iPad’s Magic Keyboard Walkthrough and Shortcuts

Whether we talk about the premium built case or the fantastic typing experience, the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is a genuinely next-level device. It excellently holds down the display above a 64 keys back-lit keyboard at an adjustable angle. The case comes with two USB C ports, one on the keyboard itself and the other on the metal hinge, providing you with convenient ways to charge your device and use other essential peripherals simultaneously.

From hardware to software, the Magic Keyboard is loaded with promising features. But do you know how to use all of them? Well, then let us walk through a Magic Keyboard completely, ensuring you learn the effective ways of using it.

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Connecting Your Magic Keyboard

After getting hold of the premium add-on for your iPad Pro, the first thing you need to avoid is messing up the entire process of connecting them. With that being said, let us look at the proper approach to getting started with the Magic Keyboard.

  1. Firstly, put your Magic Keyboard on a flat surface. Ensure the placement is so oriented that the “hinge” remains away from you, and the “Apple” logo is facing upwards.
  2. After that, open the lid.
  3. Continue opening the lid until it sets at your desired angle or the point to which the lid resists to extend further.
  4. Now it is time to place your iPad Pro on the Magic Keyboard. Again, be careful with the placements. The rear lenses should be placed at the top left corner to fit through the case’s cut-outs.

Knowing the Keys

Now that you’ve your Magic Keyboard connected, it is time to learn about the keys, the respective commands, and shortcuts.

Finding the Escape Key

Like the other physical keyboards in general, a Magic Keyboard doesn’t come with a dedicated “Esc” key. However, tapping the “Command” and “Period” keys together initiates the escape functioning. In case you wish to modify it to something that fits into your convenience, proceed as follows.

  • Launch the “Settings” option
  • Under “General”, find and tap “Keyboard”.
  • Now select the option that says “Hardware Keyboard.”
  • Choose “Modifier Keys”
  • Follow along with the process and choose the key or the bindings you wish for the escape functioning.

Some Essential iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

To save your time and help you use the Magic Keyboard in a more productive manner, we’ve put compiled a list of helpful iPad Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Tapping Command and the H key: This Will let you navigate directly to the “Home Screen.”
  • Tapping Command and Scape bar: Toggles around showing or hiding the main “search bar.”
  • Tapping Command and Tab: Helps you switch to the most recently used app from the list of open ones.
  • Tapping Command, Shift, and 3: Helps in taking a quick screenshot.
  • Tapping Command, Shift, and 4: This will let you take a screenshot and open up the same on “Markup” for quick editing.
  • Tapping Command, Option, and D: Binding for either showing or hiding the “dock.”

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts for the Mail App:

  • Clicking on Command, and R: iPad keyboard shortcut for replying to a mail
  • Clicking on Command, Shift, and R: iPad keyboard shortcut for responding to all the mails together
  • Clicking on Command, Shift, and F: iPad keyboard shortcut for forwarding a specific mail
  • Clicking on Command, Option, and F: iPad keyboard shortcut to initiate a search in the mailbox
  • Clicking on Command, and Down Arrow: iPad keyboard shortcut for viewing the next mail

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts for the Safari App:

  • Clicking on Command, and Tab: iPad keyboard shortcut for switching to the next tab.
  • Clicking on Command, Shift, and Tab: iPad keyboard shortcut for switching to the previous tab
  • Clicking on Command, and L: iPad keyboard shortcut for typing in new URL
  • Clicking on Command, and F: iPad keyboard shortcut for doing a quick search within a specific webpage
  • Clicking on Command, Shift, and T: iPad keyboard shortcut for reopening an accidentally closed tab

Customizing iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Magic Keyboard also allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts easily. This will help you assign custom key combinations for a particular shortcut in the manner you desire.

  • Launch “Settings”
  • Find and tap “Accessibility”.
  • Click the “Keyboard” option.
  • Now you need to tap the “Full Keyboard Access” and turn on the same.
  • Once done, click “Commands”.
  • Now tap any command and press the desired key combination.
  • Finally, click “Done”.

