Best iPad Pro Leather Cases

Are you wondering which leather cover can add an aesthetic value to your iPad Pro? We’re here to help.

No one likes exposing their iPad Pros to ugly scratches and unusual dents. One great way to safeguard your device is by installing a protective case. In addition to being an effective security measure, protective cases can go a long way in enhancing the looks of your iPad Pros. For that matter of fact, you can never disregard leather.

After days of research, we’re here with the list of best leather cases that can not only keep your iPad Pro safe but also can sustain the premium nature of your device. To be honest, the need for an iPad Pro case can orient in different directions. Some might be after a folio, while others might seek an overall solution with a keyboard in it. No matter what you’re after, the list below will have your requirements covered.

Get ready to protect your iPad Pro elegantly.

Essential thing to keep in mind before buying a protective case

Before jumping right into the list, there is one thing you must keep notice of. Not all protective cases are designed to meet the requirements of every model of the iPad Pro. Having said that, you must be well aware of the version you own.

Don’t you know how you can do that? Well, all you need to do is Launch the Settings on your device and tab the option that says “About.” Here you’ll find all the required details.

Best leather cases for iPad Pro

Now that you’re well aware of the fitting approach let us get directly into the list with no further delay.

  1. TORRO Tablet Case
  2. Casemade Leather Case
  3. H HOLIMET PU Leather Case
  4. ZUGU Alpha Case
  5. iPad Folio by Haber London
  6. Burkley Case
  7. CHESONA iPad Pro
  8. ProCase Keyboard Case
  9. Twelve South BookBook Vol 2
  10. Venito Parma Magic Tablet Wallet
  11. Ztotop Case
  12. HOLIMET iPad Pro
  13. ZUGU Case

Best general leather cases for iPad Pro

TORRO Tablet Case

To begin with our list of best general leather cases for iPad Pro, we’ve got one from TORRO. The case is a promising solution for those who seek a highly functional, quality stand cover that does not compromise with stylish looks. Featuring premium leather from the USA that shelters rich finish and sharp detail, get ready to protect your iPad Pro most elegantly.

Besides being elegant, the TORRO tablet case is smart at the same time. Facilitating the wake/sleep function, the case gets the point for the user’s convenience. Moreover, the TORRO tablet case comes with three anti-slip stripes to help users with three distinct viewing angles.

Also, thanks to the precise cutouts, you as a user will not have to worry a bit about your iPad Pro’s camera and flash.


  • It offers premium leather to offer safety alongside sophisticated looks.
  • The inside lines with soft microfibres to provide extra protection to your iPad Pro’s screen.
  • An auto wake/sleep functionality.
  • Three viewing angles.


  • The TORRO smart leather case is compatible with 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, and 3rd Gen iPad Pro.

Colors Available:

  • Dark Brown, Red, Tan, and Black.


Casemade Leather Case

In case you’re looking for a leather case that features high-quality materials alongside premium moulds, you need to have your attention on the one that comes from the home of Casemade. Crafted with Italian cowhide leather, this iPad Pro case is propitious enough to stand apart from its competitors.

Apart from the external grace, the case features brilliant interiors to help protect your device pretty effectively. Lined with a soft-touched Polycarbonate mould, the Casemade Leather Case will allow your device to absorb mild impacts and avoid scratches every now and then.

In addition to premium looks and promising protection, this accessory is of great help to use your iPad Pro more flexibly. Sheltering a dual-position stand, you can view movies, attend zoom calls, or do whatever tasks at a viewing angle that fits your requirement.


  • The Italian cowhide leather used is solid and durable.
  • Availability of soft brushed polycarbonate mould inside.
  • Two distinct viewing angles.
  • Automatic wake and sleep functionality.
  • Perfect cutouts.


  • iPad Pro 4th Gen.

Colors Available:

  • Tan and Black.


