The New iPad Mini (6th Gen) 2021 Reviews Roundup

With the recent release of the new iteration to the iPad Mini lineup, Apple has once again shown us the capability of Mini products. The new iPad Mini 6 is tiny in the hands, and it packs a powerful punch to compete even with its bigger, beefier brothers. So, if you’re looking to get yourself an iPad too, then here’s an iPad Mini 6 (2021) reviews roundup to help you decide if the new iPad Mini is the one you should pick.

WIRED – iPad Mini (2021) is portable but expensive

The first review that we recommend reading. As the name suggests, WIRED is primarily a technology-based review platform where you can find anything and everything related to iPads.

Brenda Stolyar from WIRED gives a great take on the price of the iPad. She says, “That’s not to say the sixth-generation iPad Mini isn’t excellent—it is—but for $499”, and she has a big gripe about the camera placement. She talks about “the awkward placement of the front-facing camera. Because the iPad Mini is so small, the camera sits a lot lower in landscape mode than it does on bigger iPads”. However, she also loves the new cute-sized tablet and even says that the new iPad Mini 6 stole the thunder from the new iPhone 13 series. However, she’ll buy the tablet only if Apple reduces the price.

So, if you need a great perspective on the new tablet, then WIRED is the way to go. They love the device and have an in-depth take on how the tablet works and where and what you should use it for. Essentially, covering all the basics, and keeping the userbase in mind making it an excellent review to read if you have the time.

Techradar – The return of the niniature iPad

Techradar is another great site for all technology, and you bet they have their take on the Mini 6 on their webpage. They also have an excellent overview of the device, which is around a 2 min read and is perfect for anyone looking to quickly get up to speed with the latest tablet.

James Peckham from Techradar loves the performance on the new iPad Mini 6, and he even goes on to say that “we found it to be more than capable for everything we wanted to do on the iPad mini”. However, he also has some issues with what Apple claims and gives a fair point that “we’d argue that that isn’t strictly the case, as there are thick bezels around the outside of the screen” While true, he quickly states the benefits of the bezels as it helps you hold the tablet and improve your grip.

Then they also take a look at the design, performance, and battery life, the usual that would be necessary if you want to buy the tab. They also have an excellent “buy if and don’t buy if” section that we recommend you check out before making up your mind.

Tom’s Guide – Awesome and ultraportable

The Tom’s Guide review, which states that the new iPad Mini is awesome and ultraportable.

Henry T. Casey quickly starts off the review with the statement, “The only real downsides for the iPad mini 6 come for multitaskers and typists with a penchant for Apple-made keyboards”, and how Apple just shrunk down the iPad Air. He loves the new iPad Mini and says that it is adorable, and he loves the form factor. He also covers all the essential features from price to performance. While the new iPad Mini 6 doesn’t have any keyboard cover for obvious reasons, it brings solid readability and a streaming experience for people on the move.

They also check out the cameras, audio quality, and battery life of the device. He ends the review with a quick buyers guide and which iPad you should be choosing.

Video reviews around the web

As always, some of the best tech YouTubers on the planet have covered the iPad Mini 6, and who better to trust than someone who has actually used the device. So, be on the lookout for reviews from MKBHD, Dave2D, Sara Dietschy, and CNET for a unique and in-depth take on the Mini.

Marques Brownlee – It’s like an iPad Air but smaller

MKBHD is always a week ahead in reviewing devices, and the iPad Mini isn’t anything different. His coverage of the Mini is probably the best that you will come across on YouTube. The overall review of the smaller form factor iPad looks pretty professional and what you should expect from an MKBHD video.

He also talks about all the pros and cons of the device and who it is supposed to be for. So, if you want a great all-around review on the device and want to know about the battery life, general performance, and the use case for the device, then watch the MKBHD video.

Dave2D – So small & so good!

