2022 iPad Air 5 (M1) Reviews Roundup

The launch of the iPad Air 5 (2022) brings a fresh round of excitement with its updated M1 chip. Up until iPad Air 4, the designated processor was the Apple A14 Bionic. Now, we’re looking at a highly functional OS with 5 colors and a low starting price for the 64 GB model at $599.

Naturally, the reviews are pouring in every minute as the tech experts get the first look at the model. So, we have round up the best iPad Air 5 reviews for you. If you are wondering whether to bring one home, sifting through the key points can clear your confusion.

WIRED – iPad Air 5 (2022) is speedy but has a frustrating software

WIRED’s reputation easily precedes it when it comes to technology reviews and elaborate buying guides. It makes sense it would be first on our list as Brenda Stolyar from WIRED offers a no-nonsense take.

While the rating is a solid 8/10, she does claim she would burst into tears if iPad Air 5 was the only device she could use for the rest of her life. The positive points are the front-facing camera, the same price as iPad Air 4, and a fast processor. She can’t praise the M1 chip enough, as it’s the same processor that powers the MacBook and iPad Pro. According to her, content creators and gamers will benefit the most due to this update.

Her main gripe is with the OS, the experience of which she describes as, “I’m tired of being forced to memorize specific gestures and to be picky about the apps I’m splitting the screen with.” iPad Air 5’s versatility, battery life, and portable design impresses her to no end, but she’s, “Willing to give that all up in exchange for a MacBook laptop with intuitive, proven software.”

According to Stolyar, if the user is comfortable with the iPadOS and gets a boost from the M1 chip’s performance, it’s the right choice for them.

You should read WIRED’s review if you want an in-depth perspective. They covered all the ways iPad Air 5 is different from its previous version and the best way to use the added features. They have a section focusing on the appearance and the tweaks that make it the superior iPad Air.

Tom’s Guide – A new standard for tablets

As the title suggests, Tom’s Guide believes iPad Air 5 to be the new standard all consecutive tablets in the market should follow. That’s not a review you can miss out on.

Unlike WIRED, Tony Polanco from Tom’s Guide doesn’t have any gripes about the OS. In fact, the only major con from his side seems to be the peripherals, which he claims are a bit too expensive.

He claims, “Thanks to the addition of M1, the iPad Air 2022 is almost on par with the iPad Pro.” While he doesn’t think iPad Air can replace the pro yet, the gap has been bridged by strides with the M1 chip. He is a big fan of the iPad Air 4’s design and was happy to see it retained on the fifth-generation model. He loves the 12 MP front camera, which allows for good selfies and high-quality video calls.

He thinks the accessories are pretty great but laments how if you want to use the iPad Air as a replacement laptop, the Magic keyboard will cost you $349. That’s more than a quarter of the price of the starting iPad Air.

Tony’s review hits every major point of the iPad Air. He gives a detailed description of the design, display, performance, audio, camera, and battery life. In the end, he offers a solid alternative for people who might want iPad Air but need something slightly different.

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Techradar – Versatile tablet without an identity

No review roundup is complete without including the Techradar. Their 2-minute review covers curiosities you might not even know you had over the iPad Air 5.

Gareth Beavis from Techradar thinks iPad Air 2022 has a great design, performance, and versatility. It seems all major reviewers are in accord on these three points. Only Gareth thinks iPad Air and iPad Pro are too close in price, which obstructs iPad Air from establishing its identity in the market. For him, the tablet is so versatile that it fails to be best at something in particular. It’s hard to pin down who the target demographic the device is for.

He isn’t certain why someone with a bit more to spare wouldn’t go for iPad Pro 2021 instead.

Another major issue he had was with the Touch ID. “Sensor is still housed in the long, thin power button at the top of the tablet.” As they tried several models, he noticed there was a slight rattling while using the Touch ID option on some. He finds it to diminish the premium feel of the tablet.

Gareth is still impressed with what you can do with iPad Air. He predicts its success as a creative tool due to the “array of sketching and photo-editing apps now available for the iPad,” and the “M1 chip brings a big power boost.”

In particular, you should check Techrada’s buy it if and don’t buy if section. You will immediately know whether you should be attempting to shell out some bucks for the iPad Air 5 (2022).

Video reviews around the web

The bulk of the tech review is always on YouTube. Reading people’s opinions on tech is fun, but there’s an immersive experience to be had when your favorite tech Youtuber presents the real iPad Air in front of you.

Something about seeing them take pictures from the tablet, comparing audio, and unsuccessfully attempting to use the fingerprint sensor really drives good and bad of a device. So, let’s take a look at what the YouTube reviewers have to say about iPad Air 5 (2022).

Engadget – It’s not essential

The Engadget review focuses on how the iPad Air holds up for day-to-day performances. The reviewer uses the iPad mainly for regular note-taking, basic editing, and video calls. The impressiveness of the M1 boost isn’t obvious that way. However, he admits it doesn’t hurt to play games and do basic tasks with such a performance boost.

A great point from him was how fast the iPad Air is for deleting junk mail compared to the iPad Pro. Engadget thinks the iPad Air is excellent with its screen, huge ecosystem of apps, and would hold up for years. Only, he doesn’t think one needs to upgrade to it because the previous iPad Air 4 had all that too.

iPad Air’s full benefit is felt if you truly need the kind of performance the M1 chip provides on your tablet.

