Best Cases and Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro 2022 (M2)

No matter which iPad you purchase, one of the first accessories you get is an iPad case/back protector. So now that the new M2 iPad Pro 2022 has become more readily available in the market let’s take a look at some of the best cases and keyboard cases for iPad Pro 2022 that you can get. We’ll discuss four cases in each of these categories, so stick to the end of the post to find the best case for you and your M2 iPad Pro 2022.

Why should you use a case for your iPad Pro M2 2022

Even though it’s in no way compulsory to purchase a case for your iPad Pro 2022, there are many reasons why getting a case or a keyboard case for your iPad might be a good option. Not only does an iPad case provide a barrier to damages and scratches that can occur to your iPad, but they also offer some additional features.

For example, keyboard cases allow you to use your iPad as a makeshift MacBook for your work or personal use. Also, these cases allow you to tilt and orient your iPad however you like without compromising on the stability of your device, which is a great advantage.

Cases with Keyboards

1. Apple Smart Folio with Keyboard

Regarding keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 2022 M2, our top recommendation would be the Apple Smart Folio with keyboard. This case is available for both the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch models of the M2 iPad Pro (2022). There are many reasons behind these recommendations, including design, compatibility, and functionality. So let’s take a look at what makes this folio such a great option.

As far as looks are concerned, the Apple Smart Folio with keyboard is pretty neat. It has a sleek look to it that accentuates the overall stealthy look of the iPad itself. It’s also a lightweight case, even with the keyboard, making it slimmer and easier to move around. It also takes less space in your bag for when you’re traveling, which is always a huge plus.

One of the biggest reasons behind the sleek and minimalistic look of the Apple Smart Folio with Keyboard is how it operates. This folio attaches to the iPad magnetically, and the keyboard pairs with the iPad directly using the Smart Connector located on the back of your iPad. Since it feeds power from the iPad directly via this connection, it doesn’t need a battery and therefore is slimmer than its counterparts.

The typing on the Smart Keyboard that comes with the Smart Folio is decent enough, but nothing to write home about. On the 12.9-inch model, you can type quite easily owing to the size of the keyboard and the space between the keys. In the smaller 11-inch model, things start to get a bit cramped due to size constraints. The keys have a soft sound that differs from the satisfying clicks you associate with mechanical or membrane keyboards.

Price: $169 See Smart Folio price on Amazon now

2. Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case

The Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case is a touch more pricey than the Apple Smart Folio with Keyboard, but this premium price is warranted. In this keyboard case, you get a row of iPad OS shortcut keys, an adjustable kick-back stand, a detachable keyboard, and a huge trackpad for more flexibility. The fabric-like finish also gives off a luxurious appearance, even though it can be more difficult to keep clean.

The Logitech combo touch keyboard case has four different user modes. These modes allow you to type, draw, read, and watch at the most comfortable orientations possible without needing to remove your iPad from this case. Not only that, but you can even remove the keyboard when you’re not writing. This provides you extra freedom and allows you to take advantage of the 50-degree adjustable viewing angles.

The keyboard, in this case, has been developed just like Logitech’s laptop keyboards and provides virtually the same user experience in both looks and functions. It’s also backlit, meaning you can keep typing in the dark of your room without squinting at the keyboard or turning on the lights.

Coming around to the other features of this case, this is one of the slimmest iPad keyboard cases developed by Logitech. Though its sleek and luxurious look might insinuate otherwise, this case fits snugly to your iPad in all orientations and adequately protects it.

One crazy fact about this keyboard case is that it connects to your iPad via the Smart Connector, just like the Apple Smart Folio with Keyboard, which makes connectivity quite fast and easy. The keyboard also has a dedicated slot for keeping your Apple Pencil for quick and handy access. Oh, and you can get this case for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, which is great.

Price: $229 See Logitech price on Amazon now

3. Runelk Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The Runelk Keyboard Case for iPad Pro is also a great option if you want to avoid going for an Apple or Logitech keyboard case. This keyboard casing is made up of a robust keyboard base and a synthetic vegan leather case, which magnetically attaches to your iPad

This makes your iPad really secure whether it’s in use or you happen to be traveling with it. Even in the event of accidental bumps or falls, your iPad is guaranteed to stay safe. The keyboard case is excellent for any situation because of its durability and structural integrity.

This keyboard case comes with a floating cantilever stand with an aluminum hinge that allows you to use this keyboard case with your iPad just like you would with a laptop. It’s really easy to set up and greatly impacts your working style. The keyboard case also comes with a multi-touch trackpad that makes navigation even more easy and smooth.

Like in the Logitech Combo Touch, the Runelk keyboard case also has a full row of shortcut keys that allow you to use your iPad more productively during work. Not only that, but along with a 750mAh battery, the keyboard in the Runelk Keyboard Case is also backlit.

This battery is quite efficient, allowing you to use it every day for about months on a single charge. If you use the backlight feature more, however, a single charge will only last you two weeks. Still, even if you run out of charging, it’s only a matter of plugging in your keyboard with a USB-C charger and charging up the battery before you can resume using it.

