Best iPad Cases with Keyboard to Get in 2021

The best Bluetooth iPad cases with keyboard double up your protection and productivity, but which is the right one to get? Here’s a detailed guide on our top picks for the best iPad keyboard case to get for your tablet right now.

Back when the iPad was unveiled for the first time, it wasn’t meant to be a laptop replacement or an oversized mobile phone. The purpose behind creating the market segment was to provide a tablet device that could do everything your regular smartphone could, but on the larger screen. Although tablet users have been on a steady decline for years, Apple has managed to stay on top of the competition by diversifying the iPad series into traditional and pro users.

Either one of them may look towards the best iPad keyboard built into a case for some added functionality and protection. There is no denying the fact that the iPad can be a versatile piece of technology that not only allows you to showcase your digital art with the Apple Pencil, but also works as a laptop, that isn’t really a laptop.

How to Choose the Best iPad Keyboard Case

With the release of iPadOS 13, Apple added the mouse tracker feature to the tablet, which effectively takes it a step closer to being an Ultrabook. While the multi-touch screen does a fantastic job of jotting down text, nothing comes close to the tactility of a keyboard. But before we look at some of the best iPad cases with keyboard you can find out there, how do you choose the right one?

Compatibility – Since there are effectively more than a dozen different models of the Apple tablet in circulation at the moment, you’re going to need one that is compatible with your iPad model. The iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro differ in dimensions, and even their variants have different sizes. You need to make sure to check the “generation” of the iPad keyboard case you’re selecting and whether it is compatible with the one you own.

Typing Experience – While you aren’t going to enjoy the typing experience of a mechanical keyboard on the limited size of an iPad case with keyboard, there are options to choose from. iPad keyboards differ based on style, the key travel, and the overall footprint of the keyboard deck, all of which directly determine how well your typing experience is going to be.

Portability – The primary reason why Apple iPad is so attractive, is the sleek design and lightweight construction, both of which can be slightly compromised with the addition of a tablet keyboard case. While a bulkier case, with a full-sized keyboard, will add both, protection and increased useability to the iPad, it also adds several pounds, which does take a toll on your ability to carry it around effortlessly.

Best iPad Cases with Keyboard to Buy

Now that you’ve understood the benefits, as well as the limitations that come with an iPad keyboard case, let’s take a look at the best and brightest of the lot.

Each product we’ve handpicked for the buying guide comes with glowing reviews from hundreds of paying customers, so you can rest assured when selecting one from the list.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The latest generation of Apple iPad models with the bezel-less design and a revamped iPadOS to bring it closer to the macOS feel is made even more “laptop-like” with the official keyboard case. The Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro models is genetically engineered to work seamlessly with iPadOS, including MacBook-style keys and a sizable trackpad at the dead center.

Unlike most keyboard cases for iPad, which tend to make the keyboard keys too mushy in lieu of lower weightage, the Magic Keyboard comes with plenty of bulk and justifies every gram of it. Soft to the feel and magnetically adhering to the back of the iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard case comes with a dedicated USB-C on the side, powered by backlit keys and a floating cantilever design that makes it look like a piece of art.

Price: $329.98 (11-inch) and $199.99 (12.9-inch)

Compatibility: iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation & iPad Pro 12.9-inch 4th Generation


  • Gives a real keyboard feeling to match the MacBook in design and style.
  • Additional USB-C port on the case opens up the iPad for additional peripherals.
  • Robust design of the case comes with plenty of inclination angles to work with.


  • One most expensive iPad cases with keyboard on the market.

Logitech Combo Touch

Apple fans who have been craving the taste of the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad, but stepped back due to the exorbitant price, now have the opportunity to recreate the experience with Logitech. The officially licensed keyboard case accessory for iPad is built to impress, with a modular design that magnetically separates the iPad from the keyboard with a single pull.

The chic woven fabric feel gives off a premium vibe, while on the keyboard side of things, the backlit chiclet-style keys offer plenty of space and travel for a comfortable typing experience. The inclusion of media keys is a nice touch, and so is the loop to hold the Apple Pencil, but the real showstopper is the glass-infused trackpad that brings a mouse pointer to your iPad screen for boosted operability.

