Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 2021

So, you got your brand new iPad Pro and keeping that expensive piece of machine safe and secure is your primary priority. Achieving that is easier said than done. You can get a case, but the screen would still be unprotected and be prone to scratches and cracks.

However, there is a way to protect against all these issues, and that’s with a tempered glass screen protector, but which one should buy? There are thousands of options on the market, and each has its benefits. So, today we’ll be looking at some of the best options on Amazon that can help you keep your new iPad safe and protected.

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How to pick the tempered glass for your iPad Pro?

Getting through all the options might be challenging, but you can ease out the process by knowing a few things before making your buying decision, and these are:

Matte or Glossy – Know that there are two kinds of tempered glass screen protectors. The most common variant you’re guaranteed to find is the glossy one. They’re smooth on the surface and have better clarity than the matte ones. However, the matte screen protectors are much better to reduce glare and provide a better hand feel. So, choose the suitable feeling protector variant before you buy one.

Durability – Most screen guards are rated with a hardness/durability rating. So, look out for terms such as 11H and 9H as they specify how well they are made and how durable they are. Don’t get anything without a rating, and rest assured that all the choices in the list below are rated and tested.

Easy Application – Applying the screen protector requires a lot of patience, but nowadays, you get application tools that can make the application process the easiest that it has ever been. So, check if you are indeed getting an application tool before buying the screen protector.

Anti-Glare and Privacy Protectors – Anti-glare and privacy screen protectors are getting much more popular as they provide secure usage and protection from prying eyes while you’re outside. So, if you need extra privacy and keep what you’re watching to yourself, then get these screen guard variants.

Tempered Glass vs Plastic Screen Protectors – Screen protectors also come with a plastic build. They are flexible and can’t be shattered, but they are not as scratch-resistant and durable as the tempered glass ones. Tempered glass screen protectors are much more durable, scratch-resistant and have a better overall feel. So, that’s why we’ll be looking at the best-tempered glass screen protectors, as they are generally better over the board.

Top tempered glass protectors for iPad Pro

1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Price: $19.99 (11-inch), $21.99 (12.9-inch)

The Spigen tempered glass screen protector is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to protect their brand new iPad Pro screen from scratches and scuffs. It is made from a high-quality material that adds strength and durability without adding twice as much thickness. This new generation of iPad Pro tempered glass is designed to improve the look and feel of your device. It is made using a custom manufacturing process that allows for constant improvement in durability and aesthetic appeal. It has been digitally altered to reduce glare and fingerprints to improve visibility in direct sunlight. Spigen’s new tempered glass offers an unbeatable combination of durability, shock protection, and style. It also comes with an innovative installation kit for an effortless auto-alignment application. Thanks to its unique design, iPad Pro users will no longer have to compromise in terms of aesthetics when protecting their screen.


Spigen is a well-known and trusted brand in the realm of the durability of screen protectors. The screen protector glass durability is rated at 9H hardness and an oleophobic coating to provide more resistance to oils and fingerprints from collecting on the glass screen. This tempered glass has curved edges all around that sit with the body of the iPad and results in excellent drop protection. It can also sustain multiple drops without shattering and will help to keep your device look brand new.


  • It is designed with a high-quality formula that reduces glare and visible dust encrustation.
  • It features anti-reflection properties that help improve display visibility without adding an excessive amount of bulk.
  • Case friendly.
  • Easy to install with no air bubbles with the application tool.
  • Highly durable.
  • Sustain multiple drops without shattering.


  • Expensive than other screen protectors.

2. QHOHQ Screen Protector

Price: $14.99 (11-inch), $16.99 (12.9-inch)

QHOHQ Screen Protector is a new type of protector for iPad Pro that adds 3D printed texture to the display, protecting the screen from drops and dust while keeping its shape.  QHOHQ Screen Protector reduces annoying reflections and improves visibility in bright daylight / late-night lighting conditions. It is made of high-quality material and formulated with a unique blend of oils that prevents any further damage when dropped onto a hard surface.  It offers both protection and anti-glare properties to ensure your comfort without eyestrain.


