Pros and Cons of Getting an iPad in 2021

The first iPad was first released back in 2010, and it immediately became a cultural sensation. iPads are everywhere, from your house to the workplace and colleges to schools. More and more people are looking to get an iPad as their primary work device. Before doing any of that, you would need to keep a few things in mind and know the conditions of buying an iPad.

As the coronavirus pandemic forces people to embrace the digital classroom and work from home, students, teachers, and parents are looking for new ways and innovations to incorporate into their workflow. Apple has five different iPad models to choose from. Every device has its pros and cons, and we’ll be analyzing everything so that you make the right and more informed purchase decision.

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The Pros of Getting an iPad

Portability at its finest – The first thing you notice with any iPad is the compact and portable design. This means that you can easily carry it anywhere with you and use it with a touch interface or upgrade it with the type cover. So, let go of your heavy laptops and get started using a robust tablet that just comes shy of 700 grams.

A great media experience – iPads are media machines and deliver a great experience for watching movies and videos. In fact, the new iPad Pro is equipped with a Mini LED display which improves colors, contrast, and saturation and brings support for HDR, making it an excellent panel to look at. So, if media consumption is your primary concern, then definitely give the iPad a shot.

Performance that rivals laptops – Apple has always been excellent at bringing great speed and a smooth experience, and it shows with the iPads. The new M1 iPads are essentially a Macbook Air in a much portable form factor. The M1 chips are faster than the predecessors by 35-40%, which is a massive leap in performance. The performance rivals much more expensive laptops, and I’m sure it will never disappoint you in the performance department.

All-day Battery Life – If you prioritize battery life and expect your devices to last you the entire day, then the iPads will take care of you. They already deliver 7-8 hours of screen time. The upcoming Pro series will be much better as they use a dual cell design which increases charging times and improves the battery capacity taking it up to 7538 mAh, which is enormous for battery life.

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Immense Value – Now, we understand that iPads are expensive, but you begin to understand the value an iPad provides if you look at the bigger picture. The Pro lineup is an excellent alternative to modern-day laptops, and the Mini lineup makes for a fantastic portable media machine. The cost is also very subjective as the performance is impressive, and the value is incredible as Apple supports the OS updates for 6 years, making it a great buy that will easily last you for more than 4 years.

Augmented reality for designers – If you’re a designer and work with 3D designs, you will love the iPad Pro lineup. The devices come with a LIDAR sensor that helps you map the 3D environment (the world around you) and incorporate them into any designing software you use.

Security to boast – Apple devices are great for safety, and the Face ID and Touch ID technology make it that much better. The sensors use AES-256 encryption, and you can safely store all your data in your iPad without worries as the fingerprint and face data are stored onboard, and data privacy is top-notch in iPadOS.

Accessories for days – The iPad is compatible with the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, which, if used together, makes up for an incredible experience. The magic keyboard your iPad works as a fully-fledged laptop with some caveats, and the Apple Pencil allows you to design and sketch with precise strokes, making it a fantastic tool for any designer.

The Cons of Getting an iPad

Balancing between a mobile and desktop experience – iPads or tablets have flaws in their design, making a big issue. Should you choose an iPad for a portable mobile experience that can also work as a laptop replacement, or should you go for a Macbook that would deliver you excellent compatibility. Well, it’s all up to you but do remember that iPads are just alternatives, and their OS is limiting.

Apps or programs may not be supported – As we’ve already discussed, iPads are alternatives and sit right in the middle of the spectrum. You could also expect compatibility issues from apps. Some apps or programs downright reject to work on it as they’re designed for iPhones or Macs in mind. For example, if the iPad supports desktop apps such as Final Cut, Logic Pro, and Xcode which are only supported in Macs, people wouldn’t buy a Macbook. Hence, consider this before you decide on getting the device you’re looking for.

A limited number of ports – iPads come with one single port, depending on the iPad you buy. You can either get a lightning port that is garbage or get an iPad with a USB-C Thunderbolt port, which is excellent but limited by the OS. Similarly, you can get a Macbook Air for $999, and it will have better ports than the iPad.

Cramped keyboard – Don’t get us wrong, the keyboard is an excellent accessory, but then again, it is limited by the size constraints and is cramped. This makes the experience a little disappointing and can be irritating for some users. So, do test the keyboard out in an Apple store and then consider buying it. 

Accessories drive up the price – The iPads are of great value. Still, when you include all the accessories, the value chart drops significantly as the keyboard and the pencil are expensive purchases and should be considered together with the device as they deliver a complete experience. The Magic keyboard will cost you an extra up to $349, and the Apple Pencil goes for $129, which is crazy and should definitely concern you before getting an iPad.

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Final Words

So, with everything considered, should you still buy an iPad? Well, it depends on what kind of a person you are and what your needs are. If you’re looking for a portable media and light productivity machine, then definitely go for it. It’s incredible for designers and college students.

And here are some iPad products worth checking out:
2020 Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 128GB) – Space Gray (2nd Generation)

New Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB) – Silver (4th Generation) with AppleCare+ Bundle

However, if you’re in the market for a desktop replacement, we would recommend you take a look at the Macbooks as they are not limited by their OS and provide a much more reliable and stable experience.

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