The Best Productivity Apps for iPad Pro 2021

Apps are essential in everyday life, and with the increased reliance on technology, getting the best for your device and yourself becomes more important. If this is the year of productivity for you, then you’re in the right place.

But which productivity-specific apps deserve a tile on your home screen? We’ve gone through the painstaking process of comparing note-taking apps to mobile office suites so that you get the best possible for yourself and on your iPad for the best user experience. These are the best eleven apps that we think would be great additions to your device.

Flow – The Best Note Taking Application for Creative Professionals

Writing down thoughts and jotting down notes is an excellent habit to accompany and include in your everyday life. Flow enables users to draw or take notes on a boundless canvas that allows you to customize everything from pens to paper with various colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from and allows creative individuals to flex their muscles. Flow provides a luxurious drawing experience that ultimately bolsters all iPad interfaces.

The application is free for a 7-day trial. However, after the trial period ends, the subscription cost is $1.99 each month, which gets you cloud storage and enables all features.

Microsoft Office – Most Familiar Office Subscription

Using Microsoft software on an Apple device might seem counter-intuitive but hang in with me, and I’ll show you what the Microsoft Office applications can achieve with proof to back it up. All of us are familiar with the apps such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Writing projects or designing powerpoints were some of the first things that everybody experienced with a computer and now are available on iOS and iPad.

Let us get with the facts Microsoft Office is the best at what it provides. There are great alternatives such as Google’s Docs and Sheets and OpenOffice, but nothing will ever come close to Microsoft’s offerings. Microsoft’s Office programs have long been a gold standard for desktop productivity. The mobile versions continue to deliver maximum compatibility while modifying the user interface for newer touchscreen devices. The apps allow users to view and edit presentations, spreadsheets, and documents to their likings and integrate Cloud managing files across devices has never been easier.

IFTTT – Automation at your Fingertips

“If this then that” or IFTTT is put one of the best automation apps on the market and guess what it is free. If you are a curious individual and want to automate tasks through your phone or tablet, try IFTTT. With pre-built “applets” and support for techs such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, automating tasks like having your smart lights turn on when you come back home or get your coffee machine to start brewing some coffee in the morning can amount to a single tap.

With IFTTT, you can be in control of all your devices, and with the ever-growing “Smart” sector being a step ahead can be the most beneficial thing you could do.

LastPass – Never Forget your Password again

Never again waste precious time fiddling with logins and passwords ever again with LastPass, one of the best productivity apps for your iPad and iOS devices. LastPass is a password vault that helps you by maintaining strong passwords all over your devices. LastPass works across all devices, and the service is fast with zero delays. The saved passwords are always encrypted and secured over their servers.

Users can sync their passwords of different websites and then have LastPass automatically fill in login details accessing sites, either through Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. It also helps generate and suggest strong passwords, as well as to update them all over. Best of all, LastPass is free of charge and works across all platforms.

Duolingo – Learn a New Language at your Pace

If you’re into learning new languages and need something to help you practice your vocab and accent on an iPad, Duolingo is the only way to look to. The app has expanded its pool over the past few years, and it now offers choices ranging from French to Vietnamese, with being completely free to use. However, there’s also a Duolingo Plus package, for $12.99, which removes ads and provides you with the ability to download lessons which is very beneficial for offline studying.

Duolingo is also remarkable for travelers as getting the basics of a new language allows you to embrace the culture and better understand society. Hence, anyone looking to get the app would have an enjoyable experience and improve their speech and confidence a tonne.

Adobe Illustrator – The Best Graphic Designing Tool

Adobe Illustrator is arguably the best vector graphics application available for Apple’s iPad. Photoshop lacked many features to be truly useful when it launched on the tablet. However, the new Illustrator on the iPad came with the full list of features that let you masterfully design on the go.

With all the tools compared to the desktop counterpart, Illustrator on the iPad became a joy to use, and designing graphics and logos was easy. In particular, the easy integration with  Photoshop makes it a great product. Adobe has always been on the top for creative professionals, and the Apple Pen support on the iPad makes it somewhat of a unique experience. The pen works great and allows you to freely draw on the canvas, making designs feel much more real and customized. Thus, getting Illustrator on the iPad is one of the best choices any designer can make.

Snapseed – Your Instagram worthy Companion

Snapseed is a listing from Google, which I feel is much more useful than Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop is still the king on desktop, but if you need an application on the go to edit photos and do touch-ups, Snapseed is a perfect choice. It’s the best app for beginners and is complicated enough for professional photographers. Working with RAW and ProRAW images is also a plus and allows full access to all variables in a picture.

Snapseed has a beautiful and easy-to-understand user interface and works best for editing stills and nature shots. The auto mode also produced excellent results, although the saturation and contrast felt slightly on the high side. However, with the ability to control all factors, an amazing natural-looking image is easily edited, resulting in tremendous Instagram-worthy photos.

Procreate – A new way to Imagine Design

Procreate is an option for digital artists who want to test the iPad Pro component’s full capabilities, including the Apple Pencil and Mouse support. Procreate provides you with all the tools you need to create beautiful paintings, sketches, illustrations, and anything else you can imagine. Rounding off the list of features, the autosave functionality has saved us from terrible issues. The high-resolution canvases looked beautiful on everything, and the hundreds of brush variants led to an exciting and innovative perspective to design.

I would recommend Procreate to serious designers or artists looking to sketch and draw on their tablet. The Pencil experience would give you some of the best feedback, and the sketch would feel very close to sketching on real paper.

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SwiftScan – The Document Scanner

This isn’t the first time that I’ve recommended SwiftScan, and it probably won’t be the last. SwiftScan allows you to scan a variety of documents. Once the document is scanned, you’re able to convert them, alter them, and send them in just about any way possible. SwiftScan functionality is beneficial to everyone in some way or the other. It’s an incredibly versatile app that happens to be easy to use and understand so that you can quickly scan all files.

I’ve also used it to scan old photos to convert them into a digital format. The hack worked excellently, and the results were expected. Remember to download this as you never know when you might need it to scan anything to convert the physical thing to a digital format for easier access and sharing.

Airtable – Create your productivity Database

Airtable is a platform and online application for creating and sharing databases that can be of anything that you would like it to. The experience is simple, and the interface is easy to use and allows anyone to build up a database in minutes. We use it to create a chart of all our work and projects and can be used for college or schoolwork.

However, Airtable shines while being used with graphics and designs, making it an exciting database that is unique to use and show. Gone are the days for piecharts and graphs. The new upcoming interactive designs are making their way in all uses, and Airtable helps you do all that with minimal clicks and work and sweeten the deal; Airtable is free to use and can be upgraded with more storage.

Reeder 5 – The Go-to RSS Reader

Reeder has always been one of the best-designed RSS reader apps available, and with version 5, the developer rebuilt with modern design and tools from the ground up. One of my favorite features is its “Read Later” service which allows storing stories, blogs, and articles that can be sent and registered to Reeder’s Read Later service from the RSS feeds you subscribe to.

The combination of features such as easy subscription, central management, and the way to organize all your reading feed into a single location makes Reeder one of the best hubs for all reading-related activities and is highly recommended for everyone.

Final Words

Selecting the best apps for a specific purpose can be difficult, and hence, we have provided you with the best possible choices on the market. With this, we end our blog and expect to have delivered some fantastic new additions to your device.

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