QHOHQ Screen Protector is a lightweight, protective film with glass durability of 9H hardness. The plasma oleophobic coating provides a smooth hand feeling and the best protection against scratches, drops, bumps, and oil stains. It comes with 2.5D rounded edges that are not easy to break when impacted by an external force. Its high-strength nano plastic impact and explosion-proof effect protect the screen of iPad Pro to the greatest extent by reducing shock.


  • Improve colour accuracy, contrast, and sharpness for crystal-clear images even in low light.
  • Sturdy 9H hardness.
  • Provides the best protection against drops and scratches.
  • Prevents unnecessary blistering and edge peeling.
  • Effectively blocks and filter ultraviolet rays and enhance the visibility of the screen.
  • Four pack set


  • Not an exact fit.
  • The fingerprint sensor doesn’t work well after installing.

3. BAZO Paperfeel Glass Screen Protector

Price: $13.99 (11-inch), $13.99 (12.9-inch)

Bazo Paperfeel Screen Protector, with its unique design, blends seamlessly into the overall design of your device to have a seamless look that adds an appreciable amount of visual comfort and a premium look. It comes with a perfect touch experience by maintaining its original sensitivity and touch and has a high-strength nano plastic impact and explosion-proof effect to protect the screen of your iPad Pro to the greatest extent. Also, it provides all-around protection, comprehensive protection of the convex lens without affecting the image quality, and the camera lens protective film ensures in the night shooting environment, the flash does not affect the quality of the photo.


The Bazo Paperfeel protector is made with layers, and the overall durability is of 9H hardness. It is made from premium quality tempered glass, protecting your iPad Pro screen from cracks, scratches and other impacts with an overall paper-like feel from the top layer. Hence, it is perfect for designers and creative artists as the experience with the Apple Pencil will make your experience unique and seamless.


  • Four pack set
  • Seamless paper-like experience
  • 9H hardness rating
  • It covers the entire display
  • It has a tempered glass camera lens protector as well


  • The paper feel isn’t for everyone.

4. Mothca Matte Glass Screen Protector

Price: $16.89 (11-inch), $19.99 (12.9-inch)

Matte screen protectors have always been the norm if you wanted to have a better feel and anti-glare properties, but they were only available with the plastic variants. However, this tempered glass screen protector from Mothca is fully matte and has all the inherent properties that you want. It has a matte front and a robust tempered glass base which is fantastic for your iPad Pro. So, if you don’t mind sacrificing the video quality of the screen and want a better feeling tempered glass with an anti-glare, then get this as it would be the perfect match for you.


This matte finish tempered glass has a sandwich layer build comprised of a glass layer and a matte finish layer. This helps the tempered glass be solid and resistant to drops and scratches. It is also fingerprint resistant and doesn’t retain smudges compared to the regular glossy screen protectors and is an overall much better option for many people.


  • It doesn’t retain smudges
  • It has better anti-glare properties
  • Has a much better feel


  • Expensive price tag
  • Can impact the video quality of your iPad’s display

5. ambison Anti-GLARE Glass Screen Protector 

Price: $15.99 (11-inch), $19.99 (12.9-inch)

The ambison tempered glass is made up of two parts, a lens section and an anti-reflection layer. The lens section is made from glass infused with metal layers, providing maximum scratch protection while improving light transmission. This enhanced performance is achieved by sandwiching multiple layers of ultra-thin anti-reflection ultra-copper particles between the glass and the display panel underneath. This screen protector is a simple and practical addition to your iPad Pro and a way to improve visual quality and protection. The product features a patented anti-glare technology that reduces eye strain and allows clear viewing without blocking ambient light, improving overall visibility in low-light conditions. It is easy to apply, unnoticeable in high contrast conditions, and provides maximum durability with minimal degradation of the visual appearance of the screen when used for an extended period.


This anti-glare tempered glass is made to resist drops and scratches and has an overall 9H hardness rating. It is perfect if you live in a sunny area where screen glare makes it impossible to use any device outside. This will help you have better outdoor visibility for the screen as the anti-glare properties are fantastic to improve readability. Other than that, it is a basic 9H tempered glass that is perfect for your iPads.


