Best Video Editing Apps for iPad (Free & Paid)

With the world changing so rapidly, the number of people creating content for platforms increases exponentially. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels have taken the world by storm and have created a network never before seen, and videos are changing lives all over. But how do you get into this? Do you need good editing skills? Nowadays, the best video editing apps are not just aimed at professionals working with expensive gear for the movie or TV industry. They’re also an excellent choice for creative people that make use of the immense opportunity it provides. YouTube creators, Instagram, and TikTok influencers, anyone wanting to make their videos look better will have to get into editing.

Whether you’re using a tablet or laptop, there are excellent video editing options available out there. Editing on your new iPad can be a serious banger as the new M1 chip is powerful and is often faster, efficient, and easier to work with than desktop software. They make it easy to edit videos and make it a seamless portable experience wherever you may be.

Hence, we’ve brought together a list of the best video editing applications available to download, including both paid and free options for the general consumer. So, read on and find out the closest fit app to your video editing needs.

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush – The Best Paid Video Editing App Overall
  2. iMovie – The Best Free Video Editing App Overall
  3. Movavi Clips – Runner-up Best Paid Video Editor
  4. Quik – The Best Video Editing App for GoPro
  5. InShot – The Best Video Editor for Instagram
  6. Splice – The Best Video Editing App for Vlogs
  7. LumaFusion – The Best Video Editor for YouTube
  8. Apple Clips – The Official Video Editing App from Apple
  9. VivaVideo – The Best Video Editor for TikTok
  10. KineMaster – Runner-up Best Free Video Editor

1.Adobe Premiere Rush – The Best Paid Video Editing App Overall

Pricing: $9.99 per month plan

Adobe Premiere Rush is a brilliant video editing app for creative professionals that is easy to learn and provides you with plenty of control over your production. It also brings in support for motion graphics templates, impressive audio features, and the ability to store files directly to your Creative Cloud library. You have multiple features such as trimming, change the clip sequence, color correction, voice-over support, and many more. Premiere Rush offers all the essential tools needed for creating professional-looking videos, and the simple UI helps you do that in a pinch.

The app itself is well-designed and minimal, being aimed squarely at the new YouTube generation. It is also cross-platform compatible, meaning that you can quickly transfer your files to heavy-duty apps such as Premiere Pro or After Effects for better control over your videos. It can also automatically convert your video to the specific aspect ratios for social media and then upload the exported file to the cloud for easier maintenance.


  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Cloud export options
  • Free trial plan


  • Has an expensive monthly plan

2.iMovie – The Best Free Video Editing App Overall

Pricing: Free

iMovie is an easy-to-use video editing platform that lets you create Hollywood-inspired trailers through their various templates. It has fourteen trailer templates in total and eight unique themes with support for 4K video resolution. The edited export can also be played directly on an Apple device and projected to any other display without difficulty. It can also help you quickly transfers videos between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac using Airdrop and can also share the clip on any social media platform.

Some of the best features we enjoyed using were fixing shaky clips and changing the audio with a single click. It also has a user-friendly interface with multiple customization options and built-in video enhancement features. The app helps you transform your video into an excellent product for social media. With the new green-screen effect, you can instantly remove the background to allow you to stream and display other content with an overlay.


  • Green screen feature
  • Free for budget users
  • Instant transfer to all Apple devices
  • Impressive templates and themes


  • It has a slow rendering speed
  • It doesn’t bring cloud support

3.Movavi Clips – Runner-up Best Paid Video Editor

Pricing: Free (watermark) and in-app purchases – $3.49 to $25.99

Movavi Clips is a great lightweight app that makes video editing seamless on your iPad. The app has support for all the essential features you need to make a video. It has support for social media and is an excellent fit for Instagram videos. It has all the aspect ratio templates built-in that fit the square frame for the videos and the vertical stories. Thus, it is also great for TikTok and has a royalty-free audio library to improve all your videos.

