How to Watch DVR Recordings on iPad?

Need to get out of your house as something urgent popped up, but don’t want to miss your favorite show either? Well, it is time you take your favorite show with you. 

It might sound a bit surprising, but thanks to the DVR technology, you can record your favorite episodes and watch them whenever you want to. Want more convenience? You can play these recordings on your iPad as well. In this article, I will introduce you to the ways by which you can play DVR recordings on your iPads.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR): A Brief Overview

Digital Video Recorder or DVR is a video recording tool that records and stores videos in digital format, as the name stands. Unlike generic VCRs that use videotapes as a video storage unit, DVR corresponds to digital storage units like hard drives.  

If you are a binge-watcher who doesn’t like skipping shows, DVR is sure to be of great utility. One of the prime significances of owning a DVR is that it lets you schedule your everyday online entertainment-related activities, ensuring you never miss out on any of your favorite shows.

Whether you are at home or away, DVR allows you to watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime. With a DVR, you can record your desired shows for hours and watch them later at your convenience. Not just that, having a DVR will let you bypass TV commercials, play with your programs in real-time with the “pause” “skip” actions and do much more to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Talking about convenience, accessing our favorite shows directly from portable devices like mobiles and iPads can be excellent. There are quite a good number of tools available that can help individuals to carry out portable DVR recordings. With that being said, let us look at the best ways by which you can watch DVR recordings on your iPad. 

Best Ways to Watch DVR Recordings on iPad

The process of getting DVR recordings on an iPad is not like transferring any video from a PC into your device. Playing DVR recording is an entirely different thing as it corresponds to the recorded videos from HDTVs. Most of today’s set-top boxes come with an inbuilt DVR that lets users record their favorite show. Thus, in order to access the same on iPad, you require to have a similar platform installed on your device.

Having said that, let us walk through the best services out there that will allow you to access your HDTV DVR recordings on an iPad. 

Note: For you to access DVR recordings on iPad, make sure you have already recorded and added the desired episodes from the DVR interface of your HDTV. To learn about the methods, you can simply visit the support page of your service provider.

DirecTV Genie DVR

From entertainment to knowledge, DirecTV is home to satellite viewing services. Besides being programmed as a live TV operator, DirecTV comes with DVR services that allow you to conveniently access your type of entertainment.

With DirecTV DVR, you can record your favorite shows and access them later on your portable devices for convenient watching. However, the best thing about the DVR services of DirecTV is that you don’t need to pay anything extra. The company’s base service lets you record up to 200 hours of your favorite shows for free.

Using DirecTV Genie DVR on iPad: The Requirements

Before moving into the steps for using DirecTV to watch DVR recordings on iPad, let us look at the general requirements.

  • DirecTV’s login id, generally known as myAT&T user ID
  • A receiver capable of HD data processing
  • Your iPad connected to a Wi-Fi network

How to watch DVR recordings on iPad using DirecTV: The Steps

Step 1: Get the official DirecTV application installed from the Apple store

Step 2: Log in to your account using myAT&T user ID

Step 3: Click on the option that says “Watch on iPad.”

Step 4: Tap the “Watch Your DVR” option.

Step 5: After that, you need to choose the option called “On DVR.” This will provide you access to the entire recorded playlist assigned to the particular user account.

Step 6: You can then hit the “down arrow” and start downloading the desired show to your device’s storage. 

Step 7: The last thing that you need to do is tap on the “My Downloads” option and play your favorite show from your point of convenience.

Spectrum TV

Coming from the home of Charter Communications, Spectrum TV is set to enhance every binge watcher’s viewing experience. Available for iPhones, iPad, and Apple TVs, Spectrum TV takes the on-demand entertainment feature to the next level.

Talking about the DVR feature, Spectrum TV lets its user complete control. From recording favorite shows to scheduling future records, you can take your favorite shows wherever you go with Spectrum TV.

Using Spectrum Tv DVR on iPad: The Requirements

Just before we start talking about the ways by which you can play DVR recordings on iPad using Spectrum TV

  • Spectrum TV Application
  • Spectrum TV subscription and login credentials
  • Your iPad connected to a Wi-Fi network

How to watch DVR recordings on iPad using Spectrum TV: The Steps

Step 1: Log in to your Spectrum Tv account and search for the episode that you want to record. Once found, select the record option and wait until the recording is complete.

Step 2: Get your iPad and open the Spectrum TV application.

Step 3: Hover over to the DVR option and tap “My Recordings.”

Step 4: Select the desired program from the list of recorded ones 

Step 5: Hit the “Play” button and start watching the DVR recording.

Altice One: Cloud DVR

With Altice One: Cloud DVR, you will never need to compromise with what you desire to watch. It comes with a DVR feature that allows you to record up to 15 shows simultaneously. 