  • Two-pack set
  • Easy to apply and has anti-glare properties
  • Resistant to scratches and drops
  • It has a sandwich anti-glare and tempered glass design for better impact resistance
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil


  • The fit could have been a little cleaner

6. ProCase iPad Pro Privacy Screen Protector

Price: $9.99 (11-inch), $16.99 (12.9-inch)

Have you ever wondered how you can protect what you’re doing from the prying eyes of people on your sides? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. This ProCase Privacy screen protector uses a microscopic angle glass design that traps light inside it and makes the tablet seem off when viewed from any of the sides. If you look at it head-on, the display will function normally, but if anyone else tries to get a peek, it would basically look like the display is turned off and black.


This privacy screen guard comes with a three-layer sandwich design that helps make the display peek proof and protected from prying eyes. It is only essentially visible to people looking at it head-on, and the overall build is fantastic with a 9H durability rating that can withstand drops, scratches and is also shatter-resistant. This means that even if it cracks, it won’t shatter, and you won’t have tiny pieces of glass on your fingertips.


  • Easy to apply with clear instructions
  • Best for privacy
  • Considerably inexpensive
  • 9H hardness rating


  • Hinders the overall visibility angles of the display

7. OMOTON Glass Screen Protector

Price: $9.98 (11-inch), $10.99 (12.9-inch)

OMOTON is a specialized product manufacturing and distributing company focused on developing, manufacturing, and distributing multifunctional glass products. OMOTON glass screen protector is a revolutionary new screen protector that combines the strength and durability of a glass dome with the flexibility and protection of an anti-glare layer.  The unique material used to make OMOTON Glass Screen Protector produces an ultra-resistant, scratch-resistant surface that stays crystal clear even when drops and impacts are encountered.


OMOTON Glass Screen Protector is well known as the best budget tempered glass screen protector for iPad Pro with a durability of 9H hardness. The hydrophobic oleophobic coating reduces the fingerprint and oil stains. The 9H glass screen protector can protect your device from scratches and scuffs, and also, high transparency provides clear HD viewing. Also, it eliminates reflection to protect outdoor surfaces from scratches without obscuring visual details.


  • It increases durability and protects the touch screen from sharp drops and impacts.
  • Good anti-fingerprint properties and high transparency.
  • Maintains original sensitivity of the touch screen.
  • Easy installation and case/cover friendly.
  • Budget-friendly price tag.
  • It has anti-glare technology that reduces eye strain.
  • Two-pack set


  • Does not cover the entire screen.
  • It may be difficult to remove the screen protector once placed on your device and wiped clean.


Q: Do I need a screen protector for iPad Pro 2021?

Yes, protecting the mini LED panel of the new iPad Pro 2021 is a lot more important than you think. No one likes getting scratches on their devices and especially not on the screens. So, if you want to keep using your device for years and help it stay as pristine as possible will require you to apply a screen protector to your iPad Pro’s screen.

Q: Can tempered glass damage your screen?

No, tempered glass cannot damage your screen, as the iPad’s display comes with a protective glass layer resistant to a lot of damage. It also protects against scratches and helps mitigate smudges. So, rest assured that no tempered glass would damage your screen, and you can get some of the best options from the list above.

Q: Does the iPad Pro screen scratch easily?

No, Apple makes their iPad screens scratch resistant by including a hard and durable glass layer on top of the display. This helps improve durability and makes your iPad more structurally integrated. So, your iPad screen won’t be scratched easily, but if you use it for a long time, you might start seeing micro-scratches all over the display.

Q: What screen protector is best for artists?

There are specific screen protectors that work significantly better for artists due to their inherent properties. The easiest to use and natural feeling screen protector for artists are the Paper-like screen protectors that give you an active drawing and sketching experience that you get from a regular sheet of paper.

Q: What screen protector is best for reading?

Reading requires total concentration for it to be beneficial and hence the best screen protectors for the job are the matte finish and anti-glare screen protectors listed above. These protectors make it easy and seamless to read words, and the matte feel helps you get a nostalgic feeling of reading from a book. You can check the list above for better examples and recommendations.

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