Logitech Combo Touch vs. Folio Touch vs. Apple Magic

Navigating the digital realm with our trusty iPad, we’ve often felt the need for a more tactile interaction. While the on-screen keyboard serves its purpose, there’s something about physical keys that elevates the experience.

In our quest for the perfect companion to our iPad, we stumbled upon Logitech’s Combo Touch and Folio Touch. Here’s our journey with these keyboards, along with a look at Apple’s revered Magic Keyboard. We’ve tried our best to skip past all the marketing jargon and bring you just a genuine recount of our experience.

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Logitech Combo Touch – A Versatile Powerhouse

The Logitech Combo Touch is not just a keyboard; it’s a versatile companion for the iPad. Designed with a backlit supported keyboard, precision trackpad, and smart connector, it seamlessly integrates with the iPad, offering a tactile and responsive experience.

Our journey with the Combo Touch was filled with pleasant surprises. The detachable keyboard and adjustable kickstand introduced us to its four distinct modes: Typing, Viewing, Sketching, and Reading. Each mode catered to a specific need, from drafting emails in Typing Mode to leisurely reading in Reading Mode. The precision-based trackpad, larger than anticipated, supported multi-touch gestures, streamlining our workflow. And the function keys, while initially unfamiliar, soon became indispensable, offering shortcuts for brightness, search, volume, and more.

What We Liked

  • Versatility – The four modes – Typing, Viewing, Sketching, and Reading – cater to a range of activities, making the iPad a multifunctional tool.
  • Protection – The robust case design ensures the iPad is shielded from accidental mishaps.
  • Battery Efficiency – The keyboard’s optimized power consumption meant fewer interruptions and more productivity.
  • Enhanced Navigation – The gesture-supported trackpad and handy function keys elevated our navigation experience.

What Could be Better

  • Weight – The added heft, while offering protection, did compromise on portability.
  • Price Point – While the features justify the cost, it might be a consideration for budget-conscious users.

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Logitech Folio Touch – Streamlined Design with Practicality

The Logitech Folio Touch isn’t just a shield for the iPad; it’s where style meets practical use. Equipped with a built-in keyboard, a responsive trackpad, and a smart connector, it ensures a cohesive and engaging interaction, all the while preserving the iPad’s refined silhouette. From the moment we laid our hands on the Folio Touch, its streamlined design caught our attention. The fabric exterior not only elevated its appearance but also ensured a secure grip.

Diving into its key features, the adaptable kickstand was a highlight, allowing the iPad’s positioning at different angles for the best view. The trackpad, a tad smaller than that of the Combo Touch, didn’t fall back in responsiveness and handled multi-touch gestures. The function keys, similar to those on the Combo Touch, quickly became essential to our routine, granting easy access to commonly used settings.

What We Loved

  • Refined Appearance – Its fabric exterior distinguishes it from the usual keyboard cases, lending a sophisticated touch.
  • Flexible Positioning – The modifiable kickstand supports diverse viewing angles, suiting activities from drafting documents to binge-watching.
  • Guarded Protection – More than just its visual appeal, the Folio Touch stands as a sturdy barrier against the rigors of daily use.
  • Effortless Navigation – With the trackpad in tandem with the function keys, navigating becomes a breeze.

What Could be Better

  • Trackpad Size – While responsive, the trackpad is slightly smaller compared to the Combo Touch, which might be a consideration for those who prioritize trackpad navigation.
  • Weight and Bulk – Similar to the Combo Touch, the added protection comes at the cost of increased weight and bulk.

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Direct Comparison – Logitech Combo Touch vs. Folio Touch

Although both of these iPad Keyboards share the same brand name and certain qualities, they are set apart in some ways.

Design and Build

Both the Combo Touch and Folio Touch hail from Logitech’s lineup, yet they bring distinct design preferences to the table. The Combo Touch is a champion of versatility. Its modular design enables a smooth shift from a tablet mode to a more laptop-centric setup, catering to users who crave adaptability.

In contrast, the Folio Touch radiates a refined material design with its fabric exterior. Always primed for tasks, whether it’s typing or media consumption, its integrated design ensures you’re ready to pick it up and go. While each keyboard offers a protective layer for the iPad, the modular design of the Combo Touch provides it an edge.

Typing Experience

In the realm of typing, both these keyboards strive for user comfort. The Combo Touch, with its narrow broader key spacing, appears to be designed for avid typists. Every key press registers precisely, delivering consistent tactile feedback. The Folio Touch, though similar to it in many ways, features a bit more condensed key layout. The keys are alert to the touch, promising a gratifying typing sensation every time. However, for those who lean towards a roomier layout, the Combo Touch emerges as a preferable choice.