Best leather cases for the 12.9 variant of iPad Pro with pencil holder

H HOLIMET PU Leather Case

Do you seek the best leather case for your 12.9-inch iPad Pro alongside a solution to keep your Apple Pencil? Well then, here is what you need.

Featuring high-quality synthetic leather on the external end, the case looks premium from every angle. To talk about the interiors, you’ll have non-skid PU leather for keeping the device secure. The backside, on the other hand, is crafted with a soft TPU. Overall the case from H HOLIMET provides all-around protection for your iPad Pro.

Shifting our attention towards functionality, one prime thing to look at is the built-in Apple Pencil holder. Whether you wish to just hold it conveniently or magnetically pair it up and charge, the case seamlessly helps users with both scenarios. The case further comes with two stand modes, one at 65-degree and the other at 30. While the former site helps you provide a better viewing angle, the latter deals great with typing and similar stuff.


  • Provide all-around protection.
  • Featuring synthetic leather on top, the case offers great looks to your iPad Pro.
  • Effective slot to hold your Apple Pencil.
  • Auto wake/sleep.
  • Multiple viewing angles.


  • 12.9 iPad Pro 5th Gen, 12.9 iPad Pro 3rd Gen

Colors Available:

  • Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Black, Dark Blue, and Pink.


  • The case will cost you $38.99, while the price cuts by around $10 if you opt for the Dark Black or Dark Blue variant. Check H Holimet from Amazon

ZUGU Alpha Case

The Alpha case from ZUGU is another promising choice for your 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Lined with cruelty-free synthetic leather alongside durable microfiber, the protective case for your iPad Pro can’t get any better. From attractive exteriors to secure interiors, no matter which aspect you consider, the case ZUGU will not fail to impress.

The one thing that might urge you to consider getting this case is the recessed Apple Pencil holder. Available right on the spine, the designers have chosen the most appropriate spot to store your Apple Pencil. Are you worried about charging it up? Well, the leather case has that sorted as well. Moreover, the ZUGU Alpha case features an additional slot where you can store your Apple Pencil when it doesn’t require charging.

Yes, you don’t deny the fact that the Zugu Alpha Case looks amazing. Also, it stores the Apple Pencil in the best possible ways; however, there are a number of functional elements that make it even a more promising choice. One of them marks the availability of 10 magnetically secured viewing angles. Also, the case facilitates the auto wake/sleep functionality.


  • Premium looks.
  • Offers great durability.
  • It features ten magnetically secure viewing angles.
  • Convenient storage facility for Apple Pencil.


  • 12.9 iPad Pro 4th Gen

Colors Available:

  • Black and Brown.


Best leather folio cases for iPad Pro

iPad Folio by Haberlondon

To begin with our list of best folio cases for iPad Pro, we’ve got another one from Haberlondon. Built with premium full grain leather, the case promises a soft feeling with a unique look altogether. Available in four color variants, the elegant, rich finish of this “relaxed fit” designed case is sure to enhance the looks of your iPad Pro in no time.

Together with premium looks, the full grain leather is equally robust. In other words, you can expect your device to be free from regular scratches quite comfortably. One of the great attributes is its material. The leathers tend to beautifully age as they form a unique patina overtime. Also the brilliant design makes the iPad Folio by Haberlondon more flexible to carry around, together keeping your device wrapped in the most premium manner.

Just like the other mentioned options, this amazing folio from Haberlondon doesn’t lag behind in the functionality section. This iPad Folio isone of the most perfect sleeves that can help users carry their tablet, alongside cards, cables and essential documents around. The case/cover also comes with a built-in pocket that features a dedicated slot to carry your Apple Pencil.


  • Features a soft feel and a fantastic grain.
  • Connects conveniently with or without a smart keyboard, ensuring all-around protection.


  • The case is only compatible with the 12.9-inch model of the 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, and 5th Gen iPad Pro.

Colors Available:

  • All Black, Dark Brown, Tan, and Navy.


  • It will cost you something around $151.99.