Knowing the Trackpad

The trackpad in the Magic Keyboard is one of those elements that add to the effectiveness of this iPad accessory. Home to handy gestures, the built-in trackpad makes navigating across various activities a relatively seamless process.

The One-Finger Functionality

  • Simply moving the cursor to the top right of the screen will open the Control Center.
  • Moving the cursor to the top left will open up the Notification Center
  • For finding the dock, all you need to do is take the cursor to the bottom of the display

2 Finger Gestures

  • Invoking Spotlight: Using the “two fingers” “swipe down.”
  • Zooming In and Out: Using the two-finger pinches.
  • Scrolling the webpages: Use two-finger swipes (on Safari)
  • Easy Cut, Copy, and Paste Functionality: Tap the selected text with two of your fingers.

3 Finger Gestures

  • Home Screen Navigation: Using the “three fingers swipe down.”
  • Multitasking View: Using the “three fingers swipe up.”
  • App View: Using the “three fingers, swipe up and hold.”
  • Switching Between Open Tasks/Apps: Using the “three fingers swipe on either left or right direction.”

Alternating the Look and Feel of the Pointer

With Magic Keyboard, you’re not limited to customizing the keys only as there is an option to alter the look and feel of the cursor as well. Talking about customizing the pointer, you’re open to multiple options, including changing the color, size, animations, and more.

  • Launch “Settings” and hover to the “Accessibility” option
  • Find and tap “Pointer Control.”
  • Click on the desired setting you wish to alter and proceed. 

Adjusting Your Magic Keyboard Brightness

Although the Magic Keyboard comes with an auto-brightness feature, sometimes you might even need to toggle the level and adjust the brightness to fit into your requirement.

  • Launch the “Settings” option
  • Under “General,” find and tap “Keyboard.”
  • Now select the option that says “Hardware Keyboard.”
  • Hover to the “Brightness Slider” and use it to adjust the same.

Charging Your Magic Keyboard

To charge your Magic Keyboard, all you need to do is connect one end of “lightning to a USB cable” to the lightning port of the keyboard and the other end to one of your Mac or USB power adapter. Alternatively, you can also use the additional USB C port on the hinge of your Magic Keyboard to charge up your device real quick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Magic Keyboard good for typing?

Featuring a stable scissor mechanism under each key, Magic Keyboard provides one of the best typing experiences. So, if you wonder if Magic Keyboard is good for typing or not, the answer is a straightforward yes. With Magic Keyboard, you can expect to have a comfortable time typing various pieces of stuff precisely.

Q: How do I get emojis on my Magic Keyboard?

Getting access to emojis in the Magic Keyboard is easy. All you need to do is click on the globe key present in the bottom left corner of the keyboard. Clicking it one more time will make the emoji tab disappear again.

Q: How do I reset my Magic Keyboard?

  • Connect Your Magic Keyboard
  • Hold down the Shift and Option Key
  • Tap the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar
  • Navigate to the “keyboard” and choose “Factory Reset”.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose the “Debug” and “Remove All Devices” options from the Bluetooth menu.

Q: Can I use Magic Keyboard while charging?

Yes, you can use the Magic Keyboard even when it is charging. In fact, for effective charging performance, it is essential to ensure that your device is switched on during the entire charging process.

Q: Should I turn off my Magic Keyboard when not using it?

You don’t really need to. The Magic Keyboard comes with a built-in feature that makes it go to sleep when not used for a certain period. Thus, practically you don’t need to worry about turning it off every time. However, you can still do it as it won’t hurt your device.

Q: What to do when your Magic Keyboard stops working?

In case you find your Magic Keyboard has stopped working, apply the following fixes and check if it helps to resolve the issue.

  • Fix 1: Turn the device off and back on two or three times
  • Fix 2: Make sure the Bluetooth is working fine
  • Fix 3: Connect the device to a Mac using a lightning cable

Final Words

It might be a tough time in the beginning for someone to get started with the Magic Keyboard. However, this guide will help you learn the best practices of using it in a more productive manner. Now, if you want to learn about the effective ways of using an Apple Pencil, we recommend you to have a look at the best tips and tricks.

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