Best Paper Like Screen Protectors for the iPad Pro

Are you after the best paperlike screen protectors for your iPad Pro? Well then, look no further. In this article, you will find the most fantastic screen protectors which are efficient in every possible manner.

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Why you need a paper-like screen protector?

Using a paper-like screen protector is an experience in itself. There is no denying the fact that iPads are great for dealing with activities that include note-taking, doing sketches and more. However, when compared to the traditional method of using paper, the digital way on glass seems a bit off. This is where the paperlike screen protectors come in to aid. Just like the name, these play a significant role in enhancing the overall input experience. Installing one of those on your iPad Pro will immediately make you feel the differences.

Here are the four prime advantages of using a Paperlike screen protector:

No Glares, No Reflections: Paper-like screen protectors are a great way to avoid disturbing on-screen reflections. It adds a great way to improve the overall viewing experience.

No Messy Fingerprints: Admit it! We all hate fingerprints on our display; however, it is something inevitable corresponding to regular usage. The good thing, though with quality paperlike screen protectors, you can avoid most of them.

Keeps your Display Safe: Screen protectors are built to prevent your screen from daily scratches, and the paperlike ones are no exception. Although a bit weak compared to the hardness of tempered glass, these offers promising durability to the health of your iPad’s screen.

A Treat for Digital Artists: Drawing or taking notes on glass has never been the same as the corresponding activities on paper. But thankfully, the paperlike protectors are capable of bringing down the experiences under one roof. With these kinds of screen protectors installed, you’ll have a paperlike texture to work on, enabling you to have the traditional feel while sketching or writing down something on your iPad.

With that being said, let us jump right into the list of the best available options for you.

Top paper-like screen protector options

Paperlike iPad Pro Screen Protector

The iPad screen protectors from Paperlike needs no real introduction. If you’ve been browsing about iPads, it is pretty evident to bump into this brand quite often and rightly so. From activities that revolve around professional reasons to the ones that deal in personal interest, everything on your iPad Pro is assisted seamlessly with the Paperlike’s protective glass. To put it in simple words, the screen protectors from Paperlike are built to help users conveniently deal with digital drawing and note-taking in a manner similar which feels similar to traditional ways.

Why So Good?

  • Thanks to the Polyethylene Terephthalate material used, the protector brings users a natural feel of paper on their iPad display. This will make sure the long usage sessions are served in the most efficient and promising manner.
  • Loads with the Anti-Glare feature means you’ll get little to no reflections for an undisturbed viewing experience.
  • The material used is excellent to avoid fingerprints and strains.
  • Works flawlessly with Apple Pencil and Face ID.

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020

Pricing: $39.99

iPad Pro Screen Protector from AMAZINGthing

Moving forward, we’ve got a screen protector from AMAZINGthing, which is efficient enough to bring a paper like experience. Built with thin yet promising material, the tempered glass is great to protect your screen from scratches and smudges. Besides the protection factor, this paperlike screen protector amazingly holds up the productivity section majorly because of the flawless stylus and camera operations.

Why So Good?

  • It provides the user with a paper like feeling, which means even the digital sketching or writing feels like on paper.
  • The protector features elements like Anti-glare and Anti-fingerprint.
  • Thanks to the PET material, you don’t need to worry about scratches.
  • The damping is appropriately adjusted to make sure the Apple Pencil slides across the surface of your device smoothly.

Supported Model: Every generation iPad Pro 

Pricing: $14.99

BERSEM iPad Pro Screen Protector

Home to the PET flexible film, BERSEM is an incredible screen protector for your iPad Pro. Whenever you tend to draw or write something, the screen protector will make sure you don’t miss out on having the traditional feel. Also, the paper like protector is so well-built that experiencing dizziness and eye discomfort during prolonged sessions won’t be an issue anymore.

Why So Good?

  • The screen protector is easy and flexible to install.
  • It doesn’t interfere with the Face ID operations.
  • Thanks to the ultra-thin paper-feel film, the touch sensitivity is excellent.