This is the domain where both keyboards excel. The Combo Touch is equipped with an extensively larger trackpad, and along with its function keys, it provides a well-rounded navigation experience. Actions like toggling between apps or tweaking settings are second nature with this setup.

In contrast, the Folio Touch, even with its slightly reduced trackpad size, ensures no dip in performance. The trackpad recognizes multi-touch gestures effortlessly, promising simple and seamless navigation. Yet, for users who value a more generous trackpad space, the Combo Touch takes the lead.

Price Point

Both the Combo Touch and Folio Touch are positioned as premium offerings from Logitech. Their prices reflect the array of features they bring to the table. The Combo Touch, with its added versatility, might appeal to those looking for a multi-functional keyboard, while the Folio Touch, with its elegant design, caters to those seeking sophistication. It’s a close call, with both keyboards offering value for their price, catering to different user preferences.

Battery Life

Battery efficiency is of utmost importance, and both keyboards do not disappoint in this field. The keyboard cases power up directly from the iPad via the smart connector, ensuring minimal battery drain. Whether it’s the Combo Touch or the Folio Touch, users can expect longevity, with neither keyboard significantly impacting the iPad’s battery life.

Our Choice

Having dived deep into the features and user experience of both the Logitech Combo Touch and the Folio Touch, it’s time to declare our top pick. Each of these keyboards brings a unique set of advantages with them, making the decision far from easy. The Combo Touch stands out for those who value versatility in their daily tasks, effortlessly shifting between its various modes.

In contrast, the Folio Touch captures attention with its refined fabric exterior and streamlined appearance. Yet, when pushed to select a single winner, we lean towards the Logitech Combo Touch. Its flexible nature, coupled with an unmatched typing feel and efficient trackpad, positions it as a better option. While the merits of the Folio Touch cannot be understated, the additional functionalities of the Combo Touch offer it an advantage in this direct face-off.

Apple Magic Keyboard – Premium Precision

The Apple Magic Keyboard isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement of precision and premium design. Crafted with Apple’s signature attention to detail, it offers an unparalleled typing experience, combined with a trackpad that transforms the iPad into a powerhouse of productivity.

Our first impression of the Magic Keyboard was set forth with its unique floating design. The iPad seemed to levitate, offering an unobstructed view and a unique typing angle. The backlit keys provided the perfect tactile feedback, making typing a pleasure. The trackpad, seamlessly integrated, supported multi-touch gestures, bridging the gap between the iPad and a traditional laptop. However, the absence of function keys, which are present in the Logitech offerings, was noticeable.

What We Liked

  • Floating Design – The unique levitating design not only looks futuristic but also provides an ergonomic typing angle.
  • Backlit Keys – Typing in dimly lit environments is a breeze, thanks to the evenly illuminated keys.
  • Integrated Trackpad – The trackpad, supporting multi-touch gestures, elevates the navigation experience, making tasks like switching between apps seamless.
  • Build Quality – The premium materials and sturdy hinge mechanism ensure durability while maintaining a sleek profile.

What Could be Better

  • Lack of Function Keys – The absence of function keys, especially when compared to the Logitech offerings, is a noticeable omission.
  • Price Point – The premium features come with a premium price tag, making it a significant investment.

Logitech Combo Touch vs. Folio Touch vs. Apple Magic Keyboard – The Verdict  

In the world of iPad keyboards, these three contenders each bring their distinct flavors and functionalities.

The Logitech Combo Touch stands out with its dynamic nature. Its modular design, paired with an extra-large trackpad and handy function keys, positions it as a Swiss Army knife among iPad keyboards. It’s the go-to for those who appreciate adaptability and a wholesome typing journey.

The Folio Touch, on the flip side, is an ode to refined aesthetics and modern design style. Its plush fabric exterior seamlessly melds with the iPad, promising a secure fit and an upscale touch. The craftsmanship and design integrity are evident, marking its place as a formidable player.

Then there’s the Apple Magic Keyboard, which is in a league of its own, being the official Apple-branded accessory. The standout floating design, fused with Apple’s hallmark construction finesse, delivers an outlandish user experience. The tactile response from each keypress is in a class by itself, and the seamlessly integrated trackpad ramps up the iPad’s capabilities.

So, which one emerges as the top pick? It’s a tight race. For those who value adaptability, the Combo Touch is the clear choice. If sophistication and a luxe touch are what you’re after, the Folio Touch fits the bill. And for an unmatched, premium experience with a dash of innovation, the Magic Keyboard takes the cake.

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