These are Apple Pencil Accessories You May Like

Have you got yourself a new Apple Pencil for your iPad? Is the grip not comfortable enough, or are you worried it might break down the road? If these are the questions you are wondering about, you’re at the right place.

We live in a world where even our accessories have accessories, and the Apple Pencil has become a real option to customize all over. Today we’ll be looking at the best choices on the internet that would make a lovely addition to your arsenal or a great gift to a loved one.

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10 best Apple Pencil accessories you may like

The Apple Pencil is a great stylus. However, there are two different generations of it with different functionalities.

Most of the accessories listed below will work with both but do look twice to see that your Apple Pencil is compatible with the accessory before purchasing. Here are the best accessories for your Apple Pencil.

1. Apple Pencil Silicone Cases

Pricing: $5-15

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

Not into skins and wraps? Well, here’s the perfect solution. A silicone case will help you get some extra durability on your Apple Pencil and a nice look without breaking the bank. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, making them highly customizable and personalized.

Just do a quick search on Amazon, and you’re sure to find a lot of them to work with. They are compatible with both Apple Pencil 1 and 2 and even support the wireless charging functionality that the newer Pencil comes with.

2. Apple Pencil Skins

Pricing: $10-20

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

You’ve got skins for your phones to your laptops. However, have you ever wondered how to customize your Apple Pencil? If you haven’t, now is a great time to do so. These skins from Slickwraps are the way to go. You can also go to dbrand for a customized skin, but the price will be a little higher.

There are thousands of skins to choose from, and you can even customize them according to your preference. This camo skin from Slickwraps comes at around $12, and you can get other ones at a similar price tag. It is the perfect gift for a loved one, and customizing it makes it a whole lot personal.

3. Ergonomic Apple Pencil Grip

Pricing: $5-10

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

Assuming you don’t want a case or a skin on your Apple Pencil, then the best product for you is the Apple Pencil grip. These small attachments help you get a comfortable “grip” while drawing or sketching.  

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different colors to match your style. You can also get them for the Apple Pencil 1 or 2 and for an affordable price tag. Oh, and the cherry on the cake is that it also works with the magnetic charging on the newer iPads.

4. Apple Pencil Stand/Dock

Pricing: $14.95

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

Storing your Apple Pencil on the side of your iPad is a great way to start until you start struggling with it falling off in your backpack when you take your iPad out or when you use it as a portable device. So, if you too have the same problem, the best solution is to use a stand or dock that can hold it with ease.

This Uppercase Design dock is perfect as it holds both Pencil 1 and 2 with ease, and it also allows you to use cases or grips with no problems. Finally, it also comes in at a great price and has various color options making it perfect for the modern-day home.

5. Apple Pencil Soft and Hard Tips

Pricing: $13.99

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

It’s really bad when you don’t have a decent tip for your Apple Pencil. So, here are a few different tips that you can use to customize your drawing or writing experience.

You get a set of 2B and HB tips that come in different soft and hard varieties that provide a really great feel. They are compatible with both pencils and are a great addition if you do a lot of sketches or drawings.

6. Apple Pencil Elastic Band Holder

Pricing: $9.99

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

So you like to be on the move and want a portable setup that doesn’t break the bank. Well, just keeping the Apple Pencil on your iPad is a solution that just keeps failing when you take it out of your bag.

Hence, the solution. This elastic holder attaches to your iPad’s sleeve or the keyboard cover and then allows you to store your Apple Pencil in a zipper bag. This is perfect if you want to bring your Apple Pencil everywhere, and the zip bag is made out of leather which also makes it super-premium.

7. Apple Pencil Tip Covers

Pricing: $5-10

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1 & 2

Another great way to customize your writing experience and protect the Apple Pencil tip is through the use of a tip cover. These covers are made of silicone and provide a great feel while gliding through the screen.

So, if you want to have a bit of personalization mixed in and improve the writing experience, then these covers are the perfect solution for the job.

8. Apple Pencil 1 Charging Stand

Pricing: $21.95

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1

Assuming you have the older Apple Pencil 1 and still need to charge it with the lightning connector on your iPad in that awkward janky way, here is the perfect solution. It is a charging stand that holds your Apple Pencil and charges it.

The base is designed well, and it can even be used as a stand when your Pencil is fully charged. Hence, it is a great purchase, and we recommend it to everyone looking to improve their Apple Pencil experience.

9. iPad Case with Apple Pencil 1 Holder

Pricing: $12.99

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1

Yes, Apple Pencil 2 users have that slight advantage of just connecting it to their iPads with the magnetic connection. However, you can have the same experience with your regular 1st gen Apple Pencil with an innovative case with a slot for the Apple Pencil.

It also has a stand that you can use to tilt your iPad at an angle and then use it for drawing or sketching, improving the all-around experience.

10. Magnetic Sleeve for Apple Pencil 1

Pricing: $10.99

Compatibility: Apple Pencil 1

Finally, the last Apple Pencil accessory is a magnetic sleeve for your Apple Pencil 1. This makes it easy to connect to your iPad Pro magnetic strip and allows you to use the older Pencil 1 with, the newer tablets.

However, you won’t be able to charge it wirelessly and would need to charge it through the lighting port. Other than that, the easy connection process is awesome and is highly recommended if you don’t want to spend hundreds on a new Apple Pencil 2.

Final words

There are a lot of accessories for your Apple Pencil, but looking for the best can get challenging, and hence, this list helps you get the best for your device. It has accessories for both the Apple Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil 2 and can even help you elevate your older 1st gen Pencil with some new additions.

So, we hope that you have an easy time selecting the best gift or accessory for your Apple Pencil, and with that said, we have reached the end and wish you a wonderful day ahead.

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