Burkley Case

Bringing you top-quality leather, the Burkley case promises to provide long-lasting all-around protection for your iPad Pro. The entire build is well organized to offer a shock absorption shell. The case’s interior is also promisingly crafted with microfiber leather that features waterproof and has anti-dirt properties. At the same time, the folio is made slim and convenient to hold. With genuine leather being stitched on the exterior and interior, the Burkey case is all about quality.

In addition to quality, the case doesn’t lack efficiency in the functionality section. Whether we talk about the multiple viewing angles in particular or consider the auto wake/sleep feature, everything about this case is meant to serve the basic needs of an iPad Pro user. Moreover, the Burkely case is a carefully handcrafted, premium, lightweight smart folio cover to offer maximum flexibility.


  • Top-quality leather for long-lasting protection.
  • Auto wake/sleep functionality.
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 2.


  • iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2021

Colors Available:

  • Brown, Black, and Distressed Brown.


Best leather cases for the 12.9 variant of iPad Pro with keyboard


Having talked about a number of leather cases already, let us look at one for your 12.9-inch iPad Pro that features the solution to keyboards as well. The CHESONA iPad Pro case is crafted with an anti-slide design which is well versed to provide 360-degree full protection. In other words, once you have the case installed, there is no real need to fret about scratches, dents, or anything that deals with damaging your device externally.

In addition to securing your iPad Pro in the best possible manner, the case features a magnetically removable keyboard with which you can take the functionality of your iPad Pro to a whole new level. The keyboard comes with a QWERTY layout alongside the hotkeys, which are entirely customized for iPad usage. Holding on to an ergonomic design, the keyboard can conveniently fit your day-to-day activities with less to no trouble.

Moreover, the iPad Pro case from CHENOSA brings in a special slot for storing and charging the Apple Pencil. To avoid overcharging issues, there also exists a specific stylus slot. The case offers great viewing convenience besides helping users with protection, additional keyboard, and stylus storage. All thanks to the three different standing angles available,  Type, Read, and Play Games on your iPad Pro like never before.


  • It comes with an ergonomic keyboard that can be easily attached and removed.
  • Dedicated hotkeys, QWERTY layout.
  • Effectively store and charge your Apple Pencil.
  • Anti-slide design to avoid scratches and dents.
  • Enables you to adjust your iPad Pro at a desired angle.
  • Brilliant in-built battery.


  • iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 4th Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen.

Colors Available:

  • Black, Blue, Rose Gold, and Y-Gray.


ProCase Keyboard Case

In case you’re looking for a budget-friendly leather case for your iPad Pro that comes with a keyboard, the one from ProCase needs to have your attention. Turning your iPad Pro into a full-fledged laptop has never been that convenient. The keyboard features well-spaced keys and is made of ABS material to help users with a smooth and pleasing typing experience. From getting seamlessly connected to being magnetically detachable, everything about the keyboard ergonomic,

Talking about the case, in particular, ProCase offers a combination of quality materials that provides full protection together with premium looks. Built with durable PU leather on the external end, your iPad Pro will be easy to protect from dust, dents, and bumps once you have the case installed. The interior is equally promising, and the availability of soft microfibre will prevent the screen from getting scratched.

The ProCase keyboard case features a three dent design. This primarily helps users to work with multiple horizontal stand angles. Besides, the case features other efficient functionalities, and you’ll have no trouble storing your Apple Pencil.


  • Crafted with durable PU leather.
  • The case is well built from the inside to make sure your device is free from scratches.
  • It comes with a super flexible, easy-to-connect, and conveniently detachable keyboard.
  • Features efficient keys for smooth typing.
  • Supports multi-angle alignment.
  • Storing the Apple Pencil is also made flexible and easy.


  • iPad Pro 12.9 4th Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen.

Colors Available:

  • Black


Do you need a more comprehensive guide for getting equipping your iPad Pro with an effective keyboard solution? Have a look here.

