Best Antivirus Software for iPad for Ultimate Security

iPad and iPhones offer the best security on their devices. Apple’s privacy and security features have evolved to such an extent that hacking into their software has become very tough. However, this does not mean that Apple devices like iPhones and iPad are entirely immune to viruses.

We have received many cases where the iPhone and iPad have been victims of lethal viruses and malware. These viruses infect your device and render them useless. It is essential to shield your devices from these kinds of viruses. You can do this by using formidable antivirus software.

In 2022 you will find many different antivirus software available on the market and the internet. You cannot trust this antivirus software blindly because you must know which software will cater to your needs in the best possible manner. We also understand that you do not have that much time in your life to dive deep into the world of antivirus software.

For that reason, we have curated this article so that you know the best antivirus software for iPad for ultimate security. Below you will find the antivirus software that we recommend. We are confident that you will find something that closely resembles your choice. So do not feel shy to have a look!

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Quick look at the best antivirus programs for iPad

5 best antivirus software for iPad

The five best antivirus software for iPad are as follows; we have shared information regarding each one so that it is easy for you to decide.

1. Norton Mobile Security – Overall Best iPad Antivirus Software

Norton mobile security is one of the best antivirus software available in the market. It offers many handy features for a valuable price. Some features are so premium that you rarely find them in any other antivirus software.

What we mean is that Norton security provides a feature that filters your spam messages. This is more useful than you think. Many scammers use text messages as a means of phishing your personal detail from your device. This antivirus ensures you know which text message is harmful and which is not.

More importantly, Norton Security’s IOS application is easy to maneuver, even for beginners. You can find all the main options and settings on the application’s main page. From there, you can quickly and easily navigate to whichever feature or option you want.

Moreover, Norton security has a unique integrated Web feature that will restrict you from browsing any websites prone to malware or viruses. The Web feature will immediately let you know if there is a risk of losing your data by visiting any specific website.

Similarly, Norton security has a data leak feature that lets you know if your data has been leaked to the Dark Web. After notifying you, it immediately works to protect your data from unauthorized networks and users.

In terms of price, you get a free seven-day trial and an additional 60-day money-back guarantee. This essentially means you get the antivirus software free for 67 days! This is a fantastic deal considering all the rich features this software offers.


  • Free 7-day trial
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Data leak feature
  • Web safety feature


  • Premium features are limited to a subscription plan
  • Cannot register from mobile application

2. McAfee Mobile Security – User-Friendly iPad Antivirus Software

To begin with, McAfee mobile security offers two different options for purchase. The first option is for $3 monthly, in which you get the ability to connect a single device to the software, a malware protection system, and online identity monitoring.

In the next option, which we think is the better option, you have to pay $6 monthly, but you get more features. You get total protection from McAfee antivirus, you get a VPN, and you can connect up to 5 devices on a single subscription.

If you are not satisfied with this, you can try the application for 30-days and return it for a refund if you are not satisfied with its services. However, we believe that is highly unlikely. Once you start using this antivirus, you will immediately like it and get used to it.

McAfee has features to spot phishing and immediately protect you against it. Phishing has become an increasing issue in 2022; you will be happy to hear that we found this feature to work marvelously in our tests. It was immediately effective.

This antivirus software has a Safe URL Scanner that’s only purpose is to ensure you do not access any websites with pop-ups, malware, and viruses. It scans all your browsing sites in the background and restricts any pop-ups and unnecessary ads from showing up on your screen. The Safe Browser feature will continue to work in the background.

If you travel a lot and rely on third-party Wi-Fi or hotspot, you unknowingly invite hackers and viruses to infect your device. Thankfully, McAfee has a solution for that as well. It uses a feature called Wi-Fi Scan that only allows you to connect with safe Wi-Fi hotspots or those hotspots that are less prone to viruses. This gives you the peace of mind of connecting to any hotspot displayed on your device without worrying about your data’s safety.

McAfee is excellent antivirus software. We are confident it is well-equipped to protect you from malicious websites, hackers, and viruses. You can use this antivirus and forget about worrying about your device ever being infected with viruses.


  • Safe Browser feature
  • Wi-Fi Scan feature
  • URL Scanner


  • $6 every month can be expensive

3. Bitdefender Mobile Security – Best for Online Protection on iPad

First things first, you can get Bitdefender antivirus software for free for your mobile devices. You get all the essential features, and it can protect your device against malware and viruses. However, if you demand all the premium features, you can always subscribe to its paid plans. You can purchase the plan for only $15 annually, making it the cheapest antivirus software on the market!

Bitdefender mobile security is unique because it has Auto-pilot technology within its software system. It can automatically run data and website protection checks without you physically enabling the feature. Whenever it tracks a threat, it will immediately begin working on eliminating it.

If you are worried about downloading useless applications on your device, Bitdefender’s Security Scan feature can help you with that. It will scan your device for dangerous applications. Once identified, it will notify you about those applications and warn you against harboring them on your device. This scanning feature lets you know about malware on your device and whether any of it has to be eliminated.

Furthermore, if you constantly get fraudulent messages and links and don’t know what to trust, Bitdefender has a convenient feature for you. Using its Scam Alert feature, you can quickly track which website is authentic and which website is infected with phishing and scammers trying to steal your data.


  • Web Scanner
  • Scam Alert feature
  • Auto-Pilot technology
  • Cheapest antivirus in the market


  • No Wi-Fi scanning

We believe that Bitdefender is the market’s most reasonable and budget-friendly antivirus. You cannot get anything as functional and cheaper as this.