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018

Pricing: $17.99

ESR Paper Like iPad Pro Screen Protector

With ESR Paperlike screen protector, get ready to experience a feeling which is close to that of paper. From seamless touch responses to anti-glare nature, working on an iPad with this screen protector installed makes you feel like drawing on quality paper. Another stand out feature that needs to get mentioned is its ability to cut off around 30% of the harmful blue light, which eventually an excellent safety measure for the health of your eyes.

Why So Good?

  • The screen protector is fully reusable.
  • It excellently resists harmful blue light.
  • ESR Paperlike iPad Pro screen protector brings paper like texture for smooth operations.
  • The screen guard comes with excellent features that include anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and anti-strains.

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018

Pricing: $18.99

MOBDIK Screen Protector

Another excellent iPad Pro screen protector, MOBDIK, is a great way to keep the paper-feel experience intact. It comes with a PET film which is designed to draw and write digitally without missing the feel like paper. Thanks to the premium built, writing or drawing on your iPad Pro with the protector installed will see no slips over the surface. This is simply the best way to control the entire activity.

Why So Good?

  • Easy to install
  • Features anti-glare nature.
  • Great way to live a paper like experience on your iPad Pro.
  • Bringing home the ultra-thin film, the touch sensitivity remains impressive.
  • Reduces the fingerprint on the screen and make sure the viewing experience is excellent.

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020

Pricing: $14.49

XIRON Paperfeel Screen Protector

Next up we’ve on our list today is a comprehensive paperlike protective solution from XIRON. Thanks to the premium material used, writing over this will feel like writing on paper. Besides serving the prime purpose of being a protective layer for your iPad Pro, it makes sure you don’t have any issues using the screen whatsoever. Whether it be the Apple Pencil or the Face ID, everything works absolutely fine.

Why So Good?

  • The anti-glare functionality makes sure maximum reflection is suppressed.
  • With a minimal thickness, this screen from XIRON is excellent to provide high sensitivity and paper-life touch feeling.
  • Thanks to 99.9% of transparency, the XIRON iPad Pro screen protector in no way restricts the clear viewing experience.

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro2018

Pricing: $12.99

KCT iPad Pro Screen Protector

In case you’re looking to have a paperlike experience on the screen of your iPad without making any compromises with the brilliant viewing experience, the screen protector from KCT is for you. The film comprises PET material that will make sure you feel like writing or drawing on paper. Whether it be the Liquid Retina XDR display or the Apple Pencil on it, deal with everything in the most promising manner with the help of this brilliantly built screen protector. Besides, this iPad screen protector also ensures to move in parallel with the fluency of your device, which means using the Face ID will be as seamless as ever.

Why So Good?

  • Home to PET material for paperlike feel.
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-glare functionality to reduce reflections

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018

Pricing: $11.08

iCarez Paper Like Screen Protector

Coming from the home of iCarez, this paperlike screen protector is an excellent piece for all digital artists and note-takers. Build with Polyethylene Terephthalate; you’ll have no issues shifting your activities from paper to your iPad screen. This screen protector also features a 3H unit of hardness, ensuring your display will be safe from scratches.

Why So Good?

  • Quality coated film for no scratches
  • Easy to install and flexible to remove
  • Excellent with touch sensitivity and feels like operating on paper
  • High-resolution clarity 

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2020, iPad 2018

Pricing: $5.99

Switch Easy Paper Feel Screen Protector

The paper feel screen protectors from Switch Easy for iPad Pro is a great way to keep the look and feel intact while protecting your device’s display. In simple words, installing this paperlike film will make sure you keep on experiencing the fantastic features of the iPad Pro Liquid Retina display and protect it from scratches at the same time. All thanks to the Polyethylene Terephthalate, the screen protector is capable of enabling draw and take notes conveniently. Additionally, you’ll have no issues using the stylus and the Face ID functionality.

Why So Good?