Once your show is recorded, the same can be accessed from anywhere using any device. All you are going to need is the Altice One application installed on the desired device.

In addition to these, Altice One Cloud DVR makes managing your DVR convenient. You can either use your TV, make use of the Altice application or take assistance from the official website optimum.net/DVR to schedule and manage various recordings.

Using Altice One: Cloud DVR on iPad: The Requirements

Here is the list of requisites that are essential for playing DVR recording on iPad using Altice One

  • Altice One Application
  • Altice One subscription and login credentials
  • Your iPad with a stable internet connection

How to watch DVR recordings on iPad using Altice One: Cloud DVR The Steps

Step 1: Download and install the Altice One application from the app store.

Step 2: Log In to your main account.

Step 3: Hover over to the DVR option and tap “All Recordings.”

Step 4: Select the program or episode that you want to watch from the list of recorded ones. 

Step 5: Under the info section, you will have the option to “Play.”

Dish Anywhere

Just like every other application in this list, Dish Anywhere also provides an online solution for watching DVR recordings on iPad. The process is similar. You need to download the application, login with your main account, head over to the DVR menu, and get access to all the recordings from the recording section.

However, Dish Anywhere’s impressive thing is that it brings an offline solution for watching DVR recordings on an iPad with its Hopper Go device.

Dish Hopper Go Travel DVR (DVR for Offline Viewing)

Familiar with external hard drives? Dish Hooper Go is like an external HDD of DVRs. Coming from the parent service provider Dish, Hooper Go is a device that comes with 64 Gigabytes of storage that lets you store more than 100 hours of HD videos. The thing that makes this device different from others is that, unlike other DVRs, you don’t need an active internet connection for watching the recorded videos.

Essential Requirements:

  • Hopper Go Device
  • The Hooper DVR from Dish
  • A USB connector cable
  • Anywhere Dish App installed on your iPad

How to watch DVR recordings on iPad using Dish Hopper Go: The Steps

Step 1: Connect the Hopper Go device to Hopper DVR using a connector cable.

Step 2: An indicator shall pop up on your TV screen. Follow along and transfer previously recorded videos from DVR’s storage to the Hopper Go device.

Step 3: Download and install the “Anywhere Dish” application on your iPad

Step 4: Hover over to the network settings option and log in to your Hopper Go’s Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Once done, open the “Anywhere Dish” application and hover over to the DVR section

Step 6: From there, select transfers under the recordings menu.

And there you have it, full offline access to the recorded videos.

Note: The default name and password for the Hopper Go Wi-Fi network are available on the backside of the device. To customize it, you can visit My Dish’s official website.

PlayOn Cloud (Recorder for Various Streaming Services)

When we talk about different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., all have their download button, allowing you to save them for viewing offline. But what if you have access to a tool that will help record it so that the content can be viewed on other devices as well? Sounds convenient, right. PlayOn Cloud is an iPad, iPhone application that does exactly that.

PlayOn Cloud is like a streaming DVR that allows you to record programs from different platforms. With around 100GB of provided cloud storage, you can record hundreds of HD hours. From Netflix to Disney+, from Hulu to The CW, this application supports almost every popular title.

Another prime feature of this application is its adaptability. This application supports almost every major DVR platform you can think of, thus making DVR recording management easier. With every new update, the tool ties up with new DVR channels, thus letting you record and watch videos on your portable devices in a rather hassle-free manner.

How to watch DVR recordings on iPad using PlayOn Cloud: The Steps

After all the recording is done, proceed as follows to watch the DVR recordings on your iPad

Step 1: Open the PlayOn Cloud application on your iPad

Step 2: Hover over to the recording section.

Step 3: Select the desired file and let the tool download it on your device

Step 4: Once done, click on the “Play” button.

There are some other applications that also claim to serve the same purpose, but when we talk about being worthy, PlayOn Cloud definitely deserves to be on the top side of the list.

Final Verdict

Playing DVR recordings on an iPad is yet to see a perfect solution that can bring efficiency and convenience together. But that doesn’t mean the available ways aren’t good enough. There are effective methods that can genuinely help you in playing DVR recordings on portable devices; however, there is still a long way to go.

People Often Ask

How do I watch a recorded video on my iPad?

There are a good number of applications available that can help you watch a recorded video on an iPad. Although you might need a DVR featured set-top box and subscriptions to go along, this will let you watch DVR recordings on an iPad.

How do I watch my directv DVR on my iPad?

DirecTV allows its users to watch DVR on an iPad. 

  • For this, you simply need to download the DirecTV application on your iPad
  • Log in to your main account
  • Hover over to the DVR section and search for recordings
  • Use the Play button to view online

Can you watch DVR recordings online?

Yes, you can watch DVR recordings online. There are iPad-compatible applications and software for other devices from the developers of various DVRs or set-top box aided DVRs. You can use them to watch DVR recordings online with ease.

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