Best leather cases for the iPad Pro with notepad

Twelve South BookBook Vol 2

Home to full-grain leather, the iPad Pro case from Twelve South Book is genuinely one of the best in the business. It brings the elegant book design protective solution to fall in love with. No matter if you’re after a quick typing session or looking to display your artistic skills, the case supports your device in the best possible way.

To talk about the built-in detail, we have everything that speaks the language of quality. Right from the leather that developed a patina over time to the crush-resistant spine, from the accents that are hand distressed to the precise cuts for camera and flash, these hardback protective covers will not disappoint you in anyways.

This protective case for your iPad Pro also brings in an efficient interior pocket. This will help you promisingly store documents and access those at ease. The interior pocket is even capable of accommodating a compact Bluetooth keyboard. Now that’s really something convenient. Apart from all these, the other notable feature that distinguishes this accessory from the others is its capability to provide a dedicated space for the Apple Pencil.


  • Full-grain leather for premium looks and promising protection.
  • A flexible stand that supports multiple angles.
  • Interior pockets to store documents and even a compact keyboard.
  • Precise camera and flash cut outs.
  • Storage facility for Apple Pencil.


  • Every model of iPad Pro.

Colors Available:

  • Brown.


Venito Parma Magic Tablet Wallet

With the Magic Tablet Wallet from Venito Parma, you’re looking at one of the most durable leather cases for iPad Pros. Made out of the strongest known leather, Cowhide full-grain, you can expect to protect your device from every possible angle once you decide to cover it with the Magic Tablet Wallet. Alongside serving external looks and protection, the case features a detachable TPU inner case.

One of the best things about this accessory is the availability of the inner card slots. Apart from that, there are two inner document slots and a transparent ID window. On the whole, keeping your essential card and documents ready by your side together with your iPad Pro workstation can’t get any simpler.

Other elements that list the Ventio Parma Magic Tablet wallet as one of the best leather cases with a notebook include the built-in pen holder, perfect cutouts for camera, microphone, and premium feel.


  • Cowhide full-grain leather for overall protection.
  • Highly durable.
  • Availability of 8 card slots.
  • Two inner document sections and a transparent window ID to store essential documents.
  • Dedicated Apple Pencil holder.


  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th Gen

Colors Available:

  • Vintage Brown and Rustic Black.


Best leather cases for the iPad Pro with strap

Ztotop Case

Ztotop Case is a brilliant solution to conveniently take your iPad Pro anytime, anywhere. Offering durable PU leather on the exterior end, the case will ensure to prevent your device from dust and fingerprints. The interior of the Ztotop case also features a soft microfiber lining and helps keep your iPad Pro screen away from scratches. In short, the case is made to serve 360-degree protection for the screen, camera, and corners of your iPad Pro.

Featuring one of the most versatile designs, the case brings in the most flexible usage. The case comes with several sturdy and steady slots that can help you orient your device to the desired angle and have a next-level viewing experience. Ztotop case doesn’t lack the basic elements and functionalities like Auto wake/sleep, precise cutouts, availability of handy pen holder, and more.


  • Premium material for 360-degree protection.
  • It comes with a flexible strap.
  • It offers multiple viewing angles.
  • With precise incisions, you can use your iPad Pro’s camera, flash, and other such hardware with no issues.
  • Smart auto wake/sleep sensitivity.


  • iPad Pro 2021, 2020, 2018

Colors Available:

  • Brown, Black, and Denim Black.


  • The pricing of this case depends upon the color you choose. Generally, it falls within the range of $13.00 to $18.99. Check Ztotop case from Amazon


This PU leather protective case from HOLIMET is another impressive case for your iPad Pro with a pocket strap.

