Best Tablets for Watching Movies & Netflix

Over the past decade, tablets have become the sweet spot for media consumption. Most people find it more convenient to purchase a decent tablet instead of a smartphone or smart TV. In their defense, platforms like Netflix have optimized their apps for tablets and smartphones. In short, you can stream high-quality content with no need for technical expertise.

However, a random Android or iOS tablet is not enough for this job. On the other hand, you should consider a few factors while choosing the best tablet for watching movies and Netflix. In this guide, we have done the research so that you can make the right choice. But, before we discuss the tablets, we want you to know how we selected these devices.

What makes the best tablet for watching movies and Netflix

Here are a few factors we considered while choosing the best tablets for consuming content. We have not talked about the obvious, such as budget and reliability, though. Instead, we have made sure that the list is inclusive, containing products from different budget ranges and trusted brands.

  • Display size and Quality

A good display is one of the core things you should ensure in a tablet for watching movies and Netflix. Among other things, the size and quality of the display should be given important. For instance, if you want the best viewing experience, the tablet must have a minimum display size of 9 inches. It is one of the reasons we do not recommend a device like the iPad mini (6th generation.) The display should also be 1080p or better. At this point, it doesn’t make sense to get an HD display on your media consumption tablet.

  • Design and Build

Of course, a tablet for media consumption may not be there for rough use. However, it is a good decision to get a tablet with superior build quality. More importantly, though, the tablet must have a design comfortable enough to hold. You might get accessories like tablet stands anyway, but the core design is important. For this reason alone, we have included tablets that come with docking options. The Pixel tablet from Google is an example.

  • Performance and Battery

You do not need the most powerful tablet to watch movies or stream Netflix. However, going for a low-end tablet is not advisable, either. Therefore, you should get a tablet with a balanced performance-and-battery-life ratio. While you have the option to keep the tablet plugged in, the device should have enough juice to handle your binge-watching adventures. So, while we have not included the overkill ones like the iPad Pro, there are performance-centric tablets on this list.

In addition to these core pointers, you should also entertain personal preferences. For instance, if you have already invested in the Apple ecosystem, it makes more sense to go for an iPad instead of an Android tablet. You should also consider whether the device comes with specific features like Dolby Atmos and HDR.

Exploring the 7 best tablets for watching movies and Netflix

  1. Apple iPad 9th generation: Best overall tablet
  2. Xiaomi Pad 5: Best overall Android tablet
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: Best tablet under $200
  4. OnePlus Pad: Best performance-friendly tablet
  5. iPad Air 5: Best value-for-money iPad
  6. Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus: Another budget-friendly option
  7. Google Pixel Tablet: Convenience tablet with a charging speaker dock

#1 Apple iPad 9th generation: Best overall tablet for watching movies and Netflix


  • Affordable pricing
  • Impressive battery life
  • Best-in-class performance


  • Uses a Lightning port

The Apple iPad 9th generation is currently the best option if you need an all-in-one tablet for watching movies and Netflix. One of the most popular products from Apple, the iPad combines a sturdy design, the power of iPadOS, and incredible battery life.

Equally so, the Netflix app for iPadOS is optimized for quality and battery life savings. Therefore, you can use this tablet to binge-watch your favorite Netflix content without worrying about running out of power.

As for the specifications, the Apple iPad 9th generation is equipped with a 10.2-inch Retina Display, which is also packing True Tone technology. So, you can enjoy the best viewing experience regardless of where you are.

The A13 Bionic chip on the tablet is powerful enough to handle high-quality streaming from Netflix or other media-consumption apps. However, the basic version comes with only 64 GB of storage space. In addition, iPadOS is flexible in that you get impressive access.

And if and when you want, you can turn the iPad into a powerful companion for work or school. So, for the affordable price of less than $300, the iPad 9th generation is a good pick for most people.

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#2 Xiaomi Pad 5: Best Overall Android Tablet for Watching Movies


  • Reasonable pricing
  • 120Hz high-resolution display
  • Impressive performance


  • MIUI can be a little heavy

We believe the Xiaomi Pad 5 is an adequate choice if you prefer having an Android tablet for watching movies and streaming from Netflix. This 11-inch tablet offers impressive value for the affordable price you pay, and it packs almost everything you expect from a modern media consumption device.

For instance, the Xiaomi Pad 5 is equipped with Snapdragon 860, an octa-core processor with an impressive graphics module. Thanks to 6 GB of superfast RAM, this tablet can easily multitask even when you stream full HD or 4K content from Netflix. It can have up to 256 GB of internal storage as well.

The 11-inch display has a whopping resolution of 1600 x 2560 and supports up to 1 billion colors. You would also love the improved refresh rate of 120Hz, especially if you want to play some games. The Android 11 MIUI has been optimized for the tablet and offers great convenience and additional features.

We also love the overall design of the Xiaomi Pad 5. The company has done an outstanding job with keeping the bezels minimum and offering convenient viewing angles. Finally, you can recharge the tablet in just a few minutes, thanks to 51W Fast Charging support.

Altogether, this sub-$400 Android tablet lets you more than enjoy high-quality Netflix streaming and playing local media files. Like our first pick, this Xiaomi tablet can also easily become a work/school device for most people.

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#3 Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: Best Tablet under $200 for Watching Movies


  • Priced less than $200
  • A decent LCD panel
  • Improved audio experience


  • Not suitable for multitasking

Sometimes, you do not want to spend a lot on a device you would use for content streaming, right? If you want to keep the budget under $200, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. This bare-bones tab from Samsung is sufficient if you stick to content streaming from Netflix.

