New Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 / S8 Ultra Features We’d Love to See on iPad

Hey everyone, welcome aboard! Everybody loves to compare things because everyone wants to have the best things, and comparing definitely helps! This mantra is useful for everything so, and I applied it to tablets.

As tablets are super competitive, buyers are often baffled between products of different companies. A brief and informative contrast of such products from different companies helps them have a clear idea of what they want.

Mainly, this kind of situation occurs around the products of Samsung and Apple. If you are one who is confused about these two competing Android and iPadOS based tablets because of the eagerness to buy the best product, this article is for you.

With the recent announcement of the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra in February 2022, the tablet space has some real growth. So, down below, you will read 5 exclusive features of the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra, which we all would love to see on the upcoming Apple iPads.

5 new features we’d love to see on iPad

Honestly, there are many pros to the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra that we would love to have in the iPad. However, when it comes to the software and performance, nothing can beat the iPad’s experience. So, we made our list in accordance with that and included 5 features that are truly unique to the Tab S8 series and something that I would love to see in the next iPad line-up.

1. Multi-window mode – multitasking at your fingertips

One of the rarest features you would ever see in a portable electronic device is multitasking. However, this Samsung S8 Ultra has reached heights that just make multitasking seem easy. It provides the operation of multiple applications simultaneously, with the help of the split-screen mode.

This feature perfectly justifies the long 14.6 inches size of its tablet, which by far is the largest tablet launched till now. You can optimize almost 3 apps simultaneously, all of those running smoothly, which still isn’t present in the iPads.

True, Apple has provided multi-window capabilities in iPads, but the number of applications opened at the same time is impressive. So, the split-screen and multi-window feature is something that would make iPads feel much more productive. Apple’s iPad Pro has several unique features that one can use to obtain perfection in their work. Still, we all would love to see an upgrading of the multitasking capabilities, which will boost productivity and the overall tablet experience.

2. Samsung dex/desktop mode – use your tablet as a desktop

Samsung Tab S8 Ultra’s ability to enter the Dex mode, which changes its UI to make it look and behave very similar to Windows, is brilliant. In basic terms, it caters to your device to cast a computer-like experience to the big screen with the same application you use on your tablet regularly.

It also lets you run the desktop version of some applications like Chrome and Microsoft Office apps. Software-wise, iPad pro has more apps and pro apps, but Dex is a truly unique feature that can help create some real-world benefits to your workflow. It is almost like converting one device to another without any external attachment or accessories.

Just by using the feature on your S8 tablet, you can get a desktop experience. This experience would be amazing on an iPad, and in fact, it would help it flex its muscles and be used as a makeshift Mac and get the full advantage of the powerful M1 processor.

3. Monitor mode – get a new secondary display for your desktop

Monitor mode allows your tablet to work in portrait orientation. It also makes the tablet wireless touch screen display a second monitor for a paired pc or phone. You can drag and drop files between the devices simply and effectively. If your PC is making your work complicated and tiring and you want to lie down comfortably, but cannot skip the work, then this feature is for you.

To enjoy a smooth touch experience, and give your fingers something to play while working, connect your PC to the Samsung S8 Ultra tablet with the help of an external wireless feature and work in your suitable area.

You can also use this feature with your iPad but with the help of a tiny compact adapter called the Luna display by Astropad. It is supposed to be plugged in your iPad to be used as a wireless display for your MacBook Pro or iMac. However, the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra does it wirelessly. Hence, it is always accessible to use, and there is no pressure of losing anything, which one could experience with the compact Luna display iPad adapter.

4. Expandable storage – store all your photos, videos and documents

Expandable storage means that your device has room for a Micro-SD card, and that means it can improve the storage space on your device. Such a feature helps people who have a lot of work editing different media such as photos or videos.

The Samsung Tab S8 comes in three different configurations, all powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen1 with 4 nanometres SOCs. The base configuration comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, followed by 12 GB of ram and 256 GB of storage. Finally, the top configuration has 16 GB of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage, and on top of that, you also get a Micro-SD card slot for up to an additional 1 TB of storage space.

None of the iPads come with a Micro-SD card. So, it would be awesome to have such a feature in it. To increase the external storage in your iPad, you can use external storage devices which can provide extra capacity. These devices range from two main categories: plug-in storage (flash drives for your iPad) and wireless media hubs. However, an integrated SD card would make it so much easier.

5. Palette integration on your phone – take the best advantage of your phone

To create something colorful and beautiful, you need to have a diversified and easily manageable color palette. The Tab S8 Ultra does that for you effortlessly. This feature is a godsend for all writers and painters and is specifically designed to improve productivity. You can create a color palette of your choice on your phone to simultaneously be used on your Samsung Tab S8 Ultra.

You have a personalized palette on your smartphone to have a seamless drawing, painting and noting experience on your tablet. The S-Pen of the Tab S8 Ultra also features a record low latency of 2.8ms for an overall fantastic experience.

In the case of Apple iPads, you can download certain applications to experience such features. But, if such a tool had come to the iPad Pro, the overall immersive experience with the iPad and iPhone would feel much more tightly integrated.

Final words

Concluding my article with some extra contrasting properties of Samsung Tab S8 Ultra, which we all would love to have in iPad. Starting with, the S-Pen comes compensatory with the tab, unlike the Apple Pencil, which costs an extra amount of $130, thus making the overall purchase costlier than planned. The S8 also includes a keyboard that comes included in the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra package making it way more affordable.

Secondly, the brightness of the Tab S8 Ultra is 1600 nits on a 14.6-inch panel. Well, it is 1600 nits for a 12.9-inch screen on the iPad. The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and includes many other useful inputs which provide a smooth scrolling experience.

Webpage browsing, movie watching, and productivity are awesome with the Tab S8, but the iPads can have some noticeable blooming effects that can be very distracting. The flattering properties do not end here. Samsung’s Tab S8 Ultra has the most powerful Snapdragon chip ever with a 4-nanometer processor. So, despite being such big in size, it is the thinnest and toughest, protected with an armour aluminum body to prevent all sorts of bumps and drops

With that said, the new iPads should be announced later this year, so be on the lookout for new improvements and features. Other than that, Adios and have a wonderful day ahead.

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