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Best Movie Streaming Apps for iPad and iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is a great device to view your favorite video content. In this guide, we discover the best movie streaming apps for the iPad Mini.

Essential Apps

Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere![$2.99]
Air Video is the essential streaming app. The app only supports streaming videos. AirPlay functionality is supported with this app, which allows you to wirelessly stream videos from your iPad Mini to the Apple TV 2G. Air Video also supports video out through the dock connector. The app also lets you play back content purchased in iTunes by streaming it through Safari on your iPad Mini. All in all,the app works great on your local Wi-Fi network and provides a nice way to stream your videos to your iPad and iPad Mini.

Video Stream[$2.99]
Video Stream,like AirVideo, is an app that streams video from PCs and Macs to iOS devices with the help of a companion program installed on the main machine. It’ll re-encode on the fly to make virtually any format play nice with Apple’s fussy gadgets, and you can choose to download those re-encoded copies to your device for local playback. Video Stream has a beautiful user interface and works great on 3G and Wi-Fi. This app is a real competitor to the other streaming apps and is yet another option.

Movies By Flixster [FREE]
By downloading Movies by Flixster, users can create their own “must-see-list” of movies coming soon to theaters. Watch full length trailers, catch movie showtimes, and read reviews. With reviews gathered from aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, you can pick the best movie to watch with your family or friends.

Subscription Video Services

Netflix has become one of the greatest services in America for streaming movies and TV shows to your various devices. It’s ability to stream great video to your iPad. And because the app supports the video out functionality of the iPad, it really comes to life if you have your iPad connected to your TV. With a great collection of movies and TV, Netflix is sure to keep you entertained. The streaming-only subscription cost for Netflix is $7.99.

Hulu Plus[FREE]
While most television shows have ended, fans eagerly anticipate their return in the Fall. Hulu Plus offers users the ability to instantly stream current hit shows like Modern Family, Community, The Vampire Diaries, and classic series and acclaimed movies. Resume watching from where you left off, and watch over WiFi, 3G, and 4G networks. Users can try out Hulu Plus for one week, and then it will cost $7.99 a month. While the price goes up after the trial, it’s well worth it price, as Hulu Plus is the perfect app for TV lovers.

In the past few years, HBO has brought us some of the most iconic TV shows like The Wire to The Sopranos. As long as you have an HBO subscription, you can watch movies, documentaries, TV shows, and behind the scenes extras.

Live TV Streaming Apps

EyeTV provides a way to stream live TV to your iPad. The app requires that you run EyeTV on your Mac. The Mac will be running the EyeTV app while hooked up to a TV dongle or box. The app works not only as a live TV, but also as a DVR and can record endless hours’ worth of content right on to your Mac or your iPad. The app also supports video output. This will let you view your content on a different screen or projector if you have a need. EyeTV is the way to go for those that do not want a traditional TV and prefer to go with a purely Apple solution. The TV solution works great and really does turn an iPad into a handheld TV.