For what it’s worth, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 comes with a 10.5-inch LCD screen. While it is not the best, you would not have trouble while streaming content, thanks to the 1920 x 1200 resolution. The base model of the device comes with 2 GB of RAM, which is about just right.

On the bright side, the four speakers on the device can collectively provide a decent audio experience. So, where the device lacks for visual appeal, it makes up for audio. Since the tablet is equipped with a 7040mAh battery, you can expect a multi-day backup as well. The tablet remains light enough to handle as well.

We should also appreciate the way Samsung has integrated the device with its services. So, if you use other Galaxy products, you can easily set up and take care of this budget-friendly tablet. The UI is intuitive for the most part as well.

Finally, when you pay just about $200, you get a light but complete package from the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. This tablet may not be the best choice for multitasking, though. On the other hand, if everyday content streaming is your priority, you can go ahead.

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#4 OnePlus Pad: Best Performance-friendly Tablet for Netflix and Movies


  • Impressive performance
  • 144Hz LCD screen
  • Sleek and lightweight


  • Some software glitches

If you do not mind spending a little more, you can get a tablet that does a lot more. In fact, you can benefit from the increased performance, especially if you want to stream ultra-HD content. If this idea sounds right to you, you should check out the OnePlus Pad.

Though the OnePlus Pad comes with a 11.6-inch LCD panel, its viewing angles can compete with IPS panels. It also helps that you get an improved refresh rate of 144Hz. When combined with the resolution of 2800 x 2000, the visual experience from the tablet is beyond exciting.

The MediaTek Dimensity processor can take a lot of load, also thanks to up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage space. OxygenOS, the custom software layer from OnePlus, is great when it comes to RAM and resource management, making multitasking easier than ever.

You would not have trouble using the OnePlus Pad throughout the day, either, thanks to the 9000+mAh Li-Ion battery. And, if you run out of battery, the SuperVOOC charging is quick enough to recharge it. You also have an option to hook up the OnePlus keyboard and stylus.

All things considered; you cannot go wrong with the OnePlus Pad. However, using the tablet only for content streaming will be almost underutilizing its capabilities. But, if you need a media consumption tablet with the extra power for other tasks, you can proceed.

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#5 iPad Air 5: Best value-for-money iPad for Netflix and media consumption


  • Powered by Apple Silicon M1
  • Optimized for performance
  • Support for highest-quality streaming


  • It can be a little overkill for some

If you would rather invest in an iPad that can handle more than Netflix, you should check out the iPad Air 5, which, we believe, is a value-for-money choice. You can use this Apple silicon-powered iPad for almost all things you would use a Mac or PC for. And it can handle Netflix streaming with ease.

For reference, the iPad Air 5 is powered by Apple M1, which packs a lot of power. Apple does not specify the amount of RAM, but you can stay rest assured that you would not have trouble streaming high-resolution content. As we said earlier, the Netflix app for iPadOS is simply remarkable.

The 10.9-inch display of the iPad Air 5 is also the best you can expect for the price. Though it does not have a higher refresh rate, you can expect convenient viewing angles and colors. You might as well use the screen for photo manipulation or video editing.

It is also convenient that this iPad model supports external displays. So, if you ever want to watch a Netflix movie or series on a larger screen, you can do it with the help of a USB-C cable. However, we should mention that the built-in display panel, which has a 2360 x 1640 resolution, will be enough for most people.

In addition, this mid-tier iPad does not weigh a lot, either. So, even when you attach it to something like the Magic Keyboard, the entire combination weighs less than what a typical laptop would. Overall, if you want the best performance $500 can buy, you should get this iPad.

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Other options you can consider

We will take a brief look at some other options you can consider. We have picked these options from various budget ranges.

#6 Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus is another budget-friendly option that you can consider. A product meant for basic needs like content streaming, this tablet costs around $150. This product was launched in 2021 and comes with an improved display and 4 GB of RAM.

You can use the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet for streaming and light productivity tasks, among other things. There are also multiple options in terms of storage space and advertisements. For instance, you can get rid of advertisements on the lock screen by paying a little extra.

There are also additional options that you can consider. For instance, the wireless charging dock helps you keep the device charged. Similarly, if you want to convert this Netflix-streaming tablet into a mini laptop, it might be a good idea to get the Bluetooth keyboard cover.

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#7 Google Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Tablet is another easy-to-recommend option available in the market. While it is an expensive option, with a price tag close to $500, you get some benefits. For example, the tablet ships with a charging speaker dock, which turns the Google Pixel Tablet into a wonderful smart display with impressive sound.

So, from a Netflix streaming point of view, the convenience of Google Pixel Tablet is impressive. The 11-inch display is also noted for its viewing angles and color representation. You would also love the clean Android UI without any bloatware.

The four-speaker audio system also improves the Netflix or movie-watching experience on the tablet. It also ships with the Google TV app, which brings together content from popular entertainment apps. Ultimately, this Google tablet has a long-lasting battery as well.

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The bottom line

Despite the variety of tablets we have listed, you can be assured that all work great with Netflix. However, it is important to consider whether you want to use local media for playback. In that case, iPads, despite the performance they offer, do not work well.

On the other hand, Android tablets work with local files in a better way. However, these days, we believe you are most likely to stick with streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video. In that case, the choice you make from the list does not make a difference.

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