The overall design is efficient enough to please users visually and give a professional feel altogether. Apart from that, the leather used in crafting the case can help provide full protection to your iPad Pro from scratches and dents. Whether we consider the synthetic PU leather on the exterior or the non-skid PU on the interiors, everything is made to serve protective needs in the most promising manner. Also, thanks to the soft TPU filler on the back, the case is anti-drip, anti-slip, and easy to clean.

Moreover, the HOLIMET iPad Pro case is multifunctional. It brings in a document card pocket to store your notes, card, and other essential documents. Also featuring a dedicated slot for Apple Pencil, you can stop worrying about losing your stylus once you have the protective cover installed. Multi-angle viewing and auto wake/sleep are among the notable features that make the protective case from HOLIMET worth trying.


  • The build offers 360-degree protection.
  • The design looks premium and elegant.
  • It comes with a multi-angle viewing facility.
  • The HOLIMET iPad Pro brings a document card pocket.
  • Convenient storage slot for Apple Pencil.


  • iPad Pro 3rd Gen, iPad Pro 2nd Gen, iPad Pro 1st Gen.

Colors Available:

  • Brown, Black, Blue, Caramel Brown, Crow Black, Dark Slate, Green, and Pink.



Eight angles magnetic stand, premium quality leather, a dedicated slot for Apple Pencil, and more lists ZUGU Case as the best fit for every situation. The protective case is incredibly built to deal with everyday scenes comfortably. The ZUGU case is military drop certified, which means you can worry less about dents, and damages and focus more on dealing with your kinds of stuff.

Whether you choose to plug in your iPad Pro and watch your favorite movies or start playing games on it, you can simply adjust the viewing angle as per your requirement with the case installed. Also, the case takes away the discomfort of placing your Apple Pencil anywhere else. Thanks to the available holder on the very edge, you can seamlessly place your stylus next to your iPad Pro.


  • Microfiber material for preventing your screen from scratches.
  • Polycarbonate material for durability.
  • Magnetically secure angles for flexible viewing.
  • Effective holder for the Apple Pencil.


  • iPad Gen3, iPad Gen 2.

Colors Available:

  • Stealth Black, Cherry Red, and Cognac Brown.



What should I look for in a good leather iPad case?

Considering the number of options you’ll have while getting a leather case for your iPad Pro, finding yourself under the knife is pretty evident. To simplify things up, you can have your priorities sorted. The first thing to look at is the material used on the outer side. Make sure it is durable and solid enough to avoid shocks. Additionally, take notice of the interiors; pick one that offers a soft build. Other factors to heed include adjustable viewing angles, wake/sleep functionality, and a dedicated slot for storing Apple Pencil.

What is the most protective leather iPad Pro case?

With premium leather on the outside and soft microfibres inside, the TORRO tablet case is undoubtedly one of the best, most protective leather cases available for iPad Pro. Apart from that, the ones from ZUGU, HOLIMATE, and CASEMADE are also efficient enough to keep your device safe from unusual dents and damages.

Can you put a case on an iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard?

You actually don’t need one, as the Magic Keyboard is a protective case in itself. However, many magnetic cases are designed to serve on iPad Pros with Magic Keyboard installed effectively if you still need one.

Do I need a screen protector for my iPad Pro?

The requirement is entirely subjective. It depends upon a user if he/she is willing to install a screen protector or not. But in case you don’t wish to land your device in unfavorable circumstances that might end up with unlikely scratches, applying a screen protector is always a better idea.

Need help with that? Why not look at the best-tempered glass screen protectors for your iPad Pro or the best anti-spy privacy screen protector for iPad?

Wrapping up

So in case, you’ve been looking here and there for the best leather protective case or your iPad Pro, the quest ends here. In this article, we’ve listed twelve of the most promising options that are available over the internet.

The list comprises the cases that range from general needs to even the more functional ones. Once you walk through the article entirely, you’ll be in a position where choosing the most appropriate one will be a pretty straightforward task.

Seek more amazing kinds of stuff? Then you should have a look at the brilliantly sorted list for the fantastic set of paper-like screen protectors.

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