Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPad

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When you pick up your iPad, the first thing you see will be the wallpaper, and the default wallpapers on the iPad get boring right after a few weeks of use. There are hundreds of “HD wallpapers” websites that provide some great wallpapers for your iPad. Wallpapers are the first thing that people will notice about your device, and that’s why you want them to be of high quality and needs to be something that sets your device apart from all the other devices out there.

Sure, you could go ahead and do a Google search of your favorite image and slap it on your iPad, but some apps provide a better experience and many choices that would wow you every time. There are also specific unique categories that only an app can offer, and it also ensures that the creators can directly interact with the users.

Well, with that said and done, we have tried to bring you some of the best apps on the store so that you could have a great time setting up your device. So let us dive straight into the world of wallpapers, shall we?

Here’s a list to save you some time and provide an overview of all the great things we have to deliver.

  • Walli – Best HD wallpaper collection app for iOS devices
  • Vellum Wallpapers – Best 4K wallpaper app
  • WLPPR – Best Live Wallpaper app for iPad
  • Papers.co – Minimal Wallpaper app for iPad
  • Zedge – Best 3D wallpaper app for iPad

With that done and dusted, let us get to the main course and take a look at all the apps.

Walli – Best HD wallpaper collection app for iOS devices

Pricing: Can be used for free and has a $1.99 pack.

The collection

Walli features cool and unique images from various artists to use as your wallpaper. The selections feel very artsy and also provide a nice dimension to the screen. All wallpapers are at a minimum of FULL HD resolution (1920×1080) and feature 4K downloading as an option.


The design and UI are minimal and clean. All wallpapers are visible as big tiles, which lets us see the full resolution and quality immediately. It also allows downloads as rectangular and square cropped images, which is presently a game-changer for mobile use.


Walli provides some great features which we instantly loved, and they are:

  • FULL HD and 4K resolution support
  • Cropped square and rectangular download options
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Clean and minimal build
  • Authentic cherry-picked images from various artists

In Short; We highly recommend Walli as we had an excellent experience with getting the right format of wallpapers, and the collection is also very unique and of high quality.

Vellum Wallpapers – Best 4K wallpaper app

Pricing: Free but can be upgraded with the premium package for $1.99

The collection

Vellum features an amazing collection of curated nature-based wallpapers that would look good on any display. It also shines as all wallpapers on it are of 4K resolution, which looks sharp and provides a better true-to-life image quality all around. The nature theme is relaxing and calm, so if people want a quiet, feeling lifestyle with their devices, Vellum is the way to go.


The UI feels amazing and is very easy to use with the amazing full-screen black theme, which lets the wallpaper pop out more and look better than ever. It also has a blurring tool that we loved as it allowed us to download slightly blurred wallpapers which, when used, allows the apps and folders to pop out and look even better.


Some features worked beautifully for us, and they were:

  • 4K high-resolution wallpaper downloads
  • In-built blurring tool
  • Amazing nature-themed wallpapers
  • Favorites tab
  • Highly detailed descriptions for all wallpapers

In Short; If you’re on the lookout for some of the best nature-based wallpapers, Vellum should be your choice. We downloaded some great landscapes that we used as daily wallpapers, and thus, we would recommend you to do the same.

WLPPR – Best Live Wallpaper app for iPad

Pricing: Free and paid version for $0.99 and $3.99 packages.

The collection

WLPPR will provide you with a gorgeous collection of high-quality wallpapers of the planet and space. The satellite images ensure that you get some of the best variety of wallpapers that you deserve. Every wallpaper has relevant information about the shot’s location and links you to the original resources.


The 3D design has a pleasant aesthetic and allows multiple wallpapers to be displayed on the screen at once. The images pop out, and functions such as favorites and info tab provide a unique user experience throughout the application. The download section is also fast and smooth and allows you to download entire themes with a single click.


Some WLPPR features that we enjoyed using:

  • FULL HD satellite wallpapers of space and the earth
  • Live wallpapers for your iPad display
  • Easy to use 3D aesthetic user experience

In Short; If you’re an avid user of satellite images and wallpapers of space, WLPPR is your best shot at getting some of the best wallpapers on the internet.

Papers.co – Minimal Wallpaper app for iPad

Pricing: Free and $3.99 premium version.

The collection

Papers.co delivers one of the best and the vastest collection of wallpapers. The categories provide something for everyone, and the FULL HD support makes all your downloads crisp and high resolution. However, the wallpaper collection can sometimes feel generic and boring. However, the constant updates make up for it by providing a seamless user experience.


Papers.co has a no-frills user interface that can be navigated easily. The main screen displays the top wallpapers with the most downloads. You can also select wallpapers from a huge selection of categories and themes. However, this could lead to confusion, so stick to the basics.


Some great features from Papers.co are:

  • A vast amount of categories for wallpapers
  • A clean minimal User Interface
  • A favorites tab

In Short; This is an app that brings forward a vast amount of wallpapers, ensuring that everyone can find something on it. Thus, we recommend Papers.co to everyone looking out for the perfect wallpaper for their iOS device. However, If you’re looking for a specific category getting Google’s help might favor the chances of getting a good picture.

Zedge – Best 3D wallpaper app for iPad

Pricing: Free

The collection

Zedge features high-quality HD images that are optimized for your iPad screen. You can also browse through the categories and themes with a collection featuring inspiration, landscapes, nature, space, comics, and movies. Using Zedge is easy, and the downloads are seamless and fast, with the favorite tab making downloads from various collections easy.


Zedge features a dark mode UI that features the most downloaded wallpapers on the front and the categories to the side. It also features wallpapers from movies and comics. The pop culture wallpapers make this a great choice for all comic fans and geeks.


The best features from Zedge:

  • Comic and movie based wallpapers
  • HD wallpaper downloads
  • Easy to use UI

In Short; We could recommend Zedge to everyone, but it would work better for the comic and movie fans out in the world. The wallpapers are crisp and can also be saved as favorites which make downloading them a breeze.

Some general FAQs

Q: What is the best free wallpaper app?

Many free wallpaper apps work like a charm. However, the best free app we tested and recommended would be Zedge, as the collection of wallpapers is amazing, and the unique comic-based wallpapers make this the best choice for all budget seekers out there.

Q: Are wallpaper apps safe?

Yes, most wallpapers are safe, but if you ever experience a wallpaper app requesting your device’s permissions, take a few precautions and deny or review the permissions for being extra secure and safe.

Q: What is the best wallpaper genre?

There are many genres of wallpapers, and selecting the best is impossible. It depends from person to person, and the best is always relative to the user. However, if you’re a minimalist and a power saver, then use dark wallpapers, which would help you save battery and also look good as wallpaper.

Final words

The most looked at thing on the phone is the display and home screens. This is where wallpapers come in, and they help you display your personality and be quirky with your device. I usually change the wallpapers on my phone and iPad pretty frequently, and having various options make it so that every time you change the wallpaper, your device would feel brand new.

The above-listed apps are some of the best options out on the App Store, and you’re sure to find something that you love and would enjoy using from these choices. Wallpapers can be a pain to find. However, if you’re with us on the guide, you might already have found the perfect choice, and we would like to hear more about it in the comment section below. So get right on and get yourself and your device a new look and feel.

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