The list of features that this app delivers is quite impressive and can almost be comparable to the desktop counterparts. The essential basics are easy to navigate and allows you to rotate and trim files with ease. The advanced features include panning the footage for a more dynamic impact and color correcting the footage. You can also easily add voice-overs to give your videos that extra punch it has always needed.


  • It has a clean minimal interface
  • Has support for voice-overs
  • Brings in templates for social media platforms


  • Has watermark in the free version
  • It can be an expensive investment

4.Quik – The Best Video Editing App for GoPro

Pricing: Free (in-app purchases)

Quik is a new GoPro Video Editing app recently redesigned with a fresh look and cover that redefines the entire experience. It is generally focused and used on two main things: allowing you to control your GoPro remotely and the powerful editor to enhance your GoPro video footage.

It can automatically import your action videos from the GoPro and make it easy to sync your clips with a great music library. All other essential features include adding photos, changing titles, and creating beautiful timelapse sequences, are also included, and we especially enjoy the “Horizon Levelling” feature. This helps you tweak the angle of your shot to correct all the foreground and background alignments, and being able to go through your clip frame-by-frame is a great experience. You can also select the correct resolution and aspect ratio for multiple social media apps, and it also allows direct exports to the cloud.


  • Easy and quick integration with GoPro
  • Horizon Levelling built-in
  • Color correction with a frame by frame mode


  • It doesn’t have support for templates
  • Filters and Themes are locked with a one-time purchase

5. InShot – The Best Video Editor for Instagram

Pricing: Free (ads and watermark) and Premium – $2.99

If you are in the app store looking for a video editing app for your Instagram reels, Inshot is the perfect option. It’s explicitly designed to be geared towards developing customized clips for all your social media platforms, and it is one of the best apps in this category. It comes with many pre-built canvas sizes, everything from Instagram TV to TikTok, and has many templates that can help you edit faster and develop a masterpiece with ease.

Inshot makes the entire process smooth and easy with support for direct import, trims, and edit clips together. The filters, stickers, and captions are great additions, and they can also add other fun things such as emojis. The editing process is straightforward, and the easy-to-use interface feels terrific to use. The app is entirely free to use but comes with ads and watermarks that make your clips look bad. However, you can remove both the issues with a small monthly subscription, and it also has a one-off purchase option for all the advanced features. So, if you’re into making Instagram reels, get InShot as it is the best companion for creating and editing reels.


  • Easy to use
  • Template support
  • Entirely free to use


  • The watermarks are bad
  • Ads can distract from the experience

6.Splice – The Best Video Editing App for Vlogs

Pricing: Free

Splice is a fantastic app that enables you to import and arrange video clips with ease and is the best-in-class for editing vlogs. It is an all-purpose video editing app and is quite similar to other apps on the list. The best feature is the quick editing and rendering process, which takes advantage of the fast M1 processor. You can also add in texts, transitions, and other filters to improve the overall quality of the video. Spice offers and supports multiple audio tracks and effects for free, and you can use this to sync with the iTunes library to bring in all the music you possibly can.

However, you cannot use the music for any commercial purposes, which can land you at a copy strike, and the  UI could’ve been improved. So, if you’re looking to get your vlogging game to the next level, get Splice and improve all your videos. It can help you edit vlogs with ease, and it has excellent color management for all the environments you’re capturing.


  • Ease to use with unique features
  • Theme support
  • Fast rendering speeds


  • Bad and clunky UI

7. LumaFusion – The Best Video Editor for YouTube

Pricing: $29.99

LumaFusion is an excellent iOS video editing app commonly used by journalists and YouTube video producers to capture and edit videos as it has excellent caption support. Produced and developed by the creators behind Pinnacle Studio, this iPad app gives you six video templates and various audio tracks for all your videos. It also has audio clips for narration and can edit multiple sound effects.