Price: $135.99

Compatibility: iPad 7th & 8th Generation


  • Smart Connector for instant pairing and lossless connectivity.
  • Premium build quality with a classic aesthetic appeal.
  • Glass trackpad offers a more excellent way to navigate across iPadOS.
  • Backlit keyboard with dedicated media control keys.


  • The case is bulky and quite the work to take off the iPad.

ZAGG Pro Keys Wireless Keyboard

A brand that is closely associated to mobile and tablet protection, ZAGG has stepped up its game with an iPad keyboard case that is designed with safety, comfort, and productivity in mind. The ZAGG Pro Keys Wireless Keyboard brings a pro keyframe design that makes typing a breeze, with seven different backlight colors to channel through, and rubberized texture that feels soft to the touch.

The polycarbonate shell that covers the iPad chassis is designed to fit snug, while being lightweight enough to carry around, and detaches from the keyboard deck with a single pull. Features such as instant pairing with two devices at once, and a battery life that is good for months at a go, the ZAGG Pro Keys case comes with backlight illumination and a dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil to keep all of your productivity tools in one place.

Price: $93.99

Compatibility: iPad Air 4th Gen & iPad 10.9-inch


  • Detachable design offers a 2-in-1 functionality for productivity and protection.
  • Tactile keyboard with plenty of travel and dedicated iPadOS function keys.
  • The soft to the touch keyboard comes with seven different backlight colors.


  • Rounded, smaller keys are aesthetically pleasing, but may not be suited for serious typists.

Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard Case

If your endgame is to recreate your iPad into a portable laptop that does not come with the unnecessary bells and whistles attached but still gives you a decent want to get some emails out on the go or browse with ease, then Typecase has an iPad keyboard case for you. Offering a hard-shell design that is scratch and drop resistant, the magnetic interface brings auto-wake and a holder for the Apple Pencil on the side.

Keeping the iPadOS in mind, the RGB colorful keyboard comes with a set of shortcuts and multimedia keys included, while offering a decent amount of travel and click on the plastic deck. A winning feature of the Typecase iPad keyboard case is the patented hinge mechanism, which allows you to fold over the iPad in 7 different modes, making it convenient for typing and lounging as well.  

Price: $89.99

Compatibility: New iPad 8th Gen (2020, 10.2″), iPad 7th Gen (2019, 10.2″), iPad Air 3rd Gen (2019, 10.5″) & iPad Pro (2017, 10.5″)


  • The smart hinge mechanism allows you to use the iPad in several different modes.
  • Dedicated shortcut keys with a multi-touch trackpad to make the most out of iPadOS.
  • Hard-shell polymer plastic case is drop resistant and lightweight to carry around.


  • The keyboard and mousepad may be smaller than expected for some.

Brydge Pro Wireless Keyboard

If Apple wasn’t trying to sell an entire fleet of MacBook laptops and ever wanted to turn the iPad into a full-fledged Ultrabook, this is the accessory it would manufacture. For those who adore the Apple Magic Keyboard but hate Apple for cutting corners on the build quality, Brydge is here to win you over. The all-metal chassis, in combination with the snap-on magnetic cover, brings you all-round protection.

Giving you a proper “laptop” feel that can be used on the go, while still being cheaper than some of the flimsy keyboard iPad cases out there makes the Brydge Pro Wireless a winner. The maneuverability that the keyboard case offers, in combination with the 3-level backlight of the keyboard, comes together to create an elevated productivity experience.  

Price: $149.99 (iPad Pro 11-inch), $169.99 (iPad Pro 12.9-inch), $129.99 (iPad)

Compatibility: iPad Pro 12.9-inch & iPad Pro 11-inch (2020 & 2018), iPad (7th Gen, 2019 & 8th Gen, 2020)


  • Premium aluminum keyboard deck oozes quality with multiple color schemes to choose from.
  • The special hinge mechanism allows plenty of adjustable viewing angles and a 180-degree view.
  • Dedicated iPadOS shortcut keys with an impressive 1.2mm key travel for a surreal typing experience.


