Best Password Managers for iPad (and iPhone)

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Nearly all webpages you visit would require you to make an account and think for a “strong password”. However, the human brain can’t keep up with remembering all of the passwords, and in turn, users end up with weaker passwords, such as “@PASSWORD” or even “1234567890”. You could memorize a strong password and use it for everything, but that too imposes risks that can quickly destroy its worth. Data leaks are prevalent, and getting the only password leaked would compromise all your accounts.

This begs for a solution provided by the iPad password managers that, as the name suggests, store and manages passwords for you and even helps you generate new strong ones. There are default password managers built into your devices, such as Autofill and iCloud Keychain, that provide the management service. However, we’ve gone ahead, tested, analyzed, and cherry-picked the best so that you can select the password manager that best fits your demands.

The Password Basics

iPad password managers primarily help you by managing website credentials. When you log in to any webpage, the service comes into action by providing the service of filling in those credentials. This also comes in handy if you have multiple logins for a single webpage, and here the password managers list all the different options. These managers also come with a toolbar with all the saved logins to dive straight into the action.

Let’s now get to some of the essential steps you would need to maintain an excellent secure browsing experience.

  • The first and foremost step is to get all your passwords in a password manager for iPad.
  • Next, identify all the weak and duplicate passwords and replace them with stronger ones.
  • Finally, use the recommended suggestions from your password manager, and if you’re creating a password, remember to use lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters for a stronger password.

Note: Many iPad password managers will tell you about weaker, compromised, or duplicate passwords and help you improve or change them.

All of the products in this roundup are selected based on their performance and security. The below are some of the best recommendations and will include something for everyone.

Built-in Password Manager for iPads and iPhones

All iPads and iPhones come equipped with a default service that manages all your passwords. The service provides a way to store all your passwords and other personal information updated across all your devices. Now you might wonder how do you turn on the iCloud Keychain manager. Well, here it is:

  • Tap on settings, then cho1pose iCloud.
  • Tap on Keychain.
  • Click on the slider to turn on the iCloud Keychain.

Some of the pros for using iCloud Keychain

  • Free of cost
  • Encrypted for extra security
  • Fast and easy input for all login details
  • It comes built-in to your OS

iCloud Keychain is excellent at keeping your data and passwords secure and is the perfect option for beginners or budget-seekers.

Top 3rd-party iPad Password Managers

Dashlane – Best Overall Password Manager

Dashlane is the best iPad password manager that we came across. It works flawlessly throughout all devices and also instantly synchronizes across every platform. This ability to work with everything makes it a huge success. All features worked as promised, and we had no problems generating and saving passwords, filling logins forms, or using the extra tools it provides. If you ever need a password manager for your iOS device, then this is it.

Speaking about the extra tools, here are some additional features that Dashlane provides:

  • One-click password management.
  • Unlimited password sharing across all devices.
  • VPN support.
  • 2FA support.
  • Dark web scanning.
  • Identity theft protection (the US only).

We specifically liked Dashlane’s one-click password management feature, which allowed us to replace or remove weak passwords on hundreds of compatible websites automatically.

NordPass – Runner-up Best Overall Password Manager

NordPass is another strong contender for the best iPad and iPhone password manager, and it misses the mark by an inch. The team from NordVPN created it, and it uses one of the most potent encryption services (called XChaCha20). It delivers the cleanest UI by far, and the experience is something that we enjoyed using. The streamlined interface makes it easy for you to create, save, and fill in passwords on iPads. It also integrates well with the default biometric authentication system so that you face no loss of time for your master login.

While NordPass doesn’t have many features, it does provide the basics, though it does it with being the best at it. The feature list includes:

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Secure password sharing across all devices.
  • Password vault management.
  • Breach monitoring.

NordPass password management feature isn’t anything unique. However, it worked correctly by providing all weak passwords for you to replace. It also offers unlimited password storage, sync across all your devices, and biometric logins. NordPass Premium supports six devices simultaneously and includes extra features like password sharing and data breach monitoring.

LastPass – The Best Rated Password Manager for iPad and iPhones

LastPass is one of the best free password managers for iPad, which offers unlimited password storage on multiple devices and systems. However, it gets exciting when you add premium into the mix as we realized that LastPass premium was on another level. It comes including additional features, like password sharing, encrypted storage, emergency access, and dark web monitoring. These take it from a primary free manager to a beast of a system that could help you secure throughout all platforms.

Some of the most notable features were:

  • 2FA and OTP compatibility.
  • One-click password changing for more than a hundred webpages.
  • Account recovery through Face or Touch ID.

LastPass is another iPad password manager besides Dashlane that provides you with a one-click password changer that works across different platforms. It also offers multiple account recovery options, including account recovery through Face or Touch ID, improving security and safety concerns.