Marques Brownlee – Don’t choose wrong!

MKBHD opens with a recollection of something he once read in the book “The Myth of Fair Value.” He introduces the concept of the pricing ladder that major corporates use. All to veer into how the iPad Air 5 seems to mess up the ladder a bit. You can guess it’s going to be a solid review from the introduction alone.

MKBHD’s review is more about the similarities between iPad Air and iPad Pro. From his perspective, iPad Pro is the better option, as all the differences between the two tablets are minor. The only major change is the ProMotion, which is 120 hertz for iPad Pro, which is what makes him favor this tablet more.

However, he sees why someone would prefer iPad Air more. As it has all the premium features and, more importantly, got the upgrade of the M1 chip. For someone who doesn’t want to spend that extra bit of money, it’s the perfect option.

If you want to take a look at the Face ID and how the camera sensor works, you should see MBKHD’s video.

Dave2D – Good device, saves a chunk of money.

Dave makes extremely well-produced videos. It’s dynamic, with plenty of graphics, video-proof of every feature he reviews with text on the screen to keep you intrigued. On his iPad Air 5 review, you can see his friend working on a 1.5 GB photoshop project to give you an idea of how high-quality the graphics are with the M1 chip.

He is also good at catering to and understanding the choices of his audience. For video games, he specifically focuses on Genshin, which is the new rage among gamers.

Dave talks about how the iPad Air has 4 speakers, which produces rich sounds. However, since the speakers are at the bottom, if you are playing games with your hands, the audio output gets suppressed. This isn’t a huge problem if you’re watching movies, as your hands won’t cover the speaker’s sides.

Dave, like plenty of other reviews, seems to be in favor of Face ID over Touch ID.

For Dave, unless you need huge storage or Pro Motion, if you want a high-performing tablet, iPad Air 5 (2022) is a natural choice.

CNET – A big M1 boost, but do you need that?

CNET’s Scott Stein is a YouTube audience favorite. You get so much information packed in the first 2 minutes, and then you want to watch the rest 10 minutes anyway. Because you can immediately tell, CNET knows what they are talking about.

They have an entire customer-oriented take on iPads. Instead of encouraging you to buy something because it has shiny new features, CNET takes the time to explore if the young generation even needs the M1 chip. They don’t seem impressed with the 5G version, especially since it cost an extra $100.

iPad Air definitely wins with portability. For CNET guys, the Touch ID is a plus point instead of a con most youngsters claim it to be. They also mention something a lot of the other reviews don’t. If you want to reach with the iPad Air 5, you have to pop it out and hold it in a way that the screen doesn’t touch the keyboard. You can’t do a folio with it.

Sara Dietschy – Turning the 2022 iPad Air into my “REAL” computer

Snappy, fun, and effective, Sara Dietschy always comes up with creative ways to present her tech review videos. There’s a reason her 17 minutes long video doesn’t even feel half the time.

For the iPad Air 5, she takes on a challenge. The one she came up with because of Apple’s advertisement for the product. If Apple says the iPad Air 2022 is the new computer, then she’s gotta try it out, right?

You also get a glimpse of her cute cat, so it’s a win-win for everyone. It helps that Sara is highly relatable, more so for people who edit videos. As she takes you through her day, it becomes clear whether iPad Air is for you if you are a visual artist of any kind.

She even sits and edits her photo with you. So, if you want some editing tips in between, why not see her video?

Matthew Moniz – Choose wisely!

Instead of reviewing iPad Air 5 (2022) separately, Matthew Moniz is going with an iPad Air v/s iPad Pro approach.

It’s a direct review of the differences and similarities held side-by-side. If you want a review where you don’t experience an information overload and can focus on the key points of the iPad Air, this is yours.

Matthew thinks you don’t need the iPad Air 5 if you have the iPad Mini or iPad Air 4. However, if you have an older version of the iPad, Air 5 is the perfect point to start from.

iJustine – NEW M1 iPad Air is IMPRESSIVE!

iJustine is not excited about Apple products. Her iPad Air review is no different. Her enthusiasm for all the features and the peripherals is contagious.

If you are an Apple fan yourself and want a review from someone who can’t help use Apple products, she is the one for you. Her reviews are extremely personal, and a bit biased towards Apple. However, if it’s similar to the way you are always buying new Apple products, she could offer you the clearest take.

iPad Air 5 FAQs

How long would the iPad Air 5 last?
iPads usually last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Considering iPad Air’s impressive chip, it should last longer if you buy the 256 GB storage option.

Should I use iPad Air 5 if I’m an artist?
The M1 chip makes iPad Air a cheaper option for artists. However, iPad Pro 2021 is the better choice if you can afford more.

Does the Apple Pencil come with the iPad Air 5?
No, the Apple Pencil doesn’t come with the iPad Air. However, the 2nd Generation stylus is compatible with it.

Final thoughts

It’s obvious the iPad Air 5 is amazing, if a bit confusing on who the product is for. Once you go through the reviews, you will know if it’s for you or not. After all, some research before you buy a new product always saves you from regretting it later. So, check out the iPad Air 5 review roundup to see how it holds up.

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