4. Avira Mobile Security – Offers Excellent Privacy Features for iPad

If you did a little research, you know that Avira mobile security is not as feature-rich as other antivirus software on this list. However, it makes the cut for this article and is the best antivirus software for iPad because it is lightweight, fast, and provides the right features to keep you safe from attacking malware and viruses.

Regarding security, Avira employs an Antivirus Scanner that scans most directories of malware so that it can quickly let you know which websites or applications contain malicious malware that can harm your device. Avira does the scanning and searching swiftly, thanks to its lightweight application. In our research, we noticed we got results in a few minutes, which was very impressive.

Avira’s Smart Scan is something to applaud as well. It may seem similar to a malware scanner, but the two features differ significantly. The Smart Scan feature scans your entire device, including your applications, memory, and RAM, to predict what’s causing your device to lag or whether it has contracted any viruses. In less than five minutes, it informed us that our applications were accessing our location without our permission, and our RAM was slowing down due to an unauthorized pop-up forced open by our web application.

Furthermore, Avira has a Web Scanner employed as well, which explicitly scans your web pages and browsing activity to detect any phishing or hackers trying to make their way into your network. This Browser Safety feature can protect you from ads, pop-ups, and viruses as well.

With that, Avira allows you the flexibility of cleaning your device and changing necessary settings using its System Optimization Tools. These tools help you clear your hard disk and increase the speed of your device. You can find these features in the system optimization section on the software’s main page.

In our opinion, Avira is excellent mobile security software that can keep you safe for an extended period of time. It is budget-friendly and easy to use on your mobile device. Even though it is not as feature-packed, it does not lack any necessary features.


  • Blocks malware and malicious content
  • Has integrated System Optimization Tools
  • Built-in Web Scanner
  • Browser Safety feature


  • Network Scanner can cause problems
  • Not very feature-rich

5. Kaspersky Security & VPN – Best Free Antivirus for iPad

Kaspersky security & VPN is another famous app on this list. We are pleased with its performance. From security essentials like anti-phishing and weak settings scan to extended privacy protection tools – password management, VPN, data leak checker, and many more. Kaspersky held its ground very well through all of it.

Its Virus Scanner uses numerous system databases and online databases to determine what viruses are plaguing your device. It can conduct its analysis in less than ten minutes, which is impressive. The virus scanner gives you an in-depth review of your device and all the applications installed on it, showing you which application is prone to viruses and which is less prone to viruses.

Moreover, we tested Kapersky’s Malware Scanner against nasty malware-infected websites. Luckily, Kaspersky could identify all of them in minutes and begin eradicating them from our device. It did not even let the webpage load unnecessary ads or pop-ups.

Another important thing we noticed while testing Kapersky was the Speed Performance of this software and how it affected our device. The speed of the software is top-notch; you will not face any issues we can guarantee you that. Additionally, we can guarantee you will not face any problems regarding the speed of your device. This is because Kaspersky does not borrow any speed from your device to work fast in its scanning or malware blocking process. It works in the background, and you won’t notice the software running.

Furthermore, like all famous mobile security software, Kaspersky also has a Web Protection feature. It protects your device from viruses and phishing that can cause extensive damage to your device. While using this software, you can forget worrying about any of these issues because Kaspersky antivirus has you covered.

We are thrilled to recommend this software to you. We are confident it will work very well with all your devices, and you will enjoy the experience of using this antivirus a lot.


  • Offers VPN services
  • Gives update on data leaks
  • Web Protection feature
  • Malware Scanner


  • A few features are limited to specific countries
  • Advanced features require subscription plans

How to choose the iPad antivirus app?

Choosing the best antivirus software for iPad can be a cumbersome task if you are unaware of what to look for in antivirus software. We recommend that you look for the following in any antivirus software you plan on purchasing in the future:

  • Suitable protocols for web page tracking that can save you from malware.
  • Formidable system scanner feature that can help you understand what’s slowing down your device and how you can optimize it for better usability.
  • Excellent protocols and security against phishing, so you never have to worry about losing your data.
  • Antivirus software should have the functionality of allowing simultaneous connections so that you can connect more than one device using a single subscription.
  • The price of the antivirus software should be budget-friendly so that it is not heavy on the pocket.

The antivirus software mentioned in the list above all adheres to these standards. We recommend you choose software from the five best antivirus software for the iPad discussed above as they will provide better service and security. We can say this because we have tested all five antivirus software and are confident about their performance.


What’s the best free antivirus for my iPad?

This depends on what you are looking for in antivirus software. If you are looking for outstanding security features and great functionality, we recommend you go with Avira security. If you are looking for essential antivirus security software, we recommend choosing any antivirus software from the five best ones mentioned above. All of them will cater to your needs very well.

Is free antivirus safe to use on iPad?

No, free antivirus is not safe to use on iPad. You will be sacrificing your iPad security because free software does not have enough security features to protect your device and data. In our tests, we came across free antivirus software incapable of detecting malware and blocking phishing activities from browsers. This infected our device, and we lost out data.

Will antivirus software drain my iPad’s battery?

If you use the antivirus software we recommended above, it will not drain your iPad battery. This is because they are well optimized for iPad and IOS devices. They have fast speed performance that does not suck speed from your device.

Final words

As you may have already realized, choosing the best antivirus software for iPad does not mean only looking for the best security features; it means you have to find antivirus software that can serve you well in all aspects. The antivirus mentioned in this article holds these capabilities. We are confident that if you try them, they will charm you into loving them!

Our top pick is Norton mobile security; we believe its features, price, and functionality make it unique and stand out from the rest. Give any of this antivirus software a chance, and you will not regret listening to us!

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