1Password – Best Security Features

1Password offers excellent security features for iOS that bring forward a wide range of intuitive features within a clean user interface. It also integrates well with iPad and iPhone as auto-filling passwords and other personal information is possible with just a few screen taps. You could also allow biometric logins with iOS Touch ID and Face ID, and it further lets you access passwords through your Apple Watch.

1Password also has some other notable feature, and they are:

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Password management and breach identification.
  • Family password sharing dashboard.
  • Multiple vaults for personal, business, and travel uses.
  • Hidden password vaults.
  • Encrypted storage.

1Password has a “Watchtower” feature which is just a fancy word for most of the security features listed above. It also regularly monitor dark web forums, breach and leak datasets to ensure that logins are secured, and instantly fills login credentials over thousands of websites.

Free Options

KeePass – The Top Free Password Manager for iPad

KeePass came from being a relatively big desktop app to a free iPad password manager. KeePass stores usernames, login details, passwords, free-form notes, and file attachments for you in an encrypted file so that all your details are secure. This file can be protected using a master password, a key file, and the account details. By default, the KeePass database is stored on a local file system so that you don’t risk data breaches.

Some of the features that we liked:

  • Two Factor Authentication with OTP support
  • Encryption on storage and passwords
  • Supports hundreds of websites

Bitwarden – The Secure Opensource Project

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that runs with the help of the open-source developer community. It has all the features you can expect from an iPad password manager and includes some of the best encryption on the market. We also tested it for glitches, but it’s updated and secured from all new glitches or bugs as it’s open-source, and all verified checks are made to ensure your password most securely.

Some features that we liked about it were:

  • Open-source community support for fast updates and security patches
  • Can sync across all devices and platforms with support for thousands of webpages
  • Has security breach checks and dark web monitoring for password leaks.

Google/Apple/Firefox Password managers – The Best Default Options

These password managers are included with your browser and help you manage all your passwords across all platforms. They don’t require any stand-alone app to function and are embedded in the browser itself. The security encryption they provide is also strong, and features such as database checks can reveal all the flaws in your passwords. Thus, we would recommend any beginner to use it because it is free and readily available at your call.

Some extra features that they provide:

  • Encryption for your password vault
  • Breach database checks
  • Instant auto-filling option
  • No time required to set it up

Note: All the password managers are included with your browser and require only one click to manage your password vault.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference, free vs. paid iPad password managers?

iPad and iPhone password managers have the sole responsibility to manage your password and keep it secure. However, if you need some extra features and security, paid variants become your only option. Don’t get me wrong, and many free options would provide you with the same functionality and safety. However, they still fall short as most paid variants come with features such as local encrypted storage, OTP, and 2FA, which takes them from being secure to being leagues apart from their free counterparts.

In Short; We recommend budget seekers to use the free version as they provide brilliant functionality while costing zero dollars and the paid version to the people in the market for better security. The paid versions include some great features, which makes them worth the price. These features can be:

  • Local storage encryption
  • Sync across all platforms
  • Security checks for data leaks and breaches
  • Automatic replacements for weaker passwords
  • One-click password management
  • Better and more secure password encryption
  • Backup and recovery solutions

Q: Are iPad password managers safe?

It’s natural to be worried about getting a single app to manage all your passwords. However, all password managers on the list are highly secure and are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption or better. With features like 2FA, you can’t log in without an additional set of verification, through either a fingerprint, face scan, or one-time password sent to your iPhone.

Q: Do password managers work well with iPhones?

Yes, with iOS 12, Apple allowed third-party applications to get access to the auto-fill function. The password managers could easily be integrated with face-scanning and fingerprint scanning, which led to the rise in people using various password managers for their needs.

Q: Can I use my passwords across non-iOS devices?

Yes. Most third-party password manager such as Dshlane and LastPass offers sync across different operating systems, devices and browsers. LastPass supports unlimited devices on its free version and is much better than most free password managers.

Q: What to look for in the best password manager for iPad?

Start off by choosing at least 256-bit AES encryption security or better to keep all user data secure. Remember to consider security features like 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), password auditing, and web monitoring to ensure no leak occurs. The app should be easy to set up, use, and sync across all devices, along with the overall user experience. Look for apps that can run across all iOS, Android, and Desktop devices, ensuring a safe experience throughout. Also, remember to look for reviews regarding customer support, since you don’t want to risk your passwords with a service with terrible customer support.

Setup Your iPad Password Manager Today

With everything covered in the password manager space, you must have decided on the app of your choice. Now you could still go with the default option, and there’s no harm in that, but if you seriously need a secure manager that you can customize to your own, then a third-party app becomes your only option.

We recommend Dashlane for the premium option and the default manager for the free option. Both of the choices provide a great set of features and security and all the installation and setup process is straightforward. You need to:

  • install the app from the app store
  • run the app and continue with the setup
  • set up your profile to get everything started

This would ensure that you get your new iPad manager working correctly and continue with securing all your passwords and login details.

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