Dave is a new owner of the Mini iPad series. He hasn’t ever used the earlier iPad Mini devices, and the 6th generation Mini is his first look at the series. So, if you, too, are a first-time buyer of the iPad Mini series, then the Dave2D video is for you.

He loves the device and calls it the perfect form factor tablet for him and covers the accessories and the display in-depth for a consumer-oriented review. The overall review and the coverage seems incredible, and we recommend checking it out if you want an in-depth look at performance and gaming on the new iPad Mini.

Sara Dietschy – The cutest iPad

Quirky and Fun is how we would define this Sara Dietschy take on the iPad Mini. The video presents you with a full take on the new device, and she also compares it with her primary iPad Pro. So, if you want to have a fun video-watching experience, then show the video some love.

It will help you decide if you want to buy the tablet and show the editing and drawing capabilities of the Mini with the assistance of the Apple Pencil 2. *Spoiler Alert* She mistakenly drops the iPad Mini from a considerable height, and it survives. So, it also shows the durability of the new tablet.

Matthew Moniz – The iPad you should buy?

A standard to the point review with all the information you need. If you are working from home or are doing a lot of online classes and need a new note-taking tablet, then this iPad Mini 6 review from Matthew Moniz is the way to go.

He covers the cellular model of the Mini 6 and also states that it is his iPad of choice for traveling because of the small form factor. So if you want all the information and an excellent review of the tablet, watch this video.

Engadget – The best small tablet?

A decent all-around review of the new tablet, Engadget has a great take on the device and its performance for everyday use cases. The review takes a whole trip across the device and compares it with the older Mini model, and highlights the device as a great pick.

Engadget also makes a great highlight on the quality of life improvements and the display. So, the review has some of the best coverage on the everyday performance of the device and would make a perfect fit if you’re looking to buy the new iPad Mini.

iJustine – The redesigned iPad Mini

iJustine is a genuine Apple fangirl and covers all Apple products, from their AirPods to the latest iPhones and iPads. This review of the iPad Mini is the same. She fangirls over the small form factor and the ease of use for a biased take on the iPad.

So, if you want to take a personal review and an overview of the device, then this is the review for you. The 11-minute review also compares the four different colors and the different accessories. Hence, making a complete in-depth analysis of the device.

CNET – The most affordable iPad

The final video review of the list, the folks at CNET look at both new iPad releases with the new iPad Mini 6 at the forefront. It shows the iPad as a great gaming device, an e-reader, and a back-to-school tablet.

We also love the take on the price and how it might be a little expensive for younger users. So, if you, too, are going back to school and looking for a small portable tablet with support for technologies such as 5G and Apple Pencil support.

iPad Mini 6 FAQs

What is the iPad Mini 6 (2021) price?

The new iPad Mini 6 is priced at $499, a great stater price for beginners and pros alike. The device’s overall performance is great, and it has an excellent user experience, just as all Apple devices do. So, it is definitely worth the price.

Does the Apple Pencil work on the iPad Mini 6?

Yes, the Apple Pencil works on the iPad Mini 6. You can write, draw or take notes with the stylus, and the iPad Mini 6 also supports the latest gen Apple Pencil 2 and can charge it wirelessly by magnetically attaching the Pencil to the side of the device.

Can you game on the iPad Mini 6?

Yes, the iPad Mini 6 is equipped with the A15 Bionic processor, which has some of the best possible performance for a mobile chip. It is also more powerful than the larger iPad Air and can efficiently run all your games without much trouble.

Is the iPad Mini 6 good for school?

Yes, the iPad Mini 6 is a perfect back-to-school companion. It is ideal for reading e-books and supports the Apple Pencil, which allows you to take notes and write all your creative pieces. You can also use it for online classes and video calls, making it the perfect school tablet.

Final words

The new iPad Mini is a great device but don’t just take our word for it. Read and watch the reviews listed above for an in-depth analysis of the new tablet. With that said, we hope that the list above has helped you make your decision for the iPad Mini 6 and that you have a great time using the new iPad Mini.

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