  • Limited by Bluetooth 4.0, which leaves out the option for multi-device pairing.

JUQITECH Keyboard Case for iPad

Suppose you already have a dedicated laptop for most of the work you do on the fly, and just need a complementary accessory to send out an occasional email from the iPad. In that case, JUQITECH has just the case for you. Rather than adding pounds to the sleek iPad, or entirely changing its dimensions, the JUQITECH Keyboard Case for iPad offers a foldable design with full-body protection.

The magnetic enclosure allows auto-wake and flexible PU combined with the polymer shell on the inside offers plenty of cushioning. Apart from a slot to hold the Apple Pencil right above, the Bluetooth keyboard attachment is removable and magnetically aligns inside for a snug fit. Although there is no hinge for viewing angles, the backlight keyboard for night time use makes this iPad keyboard case worth the money.

Price: $35.99

Compatibility: iPad 8th Generation 10.2-inch (2020) & iPad 7th Generation 10.2-inch (2019)


  • Available in multiple finishes and 13 different color schemes to choose from.
  • A combination of the hard plastic shell and PU leather makes it durable and comfortable.
  • The magnetic keyboard is detachable, which makes it easy to use in different positions.


  • The keyboard needs to be shifted to close the iPad case flush on the screen.

ONHI Wireless Keyboard Case

While there are dozens of best iPad cases with keyboard for the iPad Pro and other variants, this particular gem is dedicated to iPad Mini users. Designed to bring the ability to swiftly whip up an email or get some notetaking done on the go, the ONHI Wireless Keyboard Case is built with a specialized hinge mechanism that replicates the style of a laptop clamp.

The magnetic chassis allows auto-wake, which mimics a laptop screen, while Bluetooth connectivity allows you to start typing quickly. Multiple viewing angles, paired with large, tactile keys, allow you to maximize the user experience even with the smaller display of the iPad Mini.

Price: $35.99

Compatibility: iPad Mini 5 & iPad Mini 4


  • A Hard-shell polyurethane plastic shell is durable and makes the iPad fit snugly.
  • Large keys with plenty of travel for a decent typing experience.
  • Available in multiple color options to match the iPad Mini color scheme.


  • No battery indicator on the keyboard deck to highlight the battery percentage left.

CHESONA iPad Pro Case

After the release of the Apple MacBook Air that debuted with a single USB-C port, various third-party accessories were rolled out to bring more connectivity ports. Ever since Apple ditched the Lightning port on the iPad Pro series in favor of USB-C, manufacturers have been taking a crack at creating unique accessories for the tablet, and CHESONA goes one step further with its all-in-one iPad keyboard case.

Compatible with both versions of the 11-inch iPad Pro models, the case is a hub of connections, which includes a USB-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, 2xUSB-A ports to hook up external storage, and an HDMI port to stream out high-quality video and audio right from the iPad. All of this is further backed by a full-size chiclet keyboard with an RGB backlight that includes a slew of iPadOS shortcut keys.

Price: $99.98

Compatibility: iPad Pro 11-inch (2018 and 2020)


  • An array of connectivity peripherals built into the iPad case.
  • Apple Smart Connector for instant usage with no Bluetooth or charging.
  • A hard polymer keyboard deck with the grippy shell for the iPad offers all-around protection.
  • Apple Pencil 2 wireless charging supported the top of the keyboard case.


  • The heavy keyboard iPad case adds 2.5 lbs to the overall weight.

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Final Words

Depending on whether you’re looking to get an iPad keyboard case with a Smart Connector to avoid Bluetooth connectivity or trying to get more utility features out of your tablet for $50 or less, we have an option for everyone to pick from the list above. While the budget you have in mind is mostly going to determine the type of best cases for iPad with keyboard you can get, there are a few attributes you must keep in mind.

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For instance, features such as the keyboard backlight, key travel, and screen adjustment may not seem like dealbreaker attributes, but they can significantly determine how productive you are with the iPad. What features do you think to make or break the best iPad cases with keyboard, in your opinion? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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