – Paper-like reading and writing feel due to the textured screen.
  • Matte Screen – You can easily read and write contents on the tablet anytime and anywhere as it is easily readable even in bright daylight due to the non-glare and non-reflective screen.
  • Fast Sync – You can easily sync their notes and upload them on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, being on a Wi-Fi network.
  • Screen Sharing – You can also use this tablet for sharing your ideas live while in a meeting or while teaching, as this tablet also sums up as a digital whiteboard. It only needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi network and can easily share what they write on the tablet using the screen-sharing mode.
  • Premium Build – As the tablet is a metal build with a decent 403.5 grams of weight, its in-hand feel is very premium and easy to carry anywhere you go.
  • Smooth Writing – The tablet also has a palm rejection feature that helps in reducing the chance of any errors while writing notes.


1. Folios

It is like a case or a pouch in which you can keep the tablet to keep it safe. It comes in two variants:

Folio ($79): It is a simple pouch made up of polymer in which you can keep the tablet safe. It also comes with a side pocket that can keep the stylus in.

Image Credit: reMarkable

Book Folio ($129): It is a notebook like case made up of leather in which you can keep your tablet safe, but it does not come with any extra side pocket to keep the stylus, so you will have to keep the stylus attached to the side of the tablet.

2. Markers

These are the stylus that can be used for writing or sketching on the tablet. It comes packed in a box that has a stylus, of course, and some marker tips that can be replaced. Also, these markers do not need to be charged and don’t require any setup before use.

There are magnets so that they can be easily attached to the side of the tablet. This also comes in two variants:

Marker($79): It is a simple stylus grey in color and textured upper surface, providing a familiar pencil-like comfort to the user.

Image Credit: reMarkable

Marker Plus($129): It is just like the Marker, the only difference being that it comes with a built-in eraser at the back.

The markers have a very low latency that makes the user feel like they are using an actual pencil and a notebook. The paper-like texture of the screen adds a feather in the cap and makes the experience unmatchable.

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When should you use the reMarkable 2 tablet

reMarkable 2 can be used for various purposes such as making notes, reading e-books, reading and formatting pdf files or documents, sketching pictures and portraits, etc.

Using the tablet is a very simple business, and even a kid can use it easily. You just need to press the start button on the upper left corner, and there you go, the screen wakes up.

After the screen wakes up, you just need to follow the steps you see on display, and once everything is done, you are ready to go. The tablet screen, after completing the login stuff and all, shows you pop-ups and gives you a tour of how you can use the tablet according to your needs.

Now let us have a look at the pros and cons of the tablet.


  • It saves you from getting distracted while doing your work as it does not support any external apps, and you cannot even surf the internet.
  • It saves the eye from any strain as this has a non-glare display, so you can spend as much time as you want while reading your favorite book.
  • The notes get synced easily on the account, so you can access them from anywhere you want. Hence, no stress of forgetting notes.
  • The incredible battery life of the tablet helps you focus on your work without worrying about the charging and discharging of the tablet.
  • You can also read any web articles on the tablet. All you need is a “Read on reMarkable” extension available on Windows and Mac OS.


  • It does not come with a stylus or a case, so you will have to spend some extra bucks on buying them.
  • The display is monochromatic, so you cannot use colors other than black and white.
  • It is very expensive, for $299 you can buy a tablet that can do lots of work.


There are a lot of alternatives for the reMarkable 2 tablet out there in the market, like Kobo Elipsa, Kindle, iPad, Quirklogic Papyr, Onyx Boox, etc.

Let us have a look at some of the best ones, compare them with the reMarkable2 and try to find out which one is better.

1. Kobo Elipsa

It is an e ink-based tablet that is designed to do the general works which any similar type of tablet does, like making notes, reading and editing pdfs, reading e-books, etc. You can get it for a price of $399.99, and it comes with an in-box stylus and a carry pouch.

Image Credit: Kobo

Plus, it has a 10.3” backlit textured display, an internal memory of 32GB, and a good combination of RAM and processor. The overall looks and in-hand feel of the tablet are also very premium.

reMarkable 2 vs. Kobo Elipsa

The reMarkable2 and Kobo Elipsa have a lot of similarities between their specifications, functions, and usage. Still, there are some areas in which the reMarkable2 outshines the Kobo Elipsa, such as the screen sharing feature, in-hand feel, build quality, ease of stylus usage, etc. All these small add-on features make the reMarkable2 a better product to invest in.

2. Amazon Kindle

It is an e-ink based tablet that is solely made for the purpose of reading e-books. It does not come with any stylus in the box and does not support one either. It is available in different variants, such as Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Kids Edition, etc., and comes in a price range of $105 to $400, depending upon the variant.

Image Credit: Amazon

All the variants come with Wi-Fi connectivity, and some higher variants also support 4G LTE. The screen size varies between 6” to 7”, has a plastic body with a rubberized texture, and is available in two standard colors, black and white.

reMarkable 2 vs. Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle has only one purpose, i.e., reading e-books, whereas the reMarkable2 carries out various other works along with the one which Kindle does. The reMarkable2 is a multi-purpose device, whereas Kindle is only uni-purpose.

reMarkable 2 has a very vast use case as compared to Kindle. If you are going to spend your money on Kindle, then why not invest a little more and experience a whole new and interesting thing, which would serve even more purposes than Kindle.

3. Apple iPad

iPads are popular tablets that are not based on e-ink technology, unlike the previous two alternatives. It has a big colorful display, has a very capable processor, cameras, speakers, etc. Its price range varies from $329 to $609 on the basis of specifications.

Image Credit: Apple

Plus, it also comes with a stylus, which is not included in the box. You easily carry out all your day-to-day work on this, be it watching movies or playing games, or making notes. There’s nothing you cannot do on this device.

reMarkable2 vs. Apple iPad

The use cases of both iPad and reMarkable2 are different. If you are searching for an all-around package on which you can carry out all your day-to-day work, then you should go for the iPad.

But, if you are searching for a device on which you can make notes and carry out your studies, then reMarkable2 is the one you should go for, as it does not support any applications, so it would be easy to concentrate on your work as compared to the iPad.

Why should you choose reMarkable 2 over its alternatives?

This is a question you will ask yourself before making any final decision on buying any of the e-ink tablets. So, to clear the confusion, here are some points:

  1. reMarkable 2 has a diverse use case as compared to the others.
  2. It has a premium look and in-hand feel.
  3. It supports 33 different languages and is more user-friendly.


The reMarkable 2 tablet is an overall package of what you will want from an e-ink based tablet. You can do all the normal stuff that can be done on a tablet, along with an out-of-the-box feature, which is screen sharing.

The reading and writing on such tablets is a pleasure itself. Tablets like these are a must-have for the book worms who like reading books a lot as one can store a number of e-books in it. Hence, reMarkable 2 is worth giving a try for all who can afford it. So, make sure to try it out.

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