The user interface is similar to the Final Cut software on Macs and hence, is a popular option with Mac users. One of LumaFusion’s features is allowing effects to be keyframed, allowing you greater control over your videos and help you make an impressive masterpiece. Once you’re done editing, there are multiple sharing and exporting options and lets you export at different resolutions and qualities.


  • Great features with theme and template support
  • Doesn’t need any monthly subscription
  • It has a great UI and keyframing options


  • It only works with iOS
  • Doesn’t have support for cloud
  • It is an expensive investment

8. Apple Clips – The Official Video Editing App from Apple

Pricing: Free

The best video editing apps with all their features can sometimes feel a lot of overkill depending on the work you want to do. So, if all you want to do is edit your family videos for fun and enjoyment, then use Apple Clips. This free app from Apple allows you to create, edit and forward video messages or filters, emojis, animated texts, and many more.

However, it is primarily aimed at teenagers and someone who uses TikTok every day. The file size is pretty lightweight, and it’s not as powerful enough as other tools. That said, it is still under development and getting newer features with every update, which brings it a little closer to becoming a serious video editing app. The interface is smooth and seamless and should be your go-to option to edit shorter clips or family-centric videos.


  • Entirely Free
  • It has a fast rendering process
  • Allows you to edit shorter video clips straight for social media


  • It doesn’t support powerful features
  • Meant to be used as a secondary video editing companion

9. VivaVideo – The Best Video Editor for TikTok

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases – $0.99 per month

VivaVideo is a top-rated and comprehensive video editing app that is synonymous with a range of editing tools. It has support for many filters that can range from the newer trendy options to the classics. The easy-to-use interface houses a powerful video editor, which can help you transform your everyday videos into literal works of art. It also supports all the essential features, such as adding in captions or cropping any part out.

It also comes with a Slideshow feature that allows you to quickly go through the frame of your video by each frame and allows you to convert all your photos into a massive collaboration. You can also use various video editing effects, such as improving the video speed and the background blur. The app enables the user to export stories straight from their app to their gallery, and it can also help you share the edited file across the social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, or YouTube.


  • Multiple filters
  • Easy to use UI


  • Has a watermark
  • Has in-built support for social media apps

10. KineMaster – Runner-up Best Free Video Editor

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases – $4.99 per month

KineMaster is another excellent video editing app that is used by creative professionals worldwide. With its high-end features and excellent performance with the blending modes and chroma-keying techniques. It also allows audio mixing from the clip panel and will enable you to shoot and edit straight off from the app. You can also export your footage quickly with no issues with the multi-layer interface that connects all the devices with support from cloud storage. Hence, this is great for all videos and layers and trimming any audio clip is possible too. The sub-frame accuracy and precision it provides are also superb, and you can upload multiple layers of video clips with ease.

Kinemaster is also packed with some decent advanced features such as instant previews and precise control over multiple volume channels. It can be used to color correct and edit in LUT filters and 3D transitions. In short, while this is not the best experience on an iPad and is not entirely similar to the Premiere Pro level, it’s still not that far off. The app is free to download, but it also adds watermarks to videos, making the entire experience not worth it. However, you can remove this with the help of a subscription that starts at $5 per month. The subscription also enables all the features and allows you to export at 4K resolution and access many presets.


  • Has advanced features for editing
  • It uses a multi-tracking approach
  • Provides precision control over clips


  • Has watermark on the free version
  • The paid version is costly

Final words

With the app store dominated by excellent video editing apps, it is not difficult to choose a good video editing app. If you know all the knowledge before making the decision, you will select the best one with ease.

Most of the suggested apps come with a free version that can be limited, so you can also test them to know it entirely before investing your money. So, whether you are a creative amateur or an industry professional, your choice will only be practical if you decide on an app with the features you may require. Hence, we hope this article will help you find the perfect app best suited for your needs, and if there are any concerns, please comment below so that we can help you out with the issues you’re facing.

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