  • Built with 0.15mm PET material with paper texture finish
  • Highly responsive to touch with accurate inputs
  • Operates perfectly fine with the Apple stylus
  • No issues while using the device’s camera 

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018

Pricing: $24.99

Paperfeel Screen Protector for Homagical Store

With 3H hardness featuring a matte coating clean screen experience, we introduce you to an incredible paper feel option from Homagical Store. Besides protecting your screen from daily scratches, this film offers the user a natural sort of feeling whenever he/she uses the Apple Pencil to writing on-screen or draw on the screen. This paperlike screen protector ensures seamless and responsive usage credibility.

Why So Good?

  • No fingerprints and no scratches. Keeps your device’s display protected
  • Great for suppressing reflections
  • Japanese PET material for a paperlike feeling
  • Super touch-sensitive and works accurately

Supported Model: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018, iPad Air 4

Pricing: $24.99

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there a screen protector that feels like paper?

If you seek a screen protector for your iPad Pro that feels like paper, there is a piece of good news. There are a number of companies that are well known for producing paperlike screen protectors. To name a few, we’ve Paperlike, BERSEM, ESR PAPER FEEL, ELECOM, MOBDIK, amFilm and more. Walkthrough the entire article and learn about the features that make these screen protectors so wonderful to have.

Q: Should I get a paperlike screen protector?

The answer to this question revolves around the situation you’re in. Suppose you use the iPad Pro to deal with digital drawings and note-taking and wish to have the same kind of feeling as the traditional method. In that case, you need to install a paperlike screen protector. On the other hand, if you’re just searching for protectors that can help you prevent your display from getting scratches, there are other options available. However, the good thing is, paperlike screen protectors are designed to serve both situations efficiently.

Q: Does paperlike reduce screen quality?

Just like any other screen protector, the paperlike ones also bring a noticeable difference in the overall screen quality. It is mainly because of the coarse-grained texture a bit of alternation in the brightness and resolution can be felt. The good thing, though, most of the top-notch companies have been successful in narrowing down the gap to a considerable level. In simple words, if you opt for the paperlike screen protectors mentioned in this article, chances are more likely you will not notice any considerable difference in your iPad Pro’s screen quality.

Q: Is a paperlike screen protector bad for Apple Pencil?

Not really, but provided you use the paperlike screen protectors that speak quality. Having a comparatively rougher texture, the protectors might sometimes interfere with the tip of the Apple Pencil. But again, the ones that hold quality material are less likely to damage your Apple Pencil in any manner.

Q: Is a matte screen protector the same as paperlike?

Paperlike screen protectors are simply an enhanced version of matte films. The film used in the prior case comes with a bit of friction for providing a feel like you’re working on paper. Basically, the whole idea behind paperlike protectors is providing a seamless experience while writing or drawing on an iPad with your Apple Pencil, while the matte protectors are there to prevent glares and reflection.

Q: Which are the best paperlike screen protectors for iPad Pro?

Searching for paperlike screen protectors, you’re likely to come across quite a few of those. Sadly, it is hard to find effectiveness in each of them. A promising paperlike screen protector comes with a film to provide users with a paper feel on iPad glass. Also, the quality screen protectors are designed in a manner to not interfere with the overall screen quality. To name a few of the best screen protectors, you’ve got the ones from BERSEM, XIRON, KCT, ESR, iCarez, Paper-Like, and more.

Q: Do you need a screen protector for iPad Pro 2021?

To answer this question in one word, it has to be “yes.” No matter which portable device you own, checking for all the safety measures is necessary, and the iPad Pro is no exception. When talking about safety pieces of equipment, the screen protectors are an integral part. Hence with all the accessories, you go for, in the view of transforming your iPad Pro into a more productive device, make sure you don’t look down upon the tempered glasses.

Keep your iPad protected

There you’ve it, the list of best iPad Pro screen protectors that are built to give you a paper like feeling. Although the prime purpose of all the mentioned screen glasses is the same, they differ a bit in price, built and special features. So, make sure you run through each of them and choose the one which fits your need appropriately.

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