Price: $139.99 See Runelk price on Amazon now

4. ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case

The ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard is an awesome keyboard case you can use with your M2 iPad Pro 2022, whether it’s the 11-inch or 12.9-inch one. Just like the Runelk keyboard case discussed above, this keyboard case also attaches to your iPad via magnets. Also, just like the Runelk case, the ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case has a floating cantilever stand that allows you to use your iPad Pro like a super-lightweight MacBook.

With just a flip of your iPad, you can start using your ESR keyboard case for your work or personal use. With its easy-to-adjust angle, you can set it up just how like before you start cracking your fingers on the keyboard.

This keyboard case also comes with backlights as well as a trackpad supporting multi-touch, both of which make your life much easier. You also get a row of shortcut keys, just like in the last two keyboard cases, that allow you to have a better workflow than you would have otherwise.

Price: $159.99 See ESR Rebound Keyboard on Amazon now

Cases Without Keyboards

5. Apple Smart Folio

The Apple Smart Folio is the keyboard-less counterpart to the Apple Smart Folio with Keyboard that we discussed in the previous section. Even though this case is one of the most expensive ones to use with your M2 iPad Pro, there are still a lot of benefits in choosing to buy it.

This iPad case not only comes with an official Apple warranty but also provides good quality front and back protection for your device. And since it’s made from polyurethane instead of leather, it is also vegan-friendly. It’s also available for both the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch models of the M2 iPad Pro 2022.

Even without a leather finish, this case is a lot sleeker and more luxurious than many other iPad Pro cases on the market. One thing that might negatively impact your opinion of this iPad case is that it offers no protection for the sides and corners of your iPad, so that’s something to be mindful of.

When equipped with your iPad, the Smart Folio can automatically wake your iPad up as soon as you flip the cover. The converse is also true here, so you don’t need to be mindful of locking your iPad whenever you leave it sitting on a table for a couple of minutes. With this folio, you can get many different viewing angles for your iPad by folding the folio in different positions.

Price: $98.74 See Apple Smart Folio price on Amazon now

6. MEEgoodo Case for iPad Pro

The MEEgoodo M2 iPad Pro case is made of three distinct layers; a premium PU shell, a microfiber inner lining, and a soft TPU cover for the back of your iPad. With these three layers, this case offers complete body defense against all sorts of jolts, drops, and scrapes.

The inside layer also has an air cushion with a honeycomb grid structure. This structure is useful because it can dissipate more than 80% of the heat generated. So by using this case, you can increase your iPad’s useful life and improve shock absorption simultaneously.

Unlike all the other iPad cases discussed in this post till now, the MEEgoodo Case for iPad Pro is made specifically for the 12.9-inch model of the iPad Pro and isn’t available for the 11-inch models.

This iPad Pro case has a tri-fold design that allows you to prop up your iPad at three different angles. It also has a dedicated holder for your Apple Pencil where you can charge it and also stow it when it’s not in use. And last but not least, MEEgoodo also offers you a refund in case you’re not satisfied with this product, which is a big plus.

Price: $23.99 See MEEgoodo price on Amazon now

7. ZUGU Case for iPad Pro

Even though we’ve seen some good iPad Pro cases in this post, the Zulu Case for iPad Pro is something that really breaks the mold. Designed, produced, and marketed as a heavy-duty iPad Pro case, the ZUGU case offers guaranteed 5-foot drop protection with this sleek and slim iPad case.

Along with this drop protection, the ZUGU case also offers a magnetic stand with 10 adjustable angles that allow you to set the orientation of your iPad however you want. Oh, and in case you’re thinking that this drop protection is just a matter of the company blowing hot air, let us dissuade you right away. ZUGU offers free iPad repairs and AppleCare+ costs in case of any damage to your iPad Pro. This is phenomenal and virtually unheard of in the iPad Pro accessories industry.

And that’s not the end because ZUGU also offers you a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee to cover your purchase. The only thing better would be if this case were also available for the 11-inch iPad Pro, but it’s only available for the 12.9-inch model.

Price: $89.99 See ZUGU price on Amazon now

8. ESR Classic Hybrid Case for iPad Pro

The ESR Classic Hybrid case offers a protective case that still makes the iPad Mini visible if you don’t want your case to hide your tablet’s outstanding appearance. It comes with a hard yet flexible frame and protects the corners and sides of your iPad. The corners are especially vulnerable to damage via falls, so this case has Air Guard corners that are great at absorbing shock.  

It has a slim design that doesn’t add any bulk to your iPad Pro but adds a layer of high-grade protection. The back panel of this case is made of a scratch-resistant acrylic material that ensures that your iPad remains scratchless while showing off its grace to anyone that looks at it.

The Apple Pencil 2’s magnetic charging also doesn’t face any issues due to this case, and the plastic is made to resist the regular fading that occurs with use. And as it is becoming a recurring theme in this section, this case is only available for the 12.9-inch model of the M2 iPad Pro 2022.

Price: $21.99 See ESR price on Amazon now


In this post, we have looked at the best cases and keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 2022 M2. We’ve discussed four of the best cases in each of these categories, and now that you’ve read this post, you’ll be able to choose the best iPad case for yourself. In case of any queries or comments, you can drop a comment below or reach